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We profile Camps Bay High School on its lofty perch looking down on Table Bay.

School profile

We profile Camps Bay High School on its lofty perch looking down on Table Bay.

Camps Bay, under Lion's Head and around Table Bay from Cape Town, was named for Von Camptz, an official in the Dutch East India Company, who owned the farm Ravensteyn near Kloof Nek. Down Kloof Nek towards Camps Bay is the Round House, once Lord Charles Somerset’s hunting lodge.

Camps Bay, a popular residential area, is backed by mountains and looks towards the whitest of beaches and the bluest of seas.

The School

Camps Bay High School now has one of the world’s most beautiful views, perched on a hillside looking down to the sea with a backdrop of mountains. It was formed when the secondary school and the primary school split, is a coeducational school. At its formation it was down in the small Camps Bay Shopping Centre. In 1970 it moved to its present site.

Motto of school: Altissimis nitor (Strive for the highest)
Date of foundation: 1955
School address: Lower Kloof Road, Camps Bay. 8005
Pupil numbers: 680
Rugby teams: 4


Rugby at Camps Bay competes with the delights of the beach, in an area growing increasingly cosmopolitan.

Eban Tucker, the master in charge of rugby, is enterprising and the school has been abroad. In concert with others it has played in Argentina, France, Romania, England, Italy, Spain and Portugal since 1985.

It has also hosted many teams from overseas – Chile, Britain, Argentina and France.