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Golden Lions

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Currie Cup | Johannesburg
12:30 (GMT) | 18-10-2014
  • 83
We head over to Newlands in the next few minutes for the second final between WP and the Blue Bulls.
  • 82
FULLTIME!! The Lions knock the defending champions out of the competition
  • 81
Boshoff makes no mistake with the conversion
  • 80
The Lions aren't done yet. TRY!!!! Whiteley gets the ball, throws a dummy and canters in for another score
  • 79
Boshoff easily slots the conversion
  • 78
Here come the Lions once again. 5 metres from the try-line. TRY!!!! Combrink gets his name on the scoresheet after a quick attack
  • 76
The Sharks are back in possession on their 10 metre line and look to launch an attack. A maul is formed but the Lions are up to challenge and force the turnover. Scrum to the Lions
  • 74
Boshoff slots the penalty
  • 73
The Lions have their hands on the ball on the Sharks 22. PENALTY! The Lions are awarded a penalty after the Sharks aren't able to maintain their body weight at the breakdown
  • 72
Zeilinga's attempt at goal hits the upright
  • 71
The ball is recycled and Marais is at first receiver. TRY!!! He canters past the defenders to reduce the deficit
  • 70
The ball is spread to Chavanga who has a go but comes up just short
  • 69
The Sharks have a little momentum on their side now and have possession inside the Lions 22
  • 68
PENALTY!! The Loins are caught offside and the Sharks choose the tap-and-go. TRY!!!! The forwards got the move going and Mtembu gets the try. Zeilinga takes a drop-goal and converts the try
  • 67
The Sharks attempt an attack of their own. 7 metres from the try line now
  • 65
Boshoff steps up and adds the extra three points
  • 64
The Lions are relentless with their attacks and find themselves on the front foot inside the Sharks 22. PENALTY!!! The Sharks are penalised at the breakdown, 7 metres from their try line.
  • 63
Boshoff makes no mistake with the extra points
  • 62
The Sharks send the ball to the backline but lose the ball. Mnisi picks the ball up and gains some metres for the Lions. Onto the 5 metre line they go. TRY!!!! A. van der Merwe collects the pop pass and there's no stopping him from that close
  • 61
Solid scrum gives the Lions a chance to run the ball out the back. Boshoff puts the ball onto the boot and finds touch on his 10 metre line
  • 60
The Sharks forwards gain a few metres before the backline is released. The ball finds Marais who attempts to make a pass in the tackle but he loses control and the ball rolls forward
  • 59
A solid scrum gives the Lions a platform to launch an attack. However, Boshoff's pass to Mapoe goes forward and the Sharks have the feed on the Lions 10 metre line. PENALTY!!! The Lions are penalised at the scrum. Sharks put the ball into touch 7 metres from the try line
  • 57
The Sharks will have a line-out inside the Lions territory. Cooper finds his jumper. The ball is sent to the backline but Marais loses it forward and the Lions have the scrum feed on the halfway line
  • 56
PENALTY!!! Kwagga Smith takes out Mtembu in mid-air as he leaped to pick up a long line-out throw. YELLOW CARD!!! Smith is sent to the bin
  • 55
The Loins spread the ball through the backline and are inside Sharks territory. Britz makes a sniping run up to the 10 metre line. Skosan gets the ball in his hands and attempts to get the try in the corner. However, Marais puts in a great tackle to force Skosan into touch
  • 54
The Sharks win the line-out and attempt an attack. The Lions put in a huge defensive effort and wins back possession through a scrum feed on their 10 metre line
  • 53
The Lions attempt an attacking but the Sharks managed to keep them at bay and Marais kicks the ball into touch on the halfway line
  • 52
PENALTY!! The Lions are penalised for an early shove and the Sharks are able to clear the danger. Line-out on the Lions 20 metre line
  • 51
The Lions are in possession inside the Sharks 22. KNOCK-ON. The attack comes to nothing as the ball is knocked-on and the Sahrks will have the scrum feed from their 22
  • 50
L.Cronje steps up but pulls his kick
  • 49
The Sharks regain possession and have ball-in-hand. TRY!!!! The ball is thrown through the backline and finds Mvovo on the left wing from the hands of Mtembu. The winger dives into the corner to get the try
  • 48
The Sharks backline are released and make their way close to the 5 metre line. Great defensive from the Lions, drives the Sharks into touch
  • 47
A much better scrum from the Sharks
  • 46
Dominant scrum again from the Lions! R.Cronje breaks down the blindside but his pass goes forward and the Sharks will have the feed on the Lions 22
  • 45
Oh no! Cooper's throw isn't straight and the Lions will have a defensive scrum on their 5 metre line
  • 44
They make their way to the 5 metre line. PENALTY! The Lions are penalised for playing the ball on the ground. L.Cronje puts the ball into touch and the Sharks have an attacking line-out
  • 43
The ball gets spread to the backline. Esterhuizen makes a break and gives the pass to Mvovo who knocks the ball on. An early bind from the Loins hands the Sharks a short arm penalty
  • 42
Cronje starts a counter attack from the Sharks 22 but his kick doesn't find touch. Boshoff collects the ball and returns the kick. Line-out to the Sharks on the halfway line. They set the maul and make a few metres.
