Australia win Women's Sevens

Fri, 01 Dec 2017 15:48
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In the final of the Women's Sevens in Dubai on Friday 1 December 2017, Australia b eat the USA 34-0.

As the scored suggests, it was a one-sided match. The Americans tried with might and main but were no match for the Australians' finesse, speed and organisation.

The player of the final was Emma Tonegato of Australia.

The winning team: Shannon Parry, Evania Pelite, Sharni Williams, Charlotte Caslick, Emma Tonegato, Emilee Cherry, Jordan Gray, Mahalia Murphy, Georgina Friedrichs, Page McGregor, Cassandra Staples and Dominique du Toit who was born in Zimbabwe.

The shock of the day was in the first cup quarterfinal when the USA beat New Zealand. The Americans went on to play in the final after beating Russia in the semis.

Day 2 Results

Cup quarterfinals

The quarterfinalists came from four continents.

USA vs New Zealand, 14-12
Russia vs Spain, 20-7
Australia vs England, 29-12
Canada vs France, 24-19

Challenge Trophy semifinals

Ireland vs Japan, 38-5
South Africa vs Fiji, 17-14

5th/6th place

New Zealand vs Spain, 43-0
France vs England, 21-12

Cup semifinals

USA vs Russia, 21-12
Australia vs Canada, 25-7

11th/12th place
Fiji vs Japan, 17-15

7th/8th place
Spain vs England, 21-14

5th/6th place
New Zealand vs France, 24-0

Challenge Trophy final
Ireland vs South Africa, 24-7

3rd/4th place
Russia vs Canada, 10-5

Cup Final
Australia vs USA, 34-0

Final Standings

1  Australia 
2  USA 
3  Russia 
4  Canada 
5  New Zealand 
6  France
7  Spain 
8  England 
9  Ireland 
10 South Africa 
11 Fiji 
12 Japan