2017 “Best of the West” Easter Festival Wrap

Thu, 20 Apr 2017 19:52
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IN THE SPOTLIGHT: The 2017 Easter Weekend at Krugersdorp High School has definitely been one of the most successful sporting weekends that the school has ever showcased.

With 20 rugby sides and 12 hockey sides being a part of the event, there was no shortage of superb results that took place.

For the first time in the history of the festival four Zimbabwean schools participated in the event of which two hockey sides were involved - this adding a new vibrance to the hockey fixtures.

The rugby game of the tournament had to have been the final game of the festival between Hillcrest College and hosts, Krugersdorp High School which ended in a draw, 26-26. Hillcrest College in fact also won the Espirit de Corp Trophy for Rugby as they showed excellence both on and off the field.

The overall feedback from the event has been overwhelming as the teams involved as well as the spectators had a fantastic time at the festival. No doubt this event, will continue to grow from strength to strength and will continue to bring in evenly balanced competition throughout Southern Africa.

Rugby Results

Bastion vs Monnas XV, 31-21
Bastion vs Port Natal, 29-12
Bekker vs St George's College (Zimbabwe), 31-5
Golden Lions Rugby Union Developmental Side vs Bekker, 19-12
Golden Lions Rugby Union vs Monnas XV, 31-26
Golden Lions Rugby Union vs Port Natal, 62-14
Hillcrest College (Zimbabwe) vs Roodepoort, 65-0
Jubilani Rugby Club vs Roodepoort, 21-17
Krugersdorp High School vs Hillcrest College (Zimbabwe), 26-26
Krugersdorp High School vs Jubilani Rugby Club, 24-8
Lomagundi College (Zimbabwe) vs Jubilani Rugby Club, 36-12
Monnas XV vs Port Natal, 40-7
Pretoria Boys XV vs Bekker, 40-21
Pretoria Boys XV vs Hillcrest College (Zimbabwe), 22-20
Pretoria Boys XV vs Lomagundi College (Zimbabwe), 28-14
Roodepoort vs Lomagundi College (Zimbabwe), 12-7
St George's College (Zimbabwe) vs Bastion, 17-14
St George's (Zimbabwe) vs Krugersdorp High School, 50-8

From Lauren Jooste-Coetsee