  • 41
The Sharks gets the second half underway

Half Time

  • 40
Boshoff adds the extra points as they teams head into the HALFTIME break
  • 39
The Loins arent done yet. They in possession and launch an attack from their own half. Kriel makes another break throught the Sharks defence, breaks four tackles before finding Combrink who finds Cronje and the scrumhalf gets another try for the home side
  • 38
Boshoff fails to convert the try
  • 37
TRY!!! The ball is shifted wide and finds Kriel on the halfway line.He fends off two tackles and canters over the whitewash!
  • 36
The Lions are back in possession on the halfway line. KNOCK-ON. Skosan spills the ball and the Sharks will have the feed to the scrum on their 10 metre line
  • 34
Another massive scrum from the Lions. Mnisi gets the ball over the 22. Cronje has a quick dart as well. Mapoe gets the ball, puts through a stab-kick but it rolls too far the Sharks will have a 22 drop-out
  • 32
The Sharks throw-in is not straight and the Lions will have the scrum feed just outside the Sharks 22
  • 31
Another huge shove from the Lions!!! The Sharks are being pushed over like a rag doll! The front row goes down under the pressure and the Lions edge their way to the try line. PENALTY!!! The Sharks have managed to turn the ball over after a sustained period of pressure from the Lions forwards
  • 30
It's a huge shove from the Lions!!!! They lose the ball as they attempt the grounding. PENALTY!!! Du Toit is again penalised at scrum time. Lions opt for another scrum on the 5 metre line
  • 29
PENALTY! Du Toit collapses the scrum. The Lions opt for another scrum
  • 28
The ball is collected and spread through the hands. PENALTY!! The Sharks are caught offside. The Lions have opted for a scrum 7 metres from the Sahrks try line
  • 27
TURNOVER! The Lions win the ball back on their 22. PENALTY!!!! Oosthuizen gives a spear tackle and is given his marching orders. YELLOW CARD!!! Boshoff kicks the penalty into touch and the Lions will have the throw-in inside the Sharks 22
  • 25
The Sharks get back possession and Cronje makes a break through the Lions defence. He attempts to offload the ball in the tackle but loses it. Advantage was being played for an earlier knock-on and the Sharks will have the feed
  • 24
Cronje attemots a drop-goal from 41 metres but his shot goes wide and the Lions will restart the match from a 22 drop-out
  • 23
The Lions set the maul and rolls it up to the halfway line. The ball is spread wide but Mvovo manages to win possession back for the Sharks. Cronje puts in a great kick which gets the Sharks into the Lions 22
  • 21
Another huge scrum by the Loins but the Sharks manage to recover quick enough. The ball is kicked forward and collected by the Lions, who decide to kick possession away. The Sharks gather the ball inside their 22 and finds touch on the Lions 10 metre line
  • 20
We have another scrum after the Loins knocked the ball on. The Sharks will have the put-in close to their 10 metre line.
