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Super Rugby | Wellington
07:35 (GMT) | 23-07-2016
  • 80
Woodward converts the try and the ref blows for full-time. Thank you for joining us at for this match. Be sure to join us later as the Lions take on the Crusaders and the Stormers take on the Chiefs
  • 79
Halaholo makes a super run beating three defenders with some lovely footwork . Plays Gibbons but the ref calls it a forward pass. Scrum Sharks in their own 22. Terrible play from the scrum sees the Hurricanes win the penalty , tap and go quickly and Shields crashes over for a try for the Canes. !
  • 77
Sharks looking like a totally defeated outfit with no enthusiasm what so ever. Scrum for the Canes inside the Sharks half.
  • 76
Chadwick loses the ball and the Canes gain possession before Fifita loses the ball and the Sharks clear the ball up field again to Savea who makes a lovely run, offloads to Gibson-Park who plays Aso . Sharks win the penalty for Abbott going off his feet.
  • 75
Ungerer puts through yet another kick.. It is easily dotted down by Woodward . Drop out to the Hurricanes.
  • 74
Woodward clears the ball into touch for the Hurricanes. Sharks lineout on the Canes 22. Can they get some reward?
  • 73
Hurricanes on the attack on the Sharks 22 before Ungerer hacks the ball through and Aso cleans up easily for the Hurricanes.
  • 70
Sharks with ball in hand as Lewies has a run , loses the ball forward and Gibson-Park clears the ball up field dotted down by Le Roux. 22 dropout to the Sharks.
  • 69
Sharks clear the ball once again and Woodward cleans the ball up and has a run . Gibson-Park then clears the ball and Bosch puts a kick in that rolls into touch inside the Canes 22.
  • 68
Bosch attempts a chip and chase but Gibson-Park cleans up the ball and goes into touch. Sharks lineout on the halfway line.
  • 66
Ball lost forward from the Hurricanes. Sharks scrum on the ten meter line in the Sharks half.
  • 65
Hurricanes lineout outside the Sharks 22. Julian Savea has a run, then Riccitelli. Canes in full control here.
  • 64
Ralepelle finds his jumper and the Sharks attack through Esterhuizen who knocks the ball forward. Sharks just dont look like they want to be here. Absolutely terrible rugby. Scrum Hurricanes.
  • 63
Ball lost forward at the lineout from the Hurricanes, Sharks scrum on the halfway line, they destroy the Canes scrum and win the penalty. Bosch kicks for touch to set up a lineout.
  • 62
Hurricanes penalty for obstruction by Chadwick. Marshall boots the ball into touch to set up a lineout just inside the Sharks half.
  • 61
Bosch boots the ball into touch, Hurricanes lineout near their own 22. Sharks keep kicking away possession.
  • 59
Barrett converts the try
  • 58
Canes on the attack through Perenara and Ardie Savea before the ref awards them a penalty and bigman Uhila taps and goes comes close and Perenara picks up the ball snipes through and scores for the Hurricanes!
  • 57
Sharks butcher the lineout on their own goal line leaving Daniel no option but to take the ball back and dot down. Scrum Hurricanes 5 meters from the Sharks line.
  • 55
Hurricanes lose the lineout and the Sharks attack through Esterhuizen who finally gets some ball. Hurricanes defence is rock solid pushing the Sharks back in attack forcing Bosch to clear the ball up field. Canes back on the attack through Proctor and then Barrett plugs a super kick that rolls out 5 meters from the Sharks try line. Pure class from the Canes number ten.
  • 54
Hurricanes win the penalty at the scrum. Barrett sets up a lineout on the halfway line.
  • 52
Sharks with ball in hand but without any venom, Coenie Oostehuizen has a go , Lewies then has a bash followed by Du Preez who loses the ball forward and the Hurricanes have the scrum put in. The Sharks look to be out of puff and out of ideas. Poor performance from the visitors.
  • 51
Sharks lineout near the halfway line .
  • 50
Barrett converts the try
  • 49
Kick after kick before Mvovo pins his ears back and has a go. Sharks then clear the ball and Perenara does tremendously well once again and offloads to Uhila who plays Fifita who finishes off a lovely move to score a pure class try!!!!!!
  • 47
Barrett converts the try
  • 46
What a run by Perenara as he gets rid of Claasens with a massive bounce , plays Woodward who crosses the line and scores a lovely try!
  • 45
Couple kicks back and forth once again before Le Roux dots one down and the Sharks have the 22 dropout.
  • 44
Sharks with ball in hand on the Canes 22 as Van der Walt and Du Preez both bash the ball up before the Canes win the penalty for Marais going off his feet at the ruck. Barrett clears the ball for touch to set up a Canes lineout.
  • 43
Coles is injured and gets replaced with Riccitelli who's first contribution is to miss his jumper at the lineout as the Sharks get the ball clear it up field and isolate Barrett to force a penalty. April kicks for touch to set up a lineout deep in the Hurricanes half.
  • 42
Claasens clears the ball into touch , lineout Hurricanes on the Sharks 22. Barrett has a run, then Fatialofa. Referee Jackson blows his whistle and gives the Hurricanes a scrum put in. Perenara then plays Marshall from the resulting scrum , but the fullback loses the ball forward and Claasens clears the ball into touch but only gains about 5 meters due to the wind.
  • 41
Second half underway, Barrett kicks off for the Hurricanes.

Half Time

  • 40
Sharks clear the ball into touch and the ref blows for half time! See you all in a bit for the second half.
  • 39
Sharks all over the place as Perenara puts through a kick cleaned up by Le Roux who plays Pietersen on his own goal line who attempts the clearance which is charged down and Barrett recollects and comes extremely close to scoring in the corner before going out.
  • 38
Sharks win the ball on a Hurricanes throw but the line speed in defence from the Hurricanes forces a knock forward from April. Hurricanes scrum .
  • 37
Terrible play by Mvovo as he fumbles the resulting 22 dropout badly and takes the ball out. Hurricanes lineout outside the Sharks 22.
  • 36
Sharks win the penalty in a kick-able position. Beast tells the ref they will have a shot at goal. Have to feel for April having missed his first couple attempts. He lines up his penalty attempt , strikes the ball but the ball is wide once again. 22 dropout Hurricanes.
  • 34
Perenara feeds the scrum , plays Barrett who clears the ball up field to Le Roux who returns the favor. Couple kicks back and forth before Barrett clears the ball into touch. Sharks lineout.
  • 32
Sharks lose the ball forward, Scrum Hurricanes on their own 22.
  • 31
Coles fails to find his jumper in Vito as the Sharks are back on the attack . Claasens then clears the ball up to Barrett who pumps the ball out and the wind swipes the ball in the air, ultimately gaining only 5 meters. Sharks lineout on the Canes 22 .
  • 29
Canes on the attack inside the Sharks 22 through Savea, Coles and Uhila , Oostehuizen forces the turn over and Le Roux clears the ball into touch.
  • 28
Hurricanes penalty on the halfway line. Barrett kicks for touch to set up a lineout on the Sharks 22.
  • 27
Barrett attempts a cheeky kick that rolls over the dead ball line . 22 dropout Sharks, taken quickly by Jordaan and Pietersen storms after the ball puts in a hack kick that rolls dead. Drop out to the Hurricanes. A scrappy encounter so far- understandable in the weather.
  • 25
Sharks knick the ball on the Hurricanes throw before Van der Walt loses the ball and Ardie Savea intercepts and makes 35 meters up field followed by a lovely kick by Barrett forces Daniel to clean up the ball and take the ball out 5 meters from the Sharks try line. Lovely play by the Hurricanes. Sharks under the pump.
  • 24
Marais finds his jumper in Daniel , the Sharks then bash it up with Du Preez and Van der Walt followed by the Beast and Oostehuizen. Sharks continue to out muscle the Hurricanes in the close quarters as Beast looks like he has scored for the Sharks. TMO in action. It is judged to be a double movement so the Canes win the penalty and Barrett kicks for touch.
  • 23
Sharks win the penalty on the Hurricanes 22, April sets up a lineout 10 meters from the Canes try line
  • 22
Barrett fails to add the extras
  • 21
From the scrum Perenara goes blind side , draws the defender in Mvovo and plays Marshall who scores in the corner! Try time!
  • 20
Marais finds his jumper in Lewies who passes the ball to Claasens who drops the ball cold, scrum Hurricanes inside the Sharks 22. Basic error.
  • 19
Hurricanes with ball in hand near the 50 before Barrett puts through a lovely kick that skids into touch inside the Sharks 22.
  • 17
Barretts fails to add the extras
  • 16
Savea has a run then bigman Uhila. Barrett then puts in the cross kick for Woodward who does excellently to grip the ball in the air offload to Proctor who comes close. Then the Tongan Bear Uhila gets his hands on the ball picks and goes and crashes over for the try!
  • 15
Scrum on the 10 meter line inside the Canes half for the Sharks. Coenie Oostehuizen is penalized and the Canes win the penalty. Barrett sets up a lineout outside the Sharks 22.
  • 13
Barrett's penalty is good as the Canes take the lead
  • 12
Perenara has a sniping run but gets shut down quickly before the referee awards the Canes a penalty right in front of the poles. Barrett will have a shot.
  • 11
Marais fails to find his jumper as the ball went through the palms of Lewies, ref judges it was a knock on so we have a Hurricanes scrum inside Sharks territory
  • 10
Barrett puts in a monster clearance kick that goes out just outside the Sharks 22.
  • 8
Sharks win another penalty , April will have a shot at goal. He strikes it well but once again the wind swipes the ball away. 22 drop out Hurricanes.
  • 7
Sharks set the maul on the halfway line before Claasens hoists the up and under and Jane cleans up the ball and Barrett puts in a cheeky kick cleaned up by Le Roux who does well.
  • 6
Hurricanes come away with the ball from the resulting lineout before Shields puts through a kick and Savea comes close to regathering the ball but unfortunately the ball went out. Sharks lineout on their 10 meter line.
  • 5
Sharks set the maul before Vito is penalized for collapsing. Penalty Sharks , they turn down the three points and opt to set up a lineout once again.
  • 4
Barrett puts through a grubber and Le Roux cleans up and does well making 10 meters before the kick is put through. Barrett cleans the ball up and puts the ball into touch. Lineout Sharks on the Hurricanes 22.
  • 3
Couple kicks back and forth between the two sides, testing each other in the tough conditions before Perenara has a run from the back.
  • 2
Perenara clears the ball up to Le Roux from the restart, Sharks with ball in hand just inside the Canes half as April has a go , Du Preez and Van der Walt. Ref blows his whistle and awards the Sharks a penalty, April will have a shot at goal from 40 meters out in a swirling wind. He lines up his kick, gets Daniel Du Preez to hold the ball on the tee, strikes the ball well but the wind takes the ball way wide. 22 drop out for the Canes. Tough day for the goal kickers.
  • 1
First half underway, April kicks off for the Sharks
  • -5
Almost time for this game to get underway, it should be an absolute cracker. Sharks major underdogs, but you never know what can happen come knock-out time. Should be an intriguing match.
  • -10
For the Sharks: In the backline Willie le Roux has got the skills to unlock any defence on the counter attack, while JP Pietersen is still a lethal finisher with ball in hand. In the pack Keegan Daniel has the ability to disrupt the Hurricanes' ball at the breakdown and Tendai Mtawarira could be useful in the physical stuff.
  • -15
For the Hurricanes: In the pack, Ardie Savea and Dane Coles have been in phenomenal form this season. One is in the back row and the other in the front row, but they are both phenomenal with ball in hand and can cause a few problems at the breakdowns as well. In the backline, Beauden Barrett can set his outside backs alight, while scrumhalf TJ Perenara can be elusive around the rucks.
  • -20
Miserable weather tonight in Wellington , surely beneficial for the Sharks. A good old muddy encounter awaits both teams
  • -25
The two teams met earlier this year in Round 11, with the Sharks winning 32-15