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Super Rugby | Bloemfontein
17:10 (GMT) | 15-04-2016
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The referee blows to end the Sunwolves' suffering. FULL TIME
  • 80
Zeilinga adds the extras
  • 79
The reset sees Sunwolves with little to know effort to defend. Petersen finds space again and does a little shimmy to allow Schoeman into space who gets his hatrick with the last TRY of the game
  • 78
Zeilinga adds the extras
  • 77
Petersen makes another break and he makes it look easy as he finds himself between the posts. He holds it and gives the TRY to Schoeman instead
  • 76
The Sunwolves trying their best to make the score line look less destructive as they press forward from their own 10 meter
  • 75
Zeilinga takes this conversion and he secures it
  • 74
Carpenter looking to make some ground on his own but is brought down swiftly. The Sunwolves are making some ground. they make a break and find themselves at the 5 meter. The clearance is there and Petersen chases it down. He gets lucky on the bounce and his speed takes him over the line to score the TRY
  • 72
The Cheetahs with a blistering reset, Shaun Venter making good ground along the wing and gives the pass in field. The turnover is there by the Sunwolves as they look to play out of their own 22
  • 71
Marais fails to secure the points this time
  • 70
The driving maul is there and Sunwolves have no way to deal with it. The Cheetahs pas the line for a TRY credited to du Toit
  • 69
Cheetahs get the advantage and they kick into touch at the 5 meter
  • 68
Scrum reset again.
  • 67
Scrum reset
  • 66
The Cheetahs showing no signs of slowing down a they press forward again with Petersen along the wing. They send it down field and almost make it past the line for another try but the referee calls them back for a scrum at the 5 meter of the Sunwolves
  • 64
Marais with his prayer-like stance and he adds the 2 extras
  • 63
The Sunwolves in the ruck now at their 5 meter. They give a loose pass and Schoeman picks up a freebie to score his first TRY of the game
  • 62
The Cheetahs rushing towards the try-line with a vengeance now. They find themselves at the 5 meter. Rhule almost sneaks through but he is brought down. The turnover is there
  • 60
Pisi secures 2 extra points for the away team, closing in on the losing bonus point
  • 59
The Sunwolves showing the necessary energy now at the 5 meter of the home side. Quirk applying heavy pressure for the home team and the ball goes wide to Paea who finds the TRY
  • 58
The away team making ground slowly, now at the 22. Penalty to the away team and they take a quick tap
  • 57
The Sunwolves get the ball and Pisi kicks the ball into touch. They move the ball up field after the line-out.
  • 55
The Cheetahs make their way inside the 22 with conviction but the Sunwovles hold firm. The referee blows; scrum at the 22 of the Sunwolves
  • 54
The driving maul is there and Petersen for Rhule sees them get close to the 5 meter but the turnover is there and the Sunwolves get the ball away. Scrum at the 22
  • 53
Penalty to the Cheetahs and Marais sends the ball into touch at the 22 of the Sunwolves
  • 52
Another scrum now again at the 10 meter. Scrum reset
  • 50
Scrum at the 10 meter of the Sunwolves. Scrum reset
  • 49
Pisi adds the extras
  • 48
Carpenter crosses the TRY line after some good play by the Sunwolves to get their first of the evening
  • 47
Marais finds the gap between the uprights once again
  • 46
The Cheetahs are once again on the attack and punish the Sunwoves once again. Blommetjies takes a quick tap-penalty and jinks his way over the line
  • 43
Marais adds the extras
  • 42
The Cheetahs come again and this time find the discipline they need. Cassiem and Petersen unselfishly give the ball and Lobberts is on the end of it to score the TRY
  • 41
Blommetjies gets the second half underway and the ball is cleared immediately. he finds the clearance and boots it out field again. Line-out at the 22 of the away team. The Cheetahs try to make their way forward but the Suwolves more organized now

