'Other' Results - 5 August 2017

Mon, 07 Aug 2017 20:00
Large grey bloem try 800

The results of all matches between schools are published on a "first come, first served" basis and we can always add to those here.

There are some big scores and then there is a 7-3, a memory of days gone by when 6-0 was a good win indeed.
Some of the big scores may seem cruel but it is still better to have played and lost than never to have played at all, and at least there was adventure of taking part.
If there are others who would like their teams recognised in this way, they should send them to paul@sportsmedia365.com.
'Other' Results, 5 August 2017
Rondebosch vs Durbanville & Reddam
1st XV: Rondebosch won 58-10
2nd XV: Rondebosch won 54-26
3rd XV: Rondebosch won 22-5
4th XV: Rondebosch beat Reddam 1st XV 15-13
Under-16A: Rondebosch won 21-20
Under-16B: Rondebosch won 35-10
Under-16C: Rondebosch beat Reddam A 29-0
Under-15A: Durbanville won 34-7
Under-15B: Rondebosch won 21-14
Under-15C: Reddam A won 31-5
Under-14A: Draw 20-20
Under-14B: Durbanville won 5-0
Under-14C: Rondebosch beat Reddam A 10-5
Under-14D: Durbanville C won 21-14
Marlow vs Oakdale
1st XV: Oakdale won 47-31
2nd XV: Oakdale won 24-12
3rd XV: Marlow won 18-12
4th XV: Marlow won 15-14
5th XV: Marlow won 24-19
Under-16A: Oakdale won 24-21
Under-16B: Oakdale won 54-0
Under-15A: Oakdale won 24-11
Under-15B: Oakdale won 59-3
Under-14A: Oakdale won 66-6
Under-14B: Oakdale won 65-0
Paarl Gim vs Paarl Boys' High 
1st XV: Boys' High won 18-13
2nd XV: Gim won 13-10
3rd XV: Boys' High won 13-3 
4th XV: Boys' High won 15-6 
5th XV: Gim won 35-26
6th XV: Boys' High won 38-5 
7th XV: Gim won 15-13
Under-16A: Boys' High won 34-7 
Under-16B: Gim won 24-13 
Under-16C: Gim won 28-17 
Under-16D: Gim won 12-20 
Under-16 E: Boys' High won 17-10
Under-15A: Gim won 13-10 
Under-15B: Boys' High won 15-0 
Under-15C: Boys' High won 10-7
Under-15D: Gim won 24-7 
Under-15E: Boys' High won 35-13
Under-14A: Gim won 14-10
Under-14B: Gim won 19-7 
Under-14C: Boys' High won 13-6 
Under-14D: Boys' High won 22-0 
Under-14E: Boys' High won 76-0 
Hudson Park vs Stirling
1st XV: Hudson park won 7-3
Under-16A: Hudson park won 19-5
Under-15A: Hudson park won 31-0
Under-14A: Hudson park won 17-8
Kempton Park
1st XV: Kempton Park beat Eldoraigne 20-19
Under-16A: Kempton Park beat Zwartkop 43-12

