'House of Davids' standing strong

Sun, 18 Nov 2012 15:28
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The House of Davids, the moniker given to the Boland Rugby Union, is standing firm.

The House of Davids, the moniker given to the Boland Rugby Union, is standing firm.

Piet Berg, the CEO of the BRU, confirmed to this website that the executive board will not step down, despite calls from within club ranks to do so.

Media reports last week claimed that there were threats of a 'palace revolution' in Boland, after senior clubs allegedly supported a motion of no confidence in the executive - including President Francois Davids.

The media reports - based on a four-page list of complaints from the Rangers club in Bredasdorp - claimed the accusations levelled against the BRU executive include alleged nepotism, racism and preferential treatment of the club Roses United, which has close ties with Davids.

The document, which hinted at a motion of no confidence, proposed that the executive board "voluntarily resign" from their posts.

However, Berg said the executive board members are standing their ground.

"The executive acknowledge the receipt of the communication from the club," he told this website, when asked about the letter from Rangers.

"Our answer is short and to the point: 'The executive will not resign.'

"The ball is now in their court - they must do what they want."

The media reports claimed the majority of the accusations made centres around nepotism and racism and that Rangers had the support of numerous senior clubs, who are fed-up with the way things are being run in Boland.

The reports suggested that request for the executive to stand down has been a long time coming, because of the "shameless appointments of family and friends in positions accompanied with exorbitant salaries".
It reportedly started when Davids' brother, Abe, was appointed as assistant coach of the Cavaliers last year - with his son, Franzel September, eventually ending up captaining the team.
This is what earned Boland the nickname 'House of Davids', the name of a popular local television series.
Berg told this website in an interview that the executive will not respond to every little accusation.

"The decision is that the executive will not resign and what their [the clubs'] reaction will be is for them to decide," the CEO said.

"We have read in the media that there are numerous clubs [who are unhappy], but we have received communication from only one club - Rangers of Bredasdorp."

He added the club or clubs do have the right to request meetings if they want, but the executive are not going to call any further meetings.

According to a report in the local Afrikaans daily, Die Burger, when the BRU Director of Rugby, Loffie Eloff, and many of the players had to accept a cut in their salaries, September apparently got a raise.
It is further alleged that Bolla Conradie and Milroy Isaacs were not offered contracts to avoid a stand-off between players and September's son for the captaincy and No.6 jersey.
Further claims suggest that Denver Pienaar, former head of development and team manager, was told in 2010 that he had to choose between the two roles and would subsequently receive a smaller remuneration.
He decided to stay on as head of development, since he only received R2,000 as team manager.

Hendrik Snyders took over as team manager and when he left the union, Willie Small, "a good friend of the president", was appointed in both positions Pienaar previously held.
Also, the CEO, Bergh, was told to take his retirement package a year before it was due. Rumours suggest Small is the favourite to replace him.
Small left his position as the Chief Executive of South Western Districts (SWD) after serious questions were raised over unsanctioned payments that were made at the union.
In 2009 during a disciplinary hearing against him, Small managed to get a number of clubs to pass a motion of no confidence against the management members that instituted the disciplinary actions against him.
Die Burger reported that SWD's financial statements of 2009 can only be declared next week.
Apart from the fact that "this man is now seen as the Messiah of Boland" individuals are also unhappy about the lack of transparency in the process to apply for the position where applications can only be sent to Davids' personal assistant, Anthea Jantjies.
She has also been a recent appointment at the union while her husband, Hoban Jantjies, was apparently appointed as the official caterer to the union without following a tender process.
As far as racism is concerned the newspaper claims that: "It is an open secret that the president does not want any white people in Boland. Loffie must be worked out so the president's brother, Abe, can take up the position of head coach…"
Berg declined to respond to these accusations and stood by the statement that "the decision is that the executive will not resign and what their reaction will be is for them to decide".

By Jan de Koning