Half Time

  • 40
The horn sounds and the referee calls for HALF TIME
  • 39
Cheetahs going forward with ambition now inside the 10 meter of the Sunwolves
  • 38
Penalty to the Cheetahs. Zeilinga kicks it into touch at the 10 meter of the away team
  • 37
The Sunwolves moving forward after the scrum but Pisi doesn't manage to give a good pass off; the ball is knocked forward. Scrum outside the 22 of the home team again
  • 36
Penalty to the Sunwolves. The referee refers to the TMO for possible malicious play. Blommetjies heading to the dressing room as Zeilinga takes his place. Scrum outside the 22 of the Cheetahs
  • 35
The Sunwolves more resilient in their defence now and they move forward from their own half and into the 10 meter of the home team
  • 34
The Cheetahs now with a maul from their own half. The clearance is there and Petersen chases it down to cause more trouble for the Sunwolves
  • 33
Niel Marais finds his kicking boots again, albeit from an easier angle to secure the 2 points
  • 32
Petersen runs the clearance down and finds the ball. He makes the run from mid field to secure another TRY
  • 31
Line-out at the 22 of the home team for the Sunwolves with an opportunity to pull some points back. They lose the ball though and the clearance is there
  • 30
The ball in the away teams' hands now again and they finally make it into the 22 of the Cheetahs. They attempted to play the advantage but the referee calls it back for a penalty at the 10
  • 29
The turnover is there from the Sunwolves but the passing isn't. They lose the ball and Blommetjies clears. The away team come again but the Cheetahs steal the ball and start moving forward from their own half
  • 28
Stolen line-out for the Cheetahs. The home team move the ball up field but the ball reaches touch. Line-out to the home team
  • 27
The Sunwolves finding some urgency it seems with Pisi as they move into the 10 meter of the Cheetahs. The ball goes into touch after a tackle
  • 26
Marais misses the opportunity to increase the lead
  • 25
The maul is there and Shaun Venter teaming up with Van Jaarsveld to secure another TRY for Venter up field.
  • 24
Blommetjies sends the ball into touch at the 22 for a line-out
  • 23
Scrum at the 10 meter of the Cheetahs now and they get the penalty
  • 21
Marais doesn't net the points this time around
  • 20
Cheetahs moving forward confidently now and they move the ball up field to Sergeal Petersen who creates space for himself excellently with a low kick forward and collects it to score the TRY
  • 19
Rhule gets it from Blommetjies in their own 22 after the restart and makes a good break along the wing but he gets unfortunate with the kick forward
  • 18
Marais makes no mistake with the kick sending it through the middle
  • 17
Cheetahs with some casual passing and the Sunwolves showing little to no effort in their defence as Rhule gives it on and gets it back to score the TRY
  • 16
Scrum at center field and the Cheetahs pushing the Sunwolves back
  • 15
Marais with his third kick, and he makes it three for three
  • 14
The Cheetahs moving forward on their right wing and move the ball down field over running the away team. Cassiem muscles his way through the defence and gets the TRY
  • 13
Scrum inside the 10 meter and Cheetahs come away with the ball but the turnover is there and Pisi tries to boot it forward but fails
  • 12
Line-out at the 10 meter on the opposite side of the field and the Sunwolves move forward in the maul but knock-on
  • 11
Both teams clearing after the ball finds them. Blommetjies finally overcooks it and a line-out to the away team at the 10 meter of their own half
  • 9
Marais adds the extras
  • 8
Both teams clearing their lines after the reset. The Sunwolves at the center mid field but the interception is there from the captain, Francois Venter, and he makes his way between the sticks rather comfortably. TRY
  • 7
Marais assumes the position and gets the 2 points
  • 6
The maul is there after the line-out and they make it over the line to score the TRY. Credited to Van Jaarsveld
  • 5
Penalty to the home team and Blommetjies kicks it into touch at the 5 meter down field
  • 4
A forward pass after the reset. Scrum to the Cheetahs right outside the 5 meter of the away team
  • 3
Pisi with the first kick of the game and secures it
  • 2
Sunwolves with a penalty inside the 22 and they set up for the 3 points
  • 1
The Cheetahs on the defence immediately in their own half around the 22. Marais gets the ball from the ruck and clears but the referee calls for the ball back. Line-out for the Sunwolves at the 22 of the home team
  • 0
The referee, Nicholas Berry, blows and the game is set underway off the boot of Riaan Viljoen
  • -2
The players now exiting the tunnels
  • -3
A victory for the Sunwovles would put the teams on even footing with regards to their point, provided neither team receives a bonus point
  • -15
The Cheetahs have one one of their last six games while the Sunwolves have won none of their last 6 in Super Rugby
  • -30
Welcome Bloemfontein where the Cheetahs host the Sunwolves
Mc cheetahs logo 80x50
  • 1 Charles Marais
  • 2 Torsten Van Jaarsveld
  • 3 Maks van Dyk
  • 4 Lodewyk de Jager
  • 5 Francois Uys
  • 6 Hilton Lobberts
  • 7 Uzair Cassiem
  • 8 Paul Schoeman
  • 9 Shaun Venter
  • 10 Niel Marais
  • 11 Raymond Rhule
  • 12 Francois Venter
  • 13 Nico Lee
  • 14 Sergeal Petersen
  • 15 Clayton Blommetjies
  • 16 Jacques du Toit
  • 17 Danie Mienie
  • 18 Johannes Coetzee
  • 19 Carl Wegner
  • 20 Henco Venter
  • 21 Teboho Mohoje
  • 22 Tian Meyer
  • 23 Fred Zeilinga
  • 1 Masataka Mikami
  • 2 Shota Horie
  • 3 Takuma Asahara
  • 4 Hitoshi Ono
  • 5 Liaki Moli
  • 6 Tomás Leonardi
  • 7 Andrew Durutalo
  • 8 Ed Quirk
  • 9 Yuki Yatomi
  • 10 Tusi Pisi
  • 11 Mifiposeti Paea
  • 12 Carpenter Derek
  • 13 Harumichi Tatekawa
  • 14 Viliami Lolohea
  • 15 Riaan Viljoen
  • 16 Takeshi Kizu
  • 17 Ziun Gu
  • 18 Shinnosuke Kakinaga
  • 19 Fa'atiga Lemalu
  • 20 Yoshiya Hosoda
  • 21 Kaito Shigeno
  • 22 Yu Tamura
  • 23 Yasutaka Sasakura
Mc article ryan crotty crusaders media 800