Paul Roos vs Wynberg
1st XV: Paul Roos won 31-7
2nd XV: Paul Roos won 22-13
3rd XV: Paul Roos won 33-3
4th XV: Paul Roos won 50-0
5th XV: Paul Roos beat Jan Kriel 24-7
Under-16A: Paul Roos won 54-9
Under-16A: Paul Roos beat Montpellier 
Under-16D: Paul Roos won 84-0
Under-16 E: Paul Roos won 77-0
Under-15A: Wynberg won 20-5
Under-15B: Paul Roos won 10-3
Under-15C: Paul Roos won 32-7
Under-15D: Paul Roos beat Parel Vallei B 35-12
Under-15D: Paul Roos won 47-20
Under-15E: Paul Roos won 38-5
Under-14A: Wynberg won 18-15
Under-14B: Paul Roos won 29-0
Under-14D: Paul Roos won 29-5
Under-14E: Wynberg won 28-7
Queen's vs Selborne
1st XV: Queen's won 22-16
2nd XV: Queen's won 15-24
3rd XV: Queen's won 24-10
4th XV: Queen's won 20-17
5th XV: Selborne won 26-19
6th XV: Selborne won 17-5
Under-16A: Selborne won 25-14
Under-16B: Selborne won 49-12
Under-16C: Selborne won 57-0
Under-15A: Queen's won 31-10
Under-15B: Selborne won 43-0
Under-15C: Selborne won 17-12
Under-14A: Selborne won 47-12
Under-14B: Selborne won 47-5
Under-14C: Selborne won 43-7
Grey College of Bloemfontein vs Grey High of Port Elizabeth
1st XV: Grey College won 73-10 
2nd XV: Grey College won 67-0 
3rd XV: Grey College won 85-8
4th XV: Grey College won 22-0 
5th XV: Grey College won 113-0 
6th XV: Grey College won 109-0
Under-16A: Grey College won 53-17 
Under-16B: Grey College won 62-10 
Under-16C: Grey College won 59-5 
Under-16D: Grey College won 91-0 
Under-15A: Grey College won 64-5 
Under-15B: Grey College won 40-19 
Under-15C: Grey College won 65-0
Under-15D: Grey College won 57-0
Under-14A: Grey College won 33-0 
Under-14B: Grey College won 50-7 
Under-14C: Grey College won 50-15 
Under-14D: Grey College won 49-7
Under-14E: Grey College won 116-0 
Pretoria Boys High vs Maritzburg College
1st XV: Pretoria Boys High won 17-10
2nd XV: Maritzburg College won 26-7
3rd XV: Maritzburg College won 21-7
4th XV: Maritzburg College won 20-10
5th XV: Maritzburg College won 17-8
6th XV: Pretoria Boys High won 13-7
7th XV: Maritzburg College won 19-14
8th XV: Pretoria Boys High won 36-0
Under-16A: Maritzburg College won 38-0
Under-16B: Maritzburg College won 21-14
Under-16C: Maritzburg College won 21-14
Under-16D: Maritzburg College won 49--19
Under-16 E: Draw 17-17
Under-15A: Maritzburg College won 33-25
Under-15B: Maritzburg College won 41-19
Under-15C: Maritzburg College won 44-0
Under-15D: Maritzburg College won 48-0
Under-14A: Maritzburg College won 34-3
Under-14B: Maritzburg College won 56-0
Under-14C: Maritzburg College won 51-0
Under-14D: Maritzburg College won 64-12
KES vs Jeppe
1st XV: KES won 35-10
2nd XV: KES won 24-17
3rd XV: KES won 31-0
4th XV: KES won 35-5
5th XV: KES won 29-5
6th XV: KES won 21-5
Under-16A: Jeppe won 33-12
Under-16B: Jeppe won 13-7
Under-16C: KES won 14-0
Under-16D: KES won 57-12
Under-15A: Jeppe won 17-5
Under-15B: KES won 20-5
Under-15C: KES won 31-0
Under-15D: KES won 43-7
Under-15E: KES won 17-7
Under-14A: KES won 15-14
Under-14B: KES won 22-13
Under-14C: KES won 27-3
Under-14D: KES won 33-7
Under-14E: KES won 35-12
St Andrew's vs Dale
1st XV: St Andrew's won 40-17
2nd XV: St Andrew's won 24-7
3rd XV: St Andrew's won 33-7
4th XV: St Andrew's won 39-0
5th XV: St Andrew's won 34-15
Under-16A: St Andrew's won 24-12
Under-16B: Dale won 38-0
Under-16C: St Andrew's won 26-10
Under-15A: St Andrew's won 10-8
Under-15B: Dale won 66-0
Under-15C: Dale won 65-0
Under-14A: Dale won 25-10
Under-14B: Dale won 20-0
Under-14C: St Andrew's won 31-5
Stellenberg vs Drostdy
1st XV: Stellenberg won 24-19
2nd XV: Stellenberg won 30-20
Under-16A: Drostdy won 29-17
Under-15A: Drostdy won 18-13
Under-14A: Drostdy won 43-15
Outeniqua vs Framesby
1st XV: Outeniqua won 51-17
2nd XV: Outeniqua won 32-0:
3rd XV: Outeniqua won 32-13
Under-16 A: Framesby won 7-0
Under-16 B: Outeniqua won 29-5 
Under-15 A: Outeniqua won 21-12
Under-15 B: Outeniqua won 22-7
Under-14 A: Outeniqua won 27-8
Under-14 B: Outeniqua won 17-5
Under-14 C: Outeniqua won 13-12
Brackenfell vs Hugenote
1st XV: Brackenfell won 33-31
2nd XV: Hugenote won 19-16
3rd XV: Brackenfell won  21-14
4th XV: Brackenfell won 
Under-16A: Hugenote won 27-10
Under-15A: Brackenfell won  20-13
Under-14A: Hugenote won 21-5
Under-14B: Hugenote won 64-0