6NB: Spain are nearer to Japan

Mon, 12 Mar 2018 11:05
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After their massive win against Germany this weekend, Spain are a big step towards qualifying for the World Cup in Japan next year.

Romania have no more qualifying matches because they are playing Georgia who are already qualified. Spain's match with Belgium is a qualifier. If they beat Belgium in Brussels this weekend, which is highly likely, they can start packing their bags.

The Log after Round 4

1. Georgia - 19 points
2. Romania - 15 points
3. Spain - 13 points
4. Romania - 6 points
5. Belgium - 5 points
6. Germany - 0 points

Results, Round 4

Georgia vs Russia, 29-9
Romania vs Belgium, 62-12
Spain vs Germany, 84-10

Previous Results

Round 1

Georgia vs Belgium, 47-0
Romania vs Germany, 85-6
Spain vs Russia, 20-13

Round 2

Spain vs Romania, 22-10
Russia vs Belgium, 48-7
Georgia vs Germany, 64-0

Round 3

Belgium vs Germany, 69-15
Romania vs Russia, 25-15
Georgia vs Spain, 23-10

Georgia vs Russia

There is always an edge to this match. Once Georgia was a part of Russia and so the rivalry is a bit sharper, though Georgia have long been dominant. In 22 matches, Russia have won once - in 2001 - and one match was drawn, in 2002.

In the past some matches were played at neutral venues - in Poland, Ukraine and Turkey - but now things are more settled and they play home and away like everybody else. This match was played in Tbilisi.

After three penalties in the first half by Iurii Kushnarev, the Russian captain, to a try from a maul, the Bears led the Lelos 9-7 at half-time.

But in the second half the Georgian forwards took over. An early penalty gave them the lead and two more tries organised by mauls took them to 24-9. The last try started with a grubber kick by scrumhalf Vasil Lobzhanidze that rolled into the Russian in-goal where Mikhail Babaev grounded the ball for the try.

Russia:  15 Ramil Gaisin, 14 Mikhail Babaev, 13 Sergey Trishin, 12 Dmitrii Gerasimov, 11 Evgeny Nepeyvoda, 10 Iurii Kushnarev (captain), 9 Vasily Dorofeev, 8 Anton Rudoi, 7 Tagir Gadzhiev, 6 Viktor Gresev, 5 Evgeny Elgin, 4 Andrei Garbuzov, 3 Evgenii Pronenko, 2 Stanislav Selskii, 1 Sergey Sekisov 
Replacements: 16 Nazir Gasanov, 17 Andrei Polivalov, 18 Magomed Davudov, 19 Alexander Ilin, 20 Anton RudoiSychev, 21 Alexey Shcherban, 22 Alexey Mikhaltsov, 23 Alexander Budychenko

Georgia: 15 Merab Kvirikashvili, 14 Anzor Sichinava, 13 Davit Katcharava, 12 Giorgi Kveseladze, 11 Ioseb Matiashvili, 10 Lasha Khmaladze, 9 Vasil Lobzhanidze, 8 Lasha Lomidze, 7 Viktor Kolelishvili, 6 Giorgi Tkhilaishvili, 5 Nodar Cheishvili, 4 Giorgi Nemsadze (captain), 3 Anton Peikrishvili, 2 Shalva Mamukashvili, 1 Mikheil Nariashvili 
Replacements: 16 Badri Alkhazashvili, 17 Karlen Asieshvili, 18 Giorgi Melikidze, 19 Shalva Sutiashvili, 20 Mikheil Gachechiladze, 21 Gela Aprasidze, 22 Lasha Malaghuradze, 23 Giorgi Koshadze

Referee: Craig Maxwell Keys (England)
Assistant referees: Anthony Woodthorpe (England), Michael Hudson (England)

Romania vs Belgium

At home, the Oaks of Romania had an easy victory over the Black Devils of Belgium. They scored nine tries to Belgium's two. The Belgium pack were simply destroyed by the powerful Oaks. The result of this was no fewer than three penalty tries - two from scrums and one from a maul. But the Belgian backs, who included flank Moyake Kuselo, also had the running of the Belgians and the goal-kicking of scrumhalf Valentin Calafeteanu  was excellent.

