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Super Rugby | Melbourne
08:40 (GMT) | 03-04-2015
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Join us tomorrow for more live coverage of Super Rugby with the Chiefs taking on the Blues first up.
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Fainga'a picks up at the base and runs lateral. Penalty to the Reds, who have to take it quickly. Frisbree throws it into touch which brings an end to the game. FULL-TIME, Rebels winning at home 23-15.
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Rebels looking for the bonus point, go for touch. They win the line-out but are given a scrum after the maul goes nowhere. Rebels awarded a penalty off the scrum and the elect a scrum.
  • 77
Colby Fainga'a knocks -on at the base of the Scrum. Reds get a scrum. Free-kick awarded to the Reds and have to run it from deep. Hunt throws an awful pass into touch and the rebels have a line-out in the Reds 22m. Rebels are mauling it and get a penalty for an illegal entry from Adam Thompson.
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Rebels take it up from the scrum with Ellison, 5th phase and they have numbers out wide, Harris throws a loopy skip pass and Turner kncoks-on as he tries to intercept. Scrum to the Rebels 10m out.
  • 73
Reds running from deep and are at the Rebels 10m but the Reds spill it in contact. Rebels now attacking with Ellison down the left hand side off-loading to Jordy Reid and he goes 5m out from the try-line. Rebels awarded a scrum from the ruck 5m out.
  • 70
Mike Harris lines up a kick for poles and CONVERTS the penalty.
  • 69
Reds now looking dangerous on the Rebels 22m, but the lock-forward McDuling loses it forward and then the Reds give a penalty away. Rebels kick deep in the Reds half and secure the line-out. They play wide and win a penalty as the Reds line is off-sides.
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Harris shanks the conversion to the left.
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Rebels have a scrum on their 10m line. Harris puts a kick in after the Rebels win the scrum and it just bounces in field avoiding going out on the full. Reds win the line-out and kick down the Rebels throats. Good hands from Inman and Debreczeni put Naivalu away, he steps in beautifully before O'Connor gets to him but he off-loads with one hand beautifully to Stirzaker who dives over for the TRY
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Debreczeni puts a kick through after the line-out and the Reds have a throw-in outside their 22m. They maul the line-out and win a penalty, for a Rebel coming around the side of the maul. Reds find touch deep in Rebels territory for a line-out. Thompson wins it at the back but the Rebels turn it over in the backline.
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Genia feeds the scrum on the 50m line, there is a set move from the Reds and Frisbee throws a cut-out pass to Turner, but Naivalu reads it well and smokes Turner into touch.
  • 59
Rebels have a line-out on their own 22m. They secure ball and play down both the flanks of the field. Harris decides to kick down field and Reds return with a chip. Scrum to the Reds after Jordy Reid lost the ball in contact.
  • 56
Reds awarded a penalty from scrum-time. Tuner kicks for touch. Schatz wins it in front of the line-out, and Genia passes out wide. reds with possession in midfield.
  • 54
Harris hits the woodwork and the Reds dot it down, it will be a 22m drop out to the Reds. Rebels looking good on the counter, and Debreczeni looks dangerous with ball-in-hand, some good hands in the pass puts Naivalu away, who off loads inside back to Debreczeni and Jordy Reid follows up for the pop pass off the deck and dives over for the try, however they go upstairs and it is over-ruled as a forward pass. Scrum to the Reds on the 10m line.
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Rebels get a penalty from the scrum this time, and Harris is going to attempt 3 points from 40m out and towards the left hand side of the field.
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Reds scrum on their own 10m.
  • 51
Reds get a penalty from the scrum. Turner clears for touch and the Reds have a line-out on their own 10m. They secure the line-out and Genia puts it high. Rebels have possession now and they boot it down field. Exchange of kicks and Naivalu brings it back for the Rebels. 7th phase for the Rebels, but the Reds turn it over. Genia puts a Box kick in, and they get a scrum.
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Stirzaker puts the ball in and Genia is all over Higginbotham at the base, the Reds manage to get a scrum turnover.
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Reds win the line-out 30m from their own line, and Genia Box-kicks high, Rebels counter with Inman and Ellison. Luke Jones charges through defenders up to the 5m line, and the Rebels are awarded a penalty. the Rebels opt for a scrum.
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Rebels have a line-out on the Reds 10m mark, they win it and take it up in midfield. McMahaon makes a break but is ankle-tapped by Kerevi. Rebels up to the Reds 5m line. Stirzaker with a show-and-go.Rebels forwards keeping it tight, but Reds manage to get the ball back through a Rebels mistake. Penalty given to the Reds. Turner clears for touch.
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SECOND-HALF: Reds flyhalf Quade Cooper restarts play.