Wed, 13 Apr 2016 19:22

IN THE SPOTLIGHT. Jan de Koning looks at the Friday matches in Part One of Super Rugby's Round Eight.

The Crusaders, on a five-match winning streak in one of their most impressive starts to a Super Rugby season, have an ideal chance to close the gap on the tournament's runaway leaders, the Chiefs.

With their main rivals in the New Zealand conference - the table-topping Chiefs and third-placed Highlanders - on a bye and having played one match more, the Crusaders have the perfect opportunity to move within striking distance of the top.

The Chiefs are on 29 points (after seven matches), followed by the Stormers (six matches) and Highlanders (seven matches) - who are both on 23 points.

Having beaten the Sharks, Lions and Western Force on a three-match road trip, the Crusaders, on 22, face a Jaguares team that has been out of sorts all season and must fancy their chances of a bonus-point win.

Another team having a better than expected season, the Rebels, also have a chance to improve their play-off prospects.

The men from Melbourne host the Hurricanes - a team four places (in fifth) and three points (20) ahead of them.

The last of the Friday matches is a basement battle of sorts - the Cheetahs (15th in the 18-team competition with just one win) host the winless and last-placed Sunwolves of Japan.

We look at the Friday, April 15, matches below!

The Crusaders may be on a hot streak - five straight wins - but they have had very little time to prepare.

It has been an exceptionally short week - returning from Perth on Sunday after a three-match road trip, and then playing on Friday.

However, coach Todd Blackadder is adamant there will be no problem keeping motivation and energy levels up for the team.

"With a home crowd to play in front of and an exciting new team to face, the boys will also be keen to ensure that it is a memorable night for their good mate Ryan Crotty," he said of the midfielder - who will be playing in his 100th game for the Crusaders.