  • 19
The Loins are full of confidence and looking to run the ball every chance they get
  • 18
PENALTY! The Sharks fail to release the ball int -touch and slows down a quick throw-in. Boshoff steps up and slots the penalty
  • 17
Early shove from the Sharks gives the Lions a short-arm penalty. It's taken quickly and the Lions run the ball into the Sharks 22
  • 16
Lions have the put-in to the scrum and creates a solid platform to release their backline. The ball is kicked into Sharks territory before Marais knocks the ball on into touch. Lions choose a scrum on their 10 metre line
  • 14
After a few restarts, the Loins absolutely demolished the Sharks by driving them back as if they are feathers
  • 13
We have the first scrum of the match on the Lions 22
  • 12
Boshoff fails to convert the try
  • 10
The Lions regain possession from the restart. TRY!!!!! Mnisi gets hs hands on the ball, puts through a grubber and collects his kick before calmly touching the ball down for the first try of the match
  • 9
He makes no mistake and levels the scores
  • 8
The Sharks set the maul and make a few metres. Du Toit makes a pick and drive and the Sharks are 4 metres from the try line. PENALTY! The Lions fail to roll away at the breakdown and the Cronje will have a shot at goal
  • 7
PENALTY!!! Once again, the Sharks dominate the breakdown and earn themselves a penalty which is kicked into touch on the Lions 22
  • 6
The Loins have possession and are on the front foot as they make their way over the Sharks 10 metre line
  • 5
He kicks it sweet and has the distance but lacks direction
  • 4
PENALTY! After the kick-in, the Lions hold onto the ball at the breakdown and are penalised. Marais will have a shot at goal from inside his half
  • 3
The Lions have possession and spread it through the backline. they are now in the 10 metre line of the Sharks. Boshoff attempts a drop goal from 42 metres but he misses the target to the right
  • 2
Boshoff steps up and slots the penalty to hand the Lions the early lead
  • 1
The Lions win possession from the kick-off and on the Sharks 22. PENALTY! The Loins are awarded an early penalty for being offside, then for a high tackle
  • 0
KICK-OFF! The Lions gets the first semifinal underway
  • -2
The crowd erupts as the home side, the Lions, run out onto the field
  • -4
The Sharks have made their way onto the field
  • -5
Perfect weather awaits the team and will make for an entertaining game
  • -10
The Golden Lions will be full of confidence knowing they are unbeaten at home
  • -15
The Sharks are the defending champions and will be hoping to get the better of the Golden Lions and have a shot at defending their title
  • -20
Just three points separated these sides on the log. Both sides won seven matches in the round-robin phase of the competition but the Golden Lions edged the Sharks by earning more bonus points
  • -25
The Golden Lions finished second on the log while the Sharks claimed third position
  • -30
Welcome to the first semifinal of the 2014 Currie Cup. We are at Ellis Park for the match between the Golden Lions and the Sharks
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Golden Lions
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  • 15 Andries Coetzee
  • 14 Aphiwe Dyantyi
  • 13 Rohan Janse van Rensburg
  • 12 Harold Voster
  • 11 Courtnall Skosan
  • 10 Jaco van der Walt
  • 9 Ross Cronje
  • 8 Albertus Smith
  • 7 Cyle Brink
  • 6 :\Len Massyn
  • 5 Marvin Orie
  • 4 Andries Ferreira
  • 3 Jacobie Adriaanse
  • 2 Robbie Coetzee
  • 1 Jacques van Rooyen
  • 23 Robert Kruger
  • 22 Ashlon Davids
  • 21 Sylvian Mahuza
  • 20 Marco Jansen van Vuuren
  • 19 Rhyno Herbst
  • 18 Ruan Dreyer
  • 17 Dylan Smith
  • 16 Malcolm Marx
  • 15 Curwin Bosch
  • 14 Sibusiso Nkosi
  • 13 Lukhanyo Am
  • 12 Marius Louw
  • 11 Lwazi Mvovo
  • 10 Robert du Preez
  • 9 Louis Schrueder
  • 8 Lubabalo Mtembu
  • 7 Jean-Luc Du Preez
  • 6 Jacques Vermeulen
  • 5 Stephan Lewies
  • 4 Ruan Botha
  • 3 Thomas Du Toit
  • 2 Akker van der Merwe
  • 1 Tendai Mtawarira
  • 23 Garth April
  • 22 Jacobus Van Wyk
  • 21 Cameron Wright
  • 20 Wian Vosloo
  • 19 Hyron Andrews
  • 18 John-Hubert Meyer
  • 17 Juan Schoeman
  • 16 Franco Marais
Ross Cronje (39min)
Lwazi Mvovo (49min)
Albertus Smith (56min)
VENUE Johannesburg
REFEREE Jaco van Heerden