Premier Interschools 2017 Fixtures

Sun, 19 Mar 2017 14:01
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Premier Interschools has released the details of its fixtures for 2017 - 12 top matches involving 14 top schools, all televised on Supersport.

There are some wonderful matches, including the biggest Interschools in the world - when Boys' High and Gim meet at the ground in Faure Street, Paarl and over 20 00 spectators come to watch with enthusiasm, more people than most Super Rugby matches attract.

Apart from a derby as old and close as that one there will also matches involving schools far apart - Paarl Gim, and Affies of Pretoria, Grey of Port Elizabeth and Paul Roos of Stellenbosch, Monnas of Krugersdorp and Glenwood of Durban, Grey of Bloemfontein and Paarl Boys' High who have over the last two years usurped Grey's place at the top of the tree, KES of Johannesburg and Maritzburg College and the transmontane derby between the two agricultural schools, Boland Landbou of Agter-Paarl and Oakdale of Riversdale.

They are matches that attract great interest.

There will be other televised schools matches, as at Classic Clashes, the Easter Tournaments and Craven Week.

Premier Interschools Fixtures

25 March 2017
12.00: Paarl Gim vs Affies  at Paarl Gim

22 April 2017
12.30: Paul Roos vs Paarl Gim at Paul Roos

6 May 2017
14.00: Grey High vs Paul Roos at Grey High in Port Elizabeth

13 May 2017     
14.00: Grey College vs Paarl Boys' High at Grey College in Bloemfontein

27 May 2017     
12.00: Paarl Boys' High vs Paul Roos at Paarl Boys' High

3 June 2017     
14.00: Glenwood vs Monument at Glenwood

24 June 2017     
12.00: Bishops vs Rondebosch at Bishops

29 July 2017     
14.00: Affies v Maritzburg College at Affies     

5 August 2017     
16.00: Paarl Gim vs Paarl Boys at Faure Street, Paarl

12 August 2017
14.15: Maritzburg College v KES at Maritzburg College

19 August 2017     
14.00: Paul Roos vs Grey College at Paul Roos     

26 August 2017     
14.00: Oakdale vs Boland Landbou at Oakdale