"He is a pivotal member of this team and to reach 100 games already is testament to the commitment and hard work that he has put in.

"We have been privileged to have him in the team for the last 99 games and we hope to have him around for many more."

The Argentinean team, the Jaguares, of course will present a very different challenge - especially in terms if tactics.

"We have prepared really well as a coaching team," Blackadder said.

"They have actually changed their team quite consistently - eight, seven and nine changes in the last three weeks, so they have rotated a lot of their players.

"For us, it is simply about looking at how they are playing week to week."

Jaguares - on the final leg of a three-week New Zealand tour - will be looking to get some momentum before they complete their road trip worth a match against the Sunwolves in Japan.

With nine changes to the team that lost to the Hurricanes last week, continuity is not something this team knows about.

Lucas González Amorosino, one of the new names on the matchday team sheet, said they are "well-rested" after staying at home in Argentina during the first leg of the tour.

Amorosino said the Crusaders are one of the "most structured" New Zealand teams.

"They have solid set pieces, playing a lot from the line-outs and the scrums," the Jaguares back said.

"We have studied them and have a plan to ensure we are competitive."

Recent results:
These teams have not met before.

Prediction: The Crusaders have won their last five matches, the last time they won more consecutive games was in 2011 (six in a row). The Crusaders have won their last five matches against teams from outside of New Zealand and are yet to lose such a match this season. The Crusaders return home for the first time since Round Four where they've won five of their last six matches, those five victories coming by an average margin of 24 points. The Jaguares have scored only twice in the opening 20 minutes of matches this season, the joint fewest in Super Rugby, while Crusaders have scored the most in the same period (seven). The Crusaders boast the most effective scrum in the competition this season with a 95 percent success rate, they've lost just two of 40 scrums on their own feed in total. Maybe all the travel will catch up with the Crusaders, but until the Jaguares get some continuity and sort out their discipline issues they will not be a real threat to the top teams. The Crusaders should win by 10 to 15 points.


Crusaders: 15 Israel Dagg, 14 Johnny McNicholl, 13 Kieron Fonotia, 12 Ryan Crotty, 11 Nemani Nadolo, 10 Richie Mo'unga, 9 Andy Ellis, 8 Kieran Read (captain), 7 Matt Todd, 6 Jordan Taufua, 5 Scott Barrett, 4 Luke Romano, 3 Owen Franks, 2 Codie Taylor, 1 Joe Moody.
Replacements: 16 Ged Robinson, 17 Wyatt Crockett, 18 Mike Alaalatoa, 19 Jimmy Tupou, 20 Tim Boys, 21 Mitchell Drummond, 22 Sean Wainui, 23 Ben Volavola.

Jaguares: 15 Joaquín Tuculet, 14 Matías Orlando, 13 Jerónimo de la Fuente, 12 Santiago González Iglesias, 11 Emiliano Boffelli, 10 Juan Martín Hernández, 9 Gonzalo Bertranou, 8 Facundo Isa, 7 Rodrigo Báez, 6 Juan Manuel Leguizamón, 5 Matías Alemanno, 4 Guido Petti, 3 Nahuel Tetaz Chaparro, 2 Agustín Creevy (captain), 1 Santiago García Botta.
Replacements: 16 Facundo Bosch, 17 Felipe Arregui, 18 Enrique Pieretto, 19 Juan Cruz Guillemaín, 20 Pablo Matera, 21 Felipe Ezcurra, 22 Joaquín Paz, 23 Lucas González Amorosino.

Referee: Craig Joubert (South Africa)
Assistant referees: Jaco Peyper (South Africa), Jamie Nutbrown (New Zealand)
TMO: Aaron Paterson (New Zealand)

This is a crucial match for both teams - even at this early stage of the competition.

Both have four wins and two defeats to their credit, with a bye thrown in for good measure.

The Hurricanes' victories came against the Jaguares, Kings, Western Force and Blues.

The Rebels have beaten the Force, Reds, Sunwolves and Waratahs.

The men from Melbourne feel structure will be key when they host last year's losing finalists.

