Referees for Day 2 in Hamilton

Sat, 03 Feb 2018 20:24
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Day 2 of World Rugby's Sevens Series taking place in Hamilton on the North Island of New Zealand is taken up with knock-out matches when happiness can suddenly turn to grief, despair to hope.

The teams have each played in three matches on Day 1 Referee: the three matches on Day 2 will determine their ranking in the tournament as a whole.

The day starts with quarterfinals, advances to semifinals and then the finals which will decide the winners of the Cup, bronze medals and the Trophy.

As on Day 1, the first match of the day will be refereed by Rasta Rasivhenge. It will be his 251st such match.


Trophy Quarterfinals

1. 11.00: Wales V Canada
Referee: Rasta Rasivhenge

2. 11.22: Argentina v Russia
Referee: Richard Kelly

3. 11.44: USA v Spain
Referee: Rodden

4. 12.06: Papua New Guinea v France
Referee: Rokovereni

Cup Quarterfinals

4. 12.36: Fiji v Samoa
Referee: Craig Evans

5. 12.58: New Zealand v England
Referee: Craig Joubert

6. 13.20: Kenya v Australia
Referee: James Doleman

7. 13.42: South Africa v Scotland
Referee: Jordan Way

8. 14.19: Losers in Trophy quarterfinals
Referee: Damon Murphy

9. 14.41: Losers in Trophy quarterfinals
Referee: Sam Grove-White

Trophy Semifinals

10. 15.03: Winners in Trophy quarterfinals

11. 15.25: Winners in Trophy quarterfinals

12. 16.05: Losers in Cup quarterfinals

13. 16.27: Losers in Cup quarterfinals

Cup Semifinals

14. 16.49: Winners in Cup quarterfinals
Referee: Rasta Rasivhenge

15. 17.11: Winners in Cup quarterfinals
Referee: Richard Kelly

16. 18.03: Play-off for 13th Place

17. 18.33: Trophy Final

18. 19.03: Play-off for 5th Place

19. 19.33: Play-off for 3rd Place

20. 20.03: Cup Final