Half Time

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Cooper hits hits the post from in front. That brings us to HALF-TIME
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Rebels clear for touch from the scrum, but foul play from the Rebels gives the Reds a gift penalty in front of the poles as Cooper lines a shot for goal up.
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Reds with the ball in midfield. Genia Box-kicks, and Naivalu collects and returns a kick. reds line-out on the rebels 10m. reds win the line-out and Cooper goes flat to Kerevi again. The reds pierce the short side as Sautia chips and chases, its scrappy in the in-goal area. TMO is reviewing, but it is a knock-on by Tuner. Scrum Rebels on their 5m.
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Cooper can't raise the flags and misses to the left
  • 34
All-square here in Melbourne at 15-15. Reds have a short line-out on the Rebels 10m. Kerevi again takes it straight from cooper. Penalty to the Reds for no release of the tackler. Cooper is going for poles.
  • 32
Harris misses the conversion attempt.
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5m from halfway and the Rebels have a line-out. After a couple of runs from the Rebels backline, English is put away by Debreczeni and makes good meters. The Rebels go left and Harris takes it up to the 5m line. Stirzaker plays the opposite direction and the rebels have numbers, with Tom English running over unmarked for a TRY.
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Cooper CONVERTS the penalty for the extra 3.
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The Rebels have a scrum though just outside the their own 22m. Stirzaker feeds, but the Reds get a short-arm. The away team takes it quickly but are going backwards. Rebels putting illegal hands in the ruck, and the Reds get a penalty in front of the poles.
  • 25
Inman collects off the restart, and the Rebels are quickly up to the halfway line. Ellison side-steps past some defenders as they take it toward the 5m line of the reds. Liam Gill turns it over and the Reds launch a counter. Lachie Turner is away sprinting for the corner but Naivalu reels him in and makes a try-saving tackle, as the ball spews into touch.
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Mike Harris lines up the kick from the corner and makes the CONVERSION for the extra 2 points.
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Reds down to 14 men for the rest of the game, as the Rebels take it up in the 22m of the Reds. Penalty for the Rebels and the kick for touch. The Rebels set a maul off the line-out and they push it over for a TRY.
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Reds go wide, and they give a penalty away for not releasing. Rebels punt for touch and win their line-out on the 10m of the home side. A penalty for the Rebels for foul play by James Horwill, he is in trouble after reviewing it. It is a RED CARD.
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Over-thrown at the line-out and Rebels come away with the ball on the 50m. Harris nudges it into the corner of the reds, and Tuner collects and kicks out. Smart play by Harris as they have a line-out at the 22m. However it is stolen by the Reds, and Genia makes a jinking run.
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Rebels with possession in the midfield. Debreczeni puts Inman away through a gap. Rebels up to the 22m. McMahon runs hard and makes meters, but Gill is quick to the ruck and turns it over for a penalty. Tuner clears for touch.
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Cooper misses the conversion attempt from out left.
  • 13
Debreczeni clears from the kick-off and makes good meters. Line-out to the reds on the 50m. Kerevi busts over the advantage line and the Reds go wide with O'Connor taking it up. Liam Gill runs down the touchline and bounces Stirzaker, off-loads inside to Schatz who crosses the line for a TRY.
  • 10
Mike Harris CONVERTS the penalty.
  • 9
Rebels with the ball on the Reds 22m, Harris takes the ball up well and Stirzaker goes wide with fast ball. Liam Gill penalised at the ruck. This will be an easy 3 points for the Rebels.
  • 7
Cooper CONVERTS the extra 2 points from wide out to the right.
  • 6
Cooper controlling well in midfield as he put Kerevi through a half-gap. The Reds now 8m out, as the edge closer. Genia picks up and gives a short ball to Horwill as he crashes over for the TRY.
  • 4
Genia feeds the scrum, and the Reds get a peanlty as the Rebels collapse. Turner kicks for touch and the Reds have a line out on the Rebels 10m.
  • 2
Rebels with early possession have time on the ball as Debreczeni finds a gap. rebels go wide but Ellison throws a bad pass to Naivalu and he drops it. Scrum to the Reds in their own half.
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KICK-OFF: Rebels flyhalf Debreczeni gets the game underway
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Between the two the teams they have played 8 times with the Reds winning seven of the games. The Rebels have lost the last seven of their home games in a row.
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Welcome to live coverage of Super Rugby with the Rebels taking on the Reds in Melbourne.
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  • 15 Mike Harris
  • 14 Tom English
  • 13 Tamati Ellison
  • 12 Mitch Inman
  • 11 Sefanaia Naivalu
  • 10 Jack Debreczeni
  • 9 Nic Stirzaker
  • 8 Scott Higginbotham
  • 7 Scott Fuglistaller
  • 6 Sean McMahon
  • 5 Lopeti Timani
  • 4 Luke Jones
  • 3 Paul Alo-Emile
  • 2 Pat Leafa
  • 1 Toby Smith
  • 23 Bryce Hegarty
  • 22 Jordy Reid
  • 21 Luke Burgess
  • 20 Colby Faingaa
  • 19 Cadeyrn Neville
  • 18 Tim Metcher
  • 17 Cruze Ah-Nau
  • 16 Tom Sexton
  • 15 Lachie Turner
  • 14 Chris Feauai-Sautia
  • 13 Samu Kerevi
  • 12 Anthony Fainga'a
  • 11 James O'Connor
  • 10 Quade Cooper
  • 9 Will Genia
  • 8 Jake Schatz
  • 7 Liam Gill
  • 6 Adam Thomson
  • 5 James Horwill
  • 4 David McDuling
  • 3 Greg Holmes
  • 2 James Hanson
  • 1 James Slipper
  • 23 Karmichael Hunt
  • 22 Chris Kuridrani
  • 21 Nick Frisby
  • 20 Curtis Browning
  • 19 Marco Kotze
  • 18 Sef Faagase
  • 17 Saia Fainga'a
  • 16 Ben Daley
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Preview: S15 Round Eight, Part One