Belgians' first try was set up by powerful run by tall flank Gillian Benoy.


Romania: 15 Catalin Fercu, 14 Marius Simionescu, 13 Paula Kinikinilau, 12 Sione Fakaosilea, 11 Ionut Dumitru, 10 Jack Umaga, 9 Valentin Calafeteanu, 8 Stelian Burcea (captain), 7 Moyake Kuselo, 6 Andrei Gorcioaia, 5 Valentin Poparlan, 4 Johannes van Heerden, 3 Alexandru Tarus, 2 Marian Capatana, 1 Ionel Badiu
Replacements: 16 Andrei Radoi, 17 Constantin Pristavita, 18 Alexandru Gordas, 19 Adrian Motoc, 20 Razvan Illiescu, 21 Florin Surugiu, 22 Robert Neagu, 23 Florin Vlaicu

Belgium: 15 Craig Dowsett (captain), 14 Thomas Wallraf, 13 Benjamin Cocqu, 12 Florian Piron, 11 Ervin Muric, 10 Sebastien Guns, 9 Oliver Claxton, 8 Maxime Temmerman, 7 Amion Hamzaoui, 6 Gillian Benoy, 5 Sven D'Hooghe, 4 Tom Herenger, 3 James Pearse, 2 Alexis Cuffolo, 1 Lucas Sotteau
Replacements: 16 Thomas Dienst, 17 Romain Pinte, 18 Tuur Moelants, 19 Keran Caro, 20 Louis Debatty, 21 Isaac Montoisy, 22 Antoine Vassart, 
23 Adelin Mehrez

Referee: Sam Grove-White (Scotland)
Assistant referees: Keith Allen (Scotland), Graeme Ormiston (Scotland)

Spain vs Germany

The Leones were too fast, too strong, and too creative for the Germans, scoring 12 tries to one to the great delight of the huge Madrid crowd. By half time Spain led 39-0.


For Spain:
Tries: Barthere, Contardi, penalty try, Bonan 2, Alvarze, Gibouin, Lopez 2, S Rouet, Linklater, Ascarat 
Cons: Peluchon 6, Linklater 2. A penalty try needs no conversion.
Pens: Peluchon 2

For Germany:
Try: Hees
Con: Koch
Pen: Koch


Spain: 15 Mathieu Peluchon, 14 Contardi, 13 Fabien Perrin, 12 Thibaut Alvarez, 11 Sebastien Ascaret, 10 Mathieu Belie, 9 Guillaume Rouet, 8 Jaime Nava(captain), 7 Gautier Gibouin, 6 Pierre Barthere, 5 David Barrera, 4 Anibal Bonan, 3 Jesus Moreno, 2 Marco Pinto, 1 Benat Auzqui 
Replacements: 16 Fernando Lopez Perez, 17 Juan Anaya, 18 Kalo Kalo Gavidi, 19 Thibaut Visensang, 20 Sébastien Rouet, 21 Ross Snee, 22 Brad Linklater, 23 Alberto Blanco Alonso

Germany:  15 Daniel Koch, 14 Zinzan Hees, 13 Yassin Ayachi, 12 Tomas van Gelderen, 11 Nico Muller, 10 Kieran Davies, 9 Jan Piosik, 8 Carsten Lang, 7 Falk Duwe, 6 Elias Haase, 5 Eric Marks (captain), 4 Jens Listmann, 3 Matthias Schoesser, 2 Michail Tyumenev, 1 Senzo Ngubane
Replacements: 16 Sam Ramsay, 17 Felix Martel, 18 Marcus Bender, 19 Gilles Valette, 20 Robert Lehmann, 21 Christopher Korn, 22 Pascal Fischer, 23 Kain Rix

Referee: Marius Mitrea (Italy)
Assistant referees: Andrea Piardi (Italy), Matteo Franco (Italy)

Other Results

Czech Republic vs Switerland, 17-13
Portugal vs Moldova, 29-10