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Blue Bulls

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Currie Cup | Loftus Versfeld
17:10 (GMT) | 11-10-2014
  • 80
Griquas win it back and break out of their 22but it is lost forward. Bulls send it wide and Pollard chips over the top for Ndungane who collects to go over for the TRY. Pollard adds the CONVERSION to make it 46-12 at the end of the game. Join us next week for live coverage of the Currie Cup semifinals.
  • 77
Griquas throwing it around now as they look for some late magic, but a forward pass means that the Bulls get it back at a scrum. Kick over the top is collected by Beyers. Bulls are up at the 22 now as they look for another try. Dangerous tackle from Wendal Wehr measn that the Bulls have a penalty.
  • 74
Bulls on the charge now against a depleted Griquas side. Pollard steps a few tackles and gets over for a TRY under the poles. He adds the CONVERSION himself to make it 39-12.
  • 72
Bulls steal a line-out and swing it wide, but it breaks down and Ryno Barnes is shown a RED CARD for 'his choice of words' aimed at the referee.
  • 70
They go to the backline and the Bulls go offside so they kick for the corner again. Obstruction at the line-out means that the Bulls can clear it.
  • 67
Griquas go wide and run the phases as they look for an opening. Late tackle from Greyling so Jansen kicks for the corner as Griquas look for a try. Some wild passes are thrown but somehow they keep it alive. The ball is held up in the tackle and the Bulls turn it over but then hold on too long so Griquas have another chance.
  • 64
That is the bonus point wrapped up for the Bulls, can the Griquas find some late consolation? Bulls have to come from their own half but Ndungane knocks the high ball on.
  • 61
Bulls go to Ndungane on the inside and keep pressing. Visagie finds some space on the outside and gets the ball away to Basson who glides over for his hat-trick TRY. Potgieter adds the CONVERSION and the Bulls lead 32-12.
  • 59
The Bulls forwards bash towards the line but the ball is lost forward by Willemse just short. Another big scrum from the Bulls and Griquas are forced to run from their in-goal area but Vermeulen does well and they manage to clear it in the end.
  • 57
Bulls go wide as they run it out of their 22 and Ndungane gets a forward pass from Kriel so Griquas have a scrum in their own half this time.Big shove from the Bulls and they get the penalty. Potgieter kicks for the corner as they push for the try.
  • 55
Greyling scrumming in on the angle so Griquas kick for the corner. They maul it and the Bulls sack it. Griquas take it quickly but it is lost forward so the Bulls have a scrum in their 22.
  • 53
Bulls scrum goes down so Griquas can clear again. They send it wide and the ball is lost forward by the Bulls in the tackle so Griquas have a scrum near halfway.
  • 51
Bulls go to Small-Smith who breaks a few tackles before Hattingh goes over the 22. The ball goes loose and Griquas snap it up but a forward pass to Arendse means the Bulls have a scrum on the 22.
  • 49
Francke takes it up but Stegmann steals it and the Bulls can come again. The ball is lost in the tackle and hacked forward. Basson is there and he kicks as well. Griquas run it back but Jansen fumbles so the Bulls have a scrum.
  • 47
Bulls on the front foot againas they send it wide but Odendaal holds on too long so Griquas can clear it.
  • 44
Bulls win the line-out and barge over the tryline but it is held up so they have an attacking scrum. Paige goes blindside and Basson cruises over for his second TRY. Potgieter hits the upright again but the Bulls lead 25-12
  • 43
It goes wide and Stegmann pops up again. He cracks on the pace and goes for the corner but he is dragged into touch just short of the line.
  • 41
Potgieter starts the second half and Griquas clear to touch. Bulls have a line-out and Stegmann breaks away. They go into the 22 as the forwards bash away.

Half Time

  • 40
Hattingh comes away with it from the lline-out again and the Bulls go wide but there was obstruction in the backline so Griquas have a scrum. Greyling does not bind correctly and Griquas take it quickly before Brummer puts it into touch and that is half-time. Bulls with an eight-point lead against Griquas, join us in ten minutes for the second half.
  • 38
The Bulls maul it and Stegmann powers over for the TRY. Potgieter adds the CONVERSION to make it 20-12.
  • 36
They go wide and then switch it back as they go over the 22. A late and dangerous tackle from Griquas prop Simon Westraadt means he is shown a YELLOW CARD as the Bulls kick for the corner.
  • 33
Brummer kicks for the corner and finds a good touch in the 22. Bulls maul it and Paige hoists, Dames knocks on so the Bulls have a scrum on halfway.
  • 31
Francke takes it up for Griquas and they switch it back to Arendse who steps a few defenders to go over for his second TRY. Jansen puts his kick wide so Griquas trail 13-12.
  • 28
Blue Bulls send it wide from the line-out and Beyers makes good ground out wide. Griquas go off their feet so Potgieter steps up to kick another PENALTY to make it 13-7.
  • 26
Basson claims a high ball and they send it wide to Small-Smith but he is forced into touch. Bulls steal the line-out and send it wide but Odendaal loses it forward in the tackle. Griquas have the scrum and Jansen finds a good touch.
  • 24
Du Plessis takes it up and they switch it back to Odendaal. It goes wide to Ndungane who bursts into the 22 but it is turned over by Griquas.
  • 22
Hattingh claims line-out ball but he is turned over as well. Griquas kick it back and Beyers runs. He puts a kick into the 22 but Brummer and Jansen combine to clear it.
  • 20
Griquas drop their bind this time so Potgieter has another shot at goal and this time the PENALTY is over to make it 10-7.
  • 17
Lerm knocked it on after it came off the pole so the Bulls have a scrum in the 22. The forwards bash it up but it is knocked on by Van Zyl just in front of the tryline.
  • 15
Brummer drops a high ball which goes into touch so the Bulls take the line-out. The throw is not straight so Griquas have the scrum. Griquas drop their bind this time so Potgieter has a shot at goal but it comes off the pole.
  • 12
Ross loses it in the tackle and Griquas send it wide. Dames does well to get his pass away and Arendse races away for the TRY. Jansen adds the CONVERSION to level the scores at 7-7.
  • 10
Griquas go wide to Dames as they edge over halfway but the ball is turned over and Van Zyl jumps into the 22. The Bulls run some more phases with their forwards working hard. Griquas make a turnover this time but the ball is kicked away and the Bulls can come again.
  • 8
It goes to Odendaal in midfield and they go over the 22 but Hattingh loses it again so the Griquas have a scrum this time. Greyling goes down so Griquas can clear.
  • 6
The ball is lost in the tackle by Adendorff and the Bulls clear it. Jansen puts it out on the full so the Bulls have a great opportunity just outside the 22.
  • 4
Du Plessis takes it up for the Bulls but the ball is lost forward by Hattingh so Griquas have a scrum just outside the 22. Brummer chips over the top and they win it back.
  • 2
The ball is intercepted by Basson who sprints away to score the TRY. Potgieter adds the CONVERSION and the Bulls lead 7-0.
  • 0
Brummer kicks the game off and the Bulls clear it. Arendse runs it back as Griquas go through the phases.
  • -15
The Bulls will be travelling to Newlands for their semifinal next week, so they will be hoping to take some momentum with them from this game. Griquas need a bonus-point win to move past the Pumas into sixth place.
  • -20
Welcome to live coverage of the final Currie Cup game before the semifinals between the Blue Bulls and Griquas at Loftus Versfeld. This game has no influence at all on the final standings, so both teams will be playing for pride.
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Blue Bulls
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  • 15 Warrick Gelant
  • 14 Travis Ismaiel
  • 13 Burger Odendaal
  • 12 JT Jackson
  • 11 Johnny Kotze
  • 10 Marnitz Boshoff
  • 9 Ivan van Zyl
  • 8 Nick de Jager
  • 7 Tim Agaba
  • 6 Marco Van Staden
  • 5 Aston Fortuin
  • 4 Ruben van Heerden
  • 3 Conraad van Vuuren
  • 2 Edgar Marutlulle
  • 1 Pierre Schoeman
  • 23 John-Roy Jenkinson
  • 22 Duncan Matthews
  • 21 Tony Jantjies
  • 20 Piet van Zyl
  • 19 Jano Venter
  • 18 Jannes Kirsten
  • 17 Lizo Gqoboka
  • 16 Johan Grobbelaar
  • 15 Adriaan Coertzen
  • 14 Ederies Arendse
  • 13 Tertius Kruger
  • 12 Johnathan Francke
  • 11 Kyle Steyn
  • 10 George Whitehead
  • 9 Christiaan Meyer
  • 8 De Wet Kruger
  • 7 Sias Koen
  • 6 Wendal Wehr
  • 5 Floris Pelser
  • 4 Wandile Putuma
  • 3 Stephan Kotze
  • 2 Abraham Le Roux
  • 1 Liam Hendricks
  • 22 Andre Swarts
  • 21 Renier Botha
  • 20 Shaun McDonald
  • 19 Sintu Manjezi
  • 18 Jonathan Adendorf
  • 17 Marius Fourie
  • 16 Wilmar Arnoldi
Ederies Arendse (12min) and Ederies Arendse (31min)
VENUE Loftus Versfeld
REFEREE Lesego Legoete