Wed, 01 Apr 2015 21:25

You may well call it freaky Friday - two games featuring four teams with vastly differing fortunes. Jan de Koning reports!

You may well call it freaky Friday - two games featuring four teams with vastly differing fortunes.

First up in our Super Rugby Round Eight action is the unbeaten, table-topping Hurricanes - at home to a desperate Stormers team.

This is a straightforward match between two quality teams, who play outstanding rugby and have aspirations of lifting the trophy in July.

However, in the second match on Good Friday we have two teams at the other end of the table and a desperate struggle for a win.

The Rebels, after a promising start, have won just one of their last five games and are sitting outside the top 10 with no realistic chance of a play-off spot.

It gets very murky when you start looking at their opponents, the Reds - a team that has only one win and that was six weeks ago.

The coach is under fire, his job on the line and they have recalled a player under a drug cloud - coming back from a six-week ban after admitting to having peddled cocaine for his teammates while still playing Rugby League.

We look at Friday's matches!

Friday, April 3:

Hurricanes v Stormers
(Westpac Stadium, Wellington - Kick-off: 19.35; 08.35 SAST; 06.35 GMT)

The Hurricanes, the only unbeaten team in the competition, have been bolstered by the return of several All Blacks.

Beauden Barrett, Julian Savea and Ben Franks all return after being rested for last week's bonus-point triumph over the Rebels.

The Stormers get some serious muscle back as well - Duane Vermeulen returning to captain the side after being rested last week, Eben Etzebeth starting after making his comeback off the bench a week ago and Michael Rhodes returning after an injury lay-off.

Stormers forwards coach Matt Proudfoot this week spoke of the need for the Cape Town-based outfit to dominate the collisions - something they failed to do in their losses to the Highlanders (last week) and the Chiefs (three weeks ago).

"The Hurricanes are rightly sitting on top of the table and is a team that has a tremendous ability to strike from out wide and also from turnovers," Proudfoot said in a conference call from the team's training base in the South island holiday resort of Queenstown.

"However, you can't play any New Zealand side if you don't dominate the gainline and if you don't match them with your kicking game.