The Wellington-based franchise boast one of the competition's most threatening attacks - with three consecutive bonus point victories - and have scored the fourth most tries after seven rounds in 2016.

Eliminating unstructured play will mitigate the individual brilliance of Beauden Barrett, Super Rugby's fourth leading point scorer this season, and Ngani Laumape, who's ranked equal fifth for defenders beaten.

"Our defence has been a really strong point of what we've done this season," Rebels coach Tony McGahan said on the team's website.

"It's really kept us in games and allowed us to get some really close victories, which maybe we've stumbled in the last 15 minutes in the last couple of years - so for us we really need to be on our game [against the Hurricanes].

"The Kiwi sides are very good at turning over ball, kick and chase, structure and counter work so we really need to make sure that we make it a set piece game.

"We need to be able to move ourselves into a structured position defensively to counter what they do with brilliant individuals attacking."

Hurricanes coach Chris Boyd admitted his team have their work cut out for them.

"They are a very good side," Boyd said.

"Their last match was an away win against the Waratahs in Sydney and they are well rested after the bye round."

The Hurricanes have played the Rebels on four previous occasions for three wins including a 36-12 win in Wellington last year.

Recent results:
2015: Hurricanes won 36-12, Wellington
2014: Hurricanes won 25-15, Melbourne
2012: Hurricanes won 66-24, Wellington
2011: Rebels won 42-25, Melbourne

Prediction: The Hurricanes have won their last three matches against the Rebels, their only loss coming in their first ever encounter with the Melbourne side. The four matches between these teams in Super Rugby have seen an average winning margin of 23 points. The Hurricanes have now scored 40+ points in three consecutive matches for the first time since 1997. Never before have they scored 40+ points in four consecutive Super Rugby games. The Rebels have seen their match day opponents record a 93 percent kick success rate so far this season, no other team in the competition has faced such accurate goal kicking from their opposition. The Hurricanes have scored five tries after seven or more phases in possession this season, no team has scored more. The Rebels have a real chance of taking a huge step towards the play-offs, but the smart money will be on the Hurricanes - who may win through a late try - seven points or less.


Rebels: 15 Reece Hodge, 14 Dom Shipperley, 13 Tamati Ellison, 12 Mitch Inman, 11 Cam Crawford, 10 Jack Debreczeni, 9 Nic Stirzaker (captain), 8 Adam Thomson, 7 Sean McMahon, 6 Jordy Reid, 5 Lopeti Timani, 4 Luke Jones, 3 Laurie Weeks, 2 James Hanson, 1 Toby Smith.
Replacements: 16 Pat Leafa, 17 Cruze Ah Nau, 18 Jamie Hagan, 19 Sam Jeffries, 20 Scott Fuglistaller, 21 Ben Meehan, 22 Dan Hawkins, 23 Sefa Naivalu.

Hurricanes: 15 Jason Woodward, 14 Cory Jane, 13 Matt Proctor, 12 Vince Aso, 11 Julian Savea, 10 Beauden Barrett, 9 TJ Perenara (vice captain), 8 Victor Vito, 7 Ardie Savea, 6 Brad Shields, 5 Michael Fatialofa, 4 Vaea Fifita, 3 Jeffery Toomaga-Allen, 2 Dane Coles (captain), 1 Reggie Goodes.
Replacements: 16 Leni Apisai, 17 Chris Eves, 18 Ben May, 19 Mark Abbott, 20 Tony Lambourn, 21 Jamison Gibson-Park, 22 Otere Black, 23 Ngani Laumape.

Referee: Rohan Hoffmann
Assistant referees: Damien Mitchelmore, Ed Martin
TMO: Peter Marshall

These are two teams still trying to find their feet - playing some good rugby at times, but simply not consistent enough.

Cheetahs coach Franco Smith said his team - with three straight losses after their solitary win in Round Three - is looking for some momentum ahead of their tour to Australia.

They will face the high-flying Rebels, Reds and Waratahs on the road.

Coming off a bye they will be looking for a better showing than the narrow loss to the Bulls in week five.

He spoke of the "soft moment" that cost them so dearly this season.

He is looking for control in the set pieces and remain focussed for the full 80 minutes against a Sunwolves team that can cause havoc when the fame becomes unstructured.

"We'll have to pile on the pressure from the opening minute and ensure we don't allow them back in the game," he said.

The return of two burly Springboks - utility forwards Teboho Mohoje and Hilton Lobberts - will add some grunt to a Cheetahs team looking to play with a lot more structure.

"I think we are in a privileged position," Smith said.

"Hilton has been knocking on the door for a while now, and I'm excited to give him a start. I think he is itching to contribute."

Recent results:
These teams have never met before.

Prediction: The Cheetahs will become the first team to face the Sunwolves twice and will be aiming to record back to back wins over the Japanese side following their 32-31 victory in Round Three. The Sunwolves are the only team the Cheetahs have defeated so far this season and are on a run of three straight losses. The Sunwolves have lost both of their matches away from home so far this campaign conceding 79 points in the process. The Cheetahs have won an average of 14.2 line-outs per game so far this season, the most of any team, however their 85 percent line-out success rate is ranked just 12th in the competition. Sunwolves' Viliami Lolohea made four clean breaks in Round Seven, the second most of any player across the round and only one behind the Reds' Samu Kerevi. If the Cheetahs remain structured and don't allow the Sunwolves to run wild they should win - but it is likely to be less than 10 points.


Cheetahs: 15 Clayton Blommetjies, 14 Sergeal Petersen, 13 Nico Lee, 12 Francois Venter (captain), 11 Raymond Rhule, 10 Neil Marais, 9 Shaun Venter, 8 Paul Schoeman, 7 Uzair Cassiem, 6 Hilton Lobberts, 5 Francois Uys, 4 Lodewyk de Jager, 3 Nicolaas van Dyk, 2 Torsten van Jaarsveld, 1 Charles Marais.
Replacements: 16 Jacques du Toit, 17 Danie Mienie, 18 Johan Coetzee, 19 Carl Wegner, 20 Henco Venter, 21 Teboho Mohoje, 22 Tian Meyer, 23 Fred Zeilinga.

Sunwolves: 15 Riaan Viljoen, 14 Viliami Lolohea, 13 Harumichi Tatekawa 12 Derek Carpenter, 11 Mifiposeti Paea, 10 Tusi Pisi, 9 Yuki Yatomi, 8 Ed Quirk, 7 Andrew Durutalo, 6 Tomás Leonardi, 5 Liaki Moli, 4 Hitoshi Ono, 3 Takuma Asahara, 2 Shota Horie (captain), 1 Masataka Mikami.
Replacements: 16 Takeshi Kizu, 17 Ziun Gu, 18 Shinnosuke Kakinaga, 19 Faatiga Lemalu, 20 Yoshiya Hosoda, 21 Kaito Shigeno, 22 Yu Tamura, 23 Yasutaka Sasakura.

Referee: Nic Berry
Assistant referees: Angus Gardner, Lourens van der Merwe
TMO: Marius Jonker

Compiled by Jan de Koning

* Statistical information provided by Opta Sports

Mc article shaun venter cheetahs pass 800

Cheetahs claw Sunwolves to shreds

Fri, 15 Apr 2016 18:46

REPORT: The Cheetahs ran in a whopping 14 tries to claw the Sunwolves to shreds 92-17 in a very one-sided match in Bloemfontein on Friday.

A farce in two halves! This match was a competition for all of six minutes. But it went on for another 74 minutes. The teams were not matched at all.

Of course there was fun, as in Francois Venter's intercept  and try, but it was rather like eating condensed milk when you were a child. The first teaspoon was a delight but eventually it became cloying and you gave up.

But then this was not the worst. The match between the Crusaders and the Waratahs in 2002 was, incredibly, worse, for the Crusaders beat the Waratahs 96-19 after leading 63-0 at half-time. And - this is really odd - the Waratahs were second on the log at the time and went on to the semifinal where the Brumbies knocked them out.

It seems it is true that there's nothing so bad that couldn't be worse.

One thing is certain, the Sunwolves will not play in the semifinal. They may find the long flight home an agony of humiliation and then they have to regather to face the Jaguares off Argentina who must be licking their lips in anticipation of a rare victory.

Even if you were a Cheetah supporter there would have been a touch of sadness in this one-sided affair. 45-3 at half-time. 47-14 in the second half.

The Sunwolves actually scored first in this match - a penalty goal by Tusi Pisi when Torsten van Jaarsveld was penalised at a tackle.

In that half there were only five penalties - two against the Cheetahs at tackles and three against the Sunwolves at scrums. Of seven penalties against the Sunwolves in the match, four were at the scrum, for they could not match the Cheetahs in the scrums, winning their three scrums in the match by way of severely crooked feeds that got the ball out rapidly.

They did not fare much better in the line-outs. Of their three throw-ins in the first half, one was skew and two were lost.

They were just not able to compete.

The first try came from a penalty at a scrum that produced a five-metre line-out that produced a maul that produced a try to Van Jaarsveld. 7-3 after 6 minutes, and the Cheetahs kept ahead of the clock to game's end.

The second came when Tusi Pisi, who looked bored throughout, passed towards Mifiposeti Paea, who may just have been the worst defender on the field. Francois Venter intercepted and ran 55 metres to score. 14-3 after 9 minutes.

Pisi tried to grubber ahead but Nico Lee was in the way. The centre picked up the ricochet and ran. He was tackled but the ball was recycled quickly and Uzair Cassiem gave a rudimentary dummy and brushed past two uninterested defenders to score. 21-3 after 15 minutes.

Pisi kicked off and it went out on the full. From the scrum the Cheetahs scored when Francois Venter played inside to Raymond Rhule who scored. 28-3 after 18 minutes.

The Cheetahs ran the kick-off from their own line. Rhule had an overlap and kicked ahead. The Sunwolves conceded a line-out on the Cheetahs' left. They went wide right where Sergeal Petersen got past Paea, chipped ahead into in-goal and easily won the race to the bouncing ball to score. 33-3 after 32 minutes.

A scrum penalty produced a line-out which the Cheetahs mauled. But on the Sunwolves 22, Van Jaarsveld broke away and gave to Sean Venter who beat Paea and scored in the corner. 38-3 after 26 minutes.

When the scoring resumed it was with the most spectacular try of the match. Inside the Cheetahs' 22 they won a Sunwolves' line-out and Venter kicked a high kick which Petersen chased. Paea waited for the ball but Petersen snatched it ahead of him  and ran round to score at the posts. 45-3 after 33 minutes. That was the half-time score.

At half-time Franco Smith stressed the Cheetahs' need to keep playing with control.

That started early in the second half when they attacked with backs and forwards mingling and handling till fullback Clayton Blommetjies gave to flank Cassiem who gave to wing Petersen who gave to flank Hilton Lobberts who was unmarked and scored. 52-3 after 43 minutes.

The Cheetahs attacked and Sean Venter tapped a penalty five metres from the Sunwolves line and gave to Blommetjies. Seven Sunwolves gathered around Blommetjies to watch him score. 59-3 after 45 minutes.

Then the Cheetahs became careless, their handling was poor and they were penalised three with tries as a result.

The first came when the Cheetahs were penalised at a tackle. Pisi tapped and gave to Derek Carpenter and the tall centre was over under the posts. 59-10 after 47 minutes.

Two penalties got the Sunwolves to within five metres of the Cheetahs' line. They went left and Pisi threw a long pass to Paea who scored in the corner. 59-17 after 59 minutes.

The Cheetahs then got back on track and scored 37 points in the last 20 minutes.

Under pressure the Sunwolves passed along their line. A pass went astray and Schoeman picked up the ball, spun and fell for a try. 66-17 after 65 minutes.

This had happened before - a scrum penalty, a five-metre line-out, a maul and a try credited to the hooker though this time the hooker was Jacques du Toit. 71-17 after 71 minutes.

From a deep kick-off the Cheetahs started running. The Sunwolves came back on the attack and Petersen scored when, 10 metres from his own line, he chipped. He got the bouncing ball on the Sunwolves' 10-metre line and scored. Fred Zeilinga converted. 78-17 after 75 minutes.

Again from the kick-off the Cheetahs ran, the Sunwolves got the ball and attacked and Petersen scored - or he could have after sweeping down the left wing and round to the posts where, because it was not really a competitive match, he put the ball into Schoeman's hands and the No.8 scored his second try of the match. 85-17 after 78 minutes.

The Sunwolves kicked off and the Cheetahs started passing the ball amongst themselves. After 10 passes Petersen broke and gave to his chum Schoeman who ran about 30 metres on a diagonal to score at the posts. 92-17 and the final whistle went.

Man of the Match: Most obviously there were Paul Schoeman, Sergeal Petersen, Francois Uys and the two Venters Sean and Francois. Our choice is the captain Francois Venter who more than anybody respected the game, defending with certainty and attacking with skill.


For the Cheetahs:
Tries: Van Jaarsveld, F Venter, Cassiem, Rhule, Petersen 3, S Venter, Lobberts, Blommetjies, Schoeman 3, Du Toit
Cons: Marais 8, Zeilinga 3

For the Sunwolves:
Tries: Carpenter, Paea
Cons: Pisi 2
Pen: Pisi


Cheetahs: 15 Clayton Blommetjies, 14 Sergeal Petersen, 13 Nico Lee, 12 Francois Venter (captain), 11 Raymond Rhule, 10 Neil Marais, 9 Shaun Venter, 8 Paul Schoeman, 7 Uzair Cassiem, 6 Hilton Lobberts, 5 Francois Uys, 4 Lodewyk de Jager, 3 Nicolaas van Dyk, 2 Torsten van Jaarsveld, 1 Charles Marais.
Replacements: 16 Jacques du Toit, 17 Danie Mienie, 18 Johan Coetzee, 19 Carl Wegner, 20 Henco Venter, 21 Teboho Mohoje, 22 Tian Meyer, 23 Fred Zeilinga.

Sunwolves: 15 Riaan Viljoen, 14 Viliami Lolohea, 13 Harumichi Tatekawa 12 Derek Carpenter, 11 Mifiposeti Paea, 10 Tusi Pisi, 9 Yuki Yatomi, 8 Ed Quirk, 7 Andrew Durutalo, 6 Tomás Leonardi, 5 Liaki Moli, 4 Hitoshi Ono, 3 Takuma Asahara, 2 Shota Horie (captain), 1 Masataka Mikami.
Replacements: 16 Takeshi Kizu, 17 Ziun Gu, 18 Shinnosuke Kakinaga, 19 Faatiga Lemalu, 20 Yoshiya Hosoda, 21 Kaito Shigeno, 22 Yu Tamura, 23 Yasutaka Sasakura.

Referee: Nic Berry
Assistant referees: Angus Gardner (Australia), Lourens van der Merwe (South Africa)
Television match official: Marius Jonker (South Africa)

Torsten Van Jaarsveld (6min), Francois Venter (8min), Uzair Cassiem (14min), Raymond Rhule (17min), Sergeal Petersen (20min), Shaun Venter (25min), Sergeal Petersen (32min), Hilton Lobberts (42min), Clayton Blommetjies (46min), Paul Schoeman (63min), Jacques du Toit (70min), Sergeal Petersen (74min), Paul Schoeman (77min), and Paul Schoeman (79min)
Carpenter Derek (48min) and Mifiposeti Paea (59min)
Niel Marais (7min), Niel Marais (9min), Niel Marais (15min), Niel Marais (18min), Niel Marais (33min), Niel Marais (43min), Niel Marais (47min), Niel Marais (64min), Fred Zeilinga (75min), Fred Zeilinga (78min), and Fred Zeilinga (80min)
Tusi Pisi (49min) and Tusi Pisi (60min)
Tusi Pisi (3min)
VENUE Bloemfontein
REFEREE Nicholas Berry (Australia)