Peters quits Argentine rugby

Mon, 26 Dec 2016 08:02
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NEWS: Unión Argentina de Rugby (UAR) Board of Directors confirmed that for personal and family reasons, Greg Peters has decided that he will not continue as General Manager.

Peters will return to New Zealand where he will begin a new independent professional career, although he will continue to be linked to the Union and SANZAAR, managing the Americas Rugby Championship and handling some international business issues.
"I would especially like to thank the Board of Directors, the staff and players of the teams and the staff of the UAR for having allowed me to be a stable part of this project. I hope to continue working and contributing to the UAR from my new role, although I will not be in the day to day," said Peters.
"It has been a great first year for Argentine professional rugby and I think there is an auspicious future as the number of players and talents that emerge from the clubs is growing. And this development is reflected in many aspects related to the game. Argentina has more and more players and coaches who are at the height of any power of world rugby." he added.
President of the UAR Carlos Araujo said: "We regret the departure of Greg, it has been an intense year and a lot of learning for everyone and he helped us with his experience in this great step in Argentine rugby by creating the [Super Rugby] franchise [Jaguares] and competing in the most demanding competition in world rugby. 

"We thank you for everything you have done and the knowledge you conveyed to our structure. We will continue to be linked and will continue to be involved in advising us on various specific issues."