"If they have ball we need better width in our defensive structure and that will allow us to come off the line a bit harder and make more robust hits."

Proudfoot said there is a need for the pack to have the same "work ethic and appetite" on the road that they so often show at home, at Newlands.

"You need to be pretty direct and pretty physical when you play New Zealand sides."

Hurricanes forwards coach John Plumtree, a familiar face to many of the Stormers - given that he coached the Sharks in Durban for four years from 2008 to 2012 - said the visitors' recent form is not an indication of their true qualities.

"We have a lot of respect for the Stormers," he told the Wellington-based Dominion Post.

"They've been a top side for a long time and I know a lot of them."

Plumtree also made no secret of his admiration of a player like Vermeulen.

"They will be hurting after what happened to them last week [against the Highlanders] and we expect them to respond positively in terms of intensity and everything will go up another few notches this week," he said.

"Their pack is a really good pack, they are a typical South African side, very physical, very blunt, so we have to step up our D [defence]."

Recent results:
2014: Stormers won 19-18, Cape Town
2013: Stormers won 18-16, Palmerston North
2012: Stormers won 39-26, Cape Town
2010: Stormers won 37-13, Cape Town
2009: Hurricanes won 34-11, Wellington
2008: Stormers won 20-12, Cape Town

Prediction: The Hurricanes have lost their last four against the Stormers; however the last two defeats both come by fewer than three points. It is the Stormers' joint-best winning run over the 'Canes, though they have never beaten them five times in a row. The last two matches between the sides have each seen less than 40 points scored in total and they have been settled by two and one-point margins respectively. A win for the Hurricanes will equal their best ever winning streak of seven matches, something they achieved in April 2003. The Stormers have lost their last four games in New Zealand. They have not lost five consecutive away games against New Zealand sides since 1998. The Hurricanes have maintained the best tackling success rate so far this season (90 percent). The Stormers (84.1 percent) rank second-worst when it comes to tackling success rate. You'll get good odds on a Stormers win, so it might be worth a small wager. However, the smart money is on a Hurricanes win - mostly likely by 10 to 15 points.


Hurricanes: 15 Nehe Milner-Skudder, 14 Cory Jane, 13 Conrad Smith (captain), 12 Ma'a Nonu, 11 Julian Savea, 10 Beauden Barrett, 9 TJ Perenara, 8 Victor Vito, 7 Callum Gibbins, 6 Brad Shields, 5 James Broadhurst, 4 Jeremy Thrush, 3 Ben Franks, 2 Motu Matu'u, 1 Reggie Goodes.
Replacements: 16 Brayden Mitchell, 17 Ben May, 18 Chris Eves, 19 Mark Abbott, 20 Adam Hill, 21 Chris Smylie, 22 Rey Lee-Lo, 23 James Marshall.
Stormers: 15 Cheslin Kolbe, 14 Kobus van Wyk, 13 Juan de Jongh, 12 Damian de Allende, 11 Dillyn Leyds, 10 Demetri Catrakilis, 9 Nic Groom, 8 Duane Vermeulen (captain), 7 Schalk Burger, 6 Siya Kolisi, 5 Manuel Carizza, 4 Eben Etzebeth, 3 Vincent Koch, 2 Siyabonga Ntubeni, 1 Steven Kitshoff.
Replacements: 16 Mbongeni Mbonambi, 17 Oliver Kebble, 18 Frans Malherbe, 19 Ruan Botha, 20 Michael Rhodes, 21 Louis Schreuder, 22 Kurt Coleman
23 Huw Jones.
Referee: Rohan Hoffmann
Assistant referees: Kane McBride, Mike Lash
TMO: Chris Wratt

Rebels v Reds
(AAMI Park, Melbourne - Kick-off: 19.40; 18.40 Queensland time; 08.40 GMT)

It is the first of this season's derbies between the states of Victoria and Queensland.

Like the Rebels the week prior, the Reds saw firsthand the quality a rejuvenated Lions outfit is bringing to Super Rugby, as they sewed up a third win from their four-game Australasian tour.

Wallaby star Quade Cooper - a frustrated figure that was involved in several off-the-ball skirmishes and even took to throwing punches at opponents - had a last-minute drop-goal charged down, as the Reds went down 17-18-17.

The Rebels, against the unbeaten Hurricanes in Wellington, lost by a much larger margin - 12-36. However, they were also well in the contest, until two late tries saw the table-topping Hurricanes run away with the game.

The spice to this encounter in Melbourne will be provided by a number of returning players - with disgraced Rugby League convert Karmichael Hunt on top of that list.

Star loose forward Liam Gill, who served a ban for foul play, is also available again.

Reds head coach Richard Graham said he is a "huge admirer" of Gulls's workrate.

"Around the breakdown he is one of the best in Australia,"Graham said, adding: "Him coming back in as a genuine threat on the ball will help us on Friday."

Losing to the Lions was a disaster for a Reds team now in 14th spot.

"We understand that we need to start winning," the coach said.

"Our stats - including running metres and linebreaks - were all much better [against the Lions], so not transferring that to the scoreboard was very disappointing for everyone in our dressing room," Graham added.

Recent results:
2014: Reds won 36-20, Melbourne
2014: Rebels won 30-27, Brisbane
2013: Reds won 33-20, Brisbane
2013: Reds won 23-13, Melbourne
2012: Reds won 32-17, Melbourne
2012: Reds won 11-6, Brisbane

Prediction: The Reds' largest ever Super Rugby win (53-3) came against the Rebels in their first meeting with their Melbourne rivals in March 2011. The last three matches between the sides have produced over 50 points apiece. The Rebels are enduring their worst ever run of form at home having lost their last seven in Melbourne. The Reds have lost eight of their last nine away matches, gaining a losing bonus point in just two of those. The Rebels have the lowest line-out success rate in the competition (76 percent). Just two other sides have a better line-out success rate than the Reds (90 percent). Calling the winner of this encounter is akin to playing Two-up - that traditional Australian gambling game. Yes, indeed, toss a couple of coins and see if you can guess the outcome. Well, if we must, we'll go with the home team and say the Rebels will win by less than 10 points.


15 Mike Harris, 14 Tom English, 13 Tamati Ellison, 12 Mitch Inman, 11 Sefanaia Naivalu, 10 Jack Debreczeni, 9 Nic Stirzaker, 8 Scott Higginbotham, 7 Scott Fuglistaller, 6 Sean McMahon, 5 Lopeti Timani, 4 Luke Jones, 3 Paul Alo-Emile, 2 Pat Leafa, 1 Toby Smith.
Replacements: 16 Tom Sexton, 17 Cruze Ah-Nau, 18 Tim Metcher, 19 Cadeyrn Neville, 20 Colby Fainga’a, 21 Luke Burgess, 22 Jordy Reid, 23 Bryce Hegarty.

Reds: 15 Lachie Turner, 14 Chris Feauai-Sautia, 13 Samu Kerevi, 12 Anthony Fainga'a, 11 James O'Connor, 10 Quade Cooper, 9 Will Genia, 8 Jake Schatz, 7 Liam Gill, 6 Adam Thomson, 5 James Horwill, 4 Dave McDuling, 3 Greg Holmes, 2 James Hanson, 1 James Slipper (captain).
Replacements: 16 Ben Daley, 17 Saia Fainga'a, 18 Sef Faagase, 19 Marco Kotze, 20 Curtis Browning, 21 Nick Frisby, 22 Chris Kuridrani, 23 Karmichael Hunt.

Referee: Matt O'Brien (Australia)
Assistant referees: Andrew Lees (Australia), Michael Hogan (Australia)
TMO: George Ayoub (Australia)

Compiled by Jan de Koning

Statistical information provided by Opta Sports

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Rebels edge 14-man Reds

Fri, 03 Apr 2015 10:31

REPORT: The Rebels recorded their win at home this season, beating the Reds - reduced to 14 men for the best part on an hour - 23-15 on Friday.

The Rebels recorded their win at home this season, beating the Reds - reduced to 14 men for the best part on an hour - 23-15 in Melbourne on Friday.

It was a scrappy derby that was further marred by the red card issued to Wallaby lock James Horwill.

Horwill displayed the epitome of a filthy player and his cheap shot is likely to earn him a lengthy ban - if SANZAR is to be consistent in how they deal with foul play.

The veteran lock cost his team dearly.

To add injury to insult, Quade Cooper left the field with another shoulder injury.

It also continued Queensland's wretched start to the season with their sixth loss in seven games for their worst start to a season since their last-placed finish in 2007.

The Rebels, with flank Sean McMahon and scrumhalf Nic Stirzaker outstanding, trailed 3-12 at the time of Horwill's sending-off.

Horwill scored the opening try in the sixth minute and No.8 Jake Schatz crossed seven minutes later after good lead-up play by Liam Gill.

Immediately after Horwill's dismissal, the Rebels forward pack pushed over the try-line after a line-out win for Lopeti Timani to score.

Cooper kicked the Reds to a 15-10 lead, but wing Tom English scored wide to level the scores at half-time.

The Rebels dominated the Reds in the second half and the clinching try came through Stirzaker, who trailed through a break by wing Sefanaia Naivalu to score with 14 minutes left.

Mike Harris sealed the win with a penalty goal in the 71st minute.

"We're happy to get the result, but I can't say we would be too pleased with the performance," Rebels skipper Scott Higginbotham said.

"Credit to the Reds with 14 men. They really dug in and stuck into us.

"We needed that third try in the second half because it was just an arm wrestle, a stop-start game for 60-70 minutes, it was a good team try."

The loss will only add to the pressure on Reds coach Richard Graham as Queensland fielded 13 internationals against the Rebels.

"I think we responded well [to Horwill's dismissal] and we showed a lot of character, but unfortunately we didn't get the result we wanted," Reds skipper James Slipper said.

"Playing with a man down a few things had to change and I thought we adapted well to it at times, and we held in for a fair chunk of that game and we fell down at the end with that last try."

The Rebels have a bye next weekend, while the Reds head to South Africa and a match against the Northern Bulls in Pretoria.

Man of the match: Liam Gill was a constant threat at the breakdown and won his team some valuable turnovers. Will Genia had his best game of the season and Adam Thomson proved to be the Reds' most valuable player. iJordy Reid, in his first game of the season, made a mammoth impact off the bench. Sean McMahon also proved a valuable asset. However, our award goes to Rebels lock
Lopeti Timani
, who is growing in stature with every game.

The scorers:

For the Rebels:
Timani, English, Stirzaker
Con: Harris
Pens: Harris 2

For the Reds:
Horwill, Schatz
Con: Cooper
Pen: Cooper

Red card: James Horwill (reds, 20 - foul play, striking the head of an opponent)


Rebels: 15 Mike Harris, 14 Tom English, 13 Tamati Ellison, 12 Mitch Inman, 11 Sefanaia Naivalu, 10 Jack Debreczeni, 9 Nic Stirzaker, 8 Scott Higginbotham, 7 Scott Fuglistaller, 6 Sean McMahon, 5 Lopeti Timani, 4 Luke Jones, 3 Paul Alo-Emile, 2 Pat Leafa, 1 Toby Smith.
Replacements: 16 Tom Sexton, 17 Cruze Ah-Nau, 18 Tim Metcher, 19 Cadeyrn Neville, 20 Colby Fainga'a, 21 Luke Burgess, 22 Jordy Reid, 23 Bryce Hegarty.

Reds: 15 Lachie Turner, 14 Chris Feauai-Sautia, 13 Samu Kerevi, 12 Anthony Fainga'a, 11 James O'Connor, 10 Quade Cooper, 9 Will Genia, 8 Jake Schatz, 7 Liam Gill, 6 Adam Thomson, 5 James Horwill, 4 Dave McDuling, 3 Greg Holmes, 2 James Hanson, 1 James Slipper (captain).
Replacements: 16 Ben Daley, 17 Saia Fainga'a, 18 Sef Faagase, 19 Marco Kotze, 20 Curtis Browning, 21 Nick Frisby, 22 Chris Kuridrani, 23 Karmichael Hunt.

Referee: Matt O'Brien (Australia)
Assistant referees: Andrew Lees (Australia), Michael Hogan (Australia)
TMO: George Ayoub (Australia)

Lopeti Timani (22min), Tom English (31min), and Nic Stirzaker (66min)
James Horwill (6min) and Jake Schatz (13min)
Mike Harris (23min)
Quade Cooper (7min)
Mike Harris (10min) and Mike Harris (70min)
Quade Cooper (28min)
James Horwill (20min)
VENUE Melbourne
REFEREE Matt O'Brien