Graeme win in East London

Mon, 14 May 2018 14:08
Large graeme college 800

Graeme College's senior school headed to East London, where they played Port Rex. There were some tightly contested games throughout the day, culminating with the Graeme 1st XV match, which they won 22-10.

The first team match was a tight affair to start off with as both teams struggled to get any momentum on attack.

Graeme started to be more dominant half way through the half, as they held onto the ball for long periods of time. The Graeme forwards especially had the ascendancy over their opponents. 

The pressure finally paid off as Graeme crossed the try-line on two occasions to lead 10-3. They would also play with the wind in the 2nd half.

Graeme scored another two tries of which one was converted to make the score 22-3. 

They seemed fairly comfortable for the remainder of the game, however Port Rex scored in the final play of the game to make the final score 22-10.

By Gregg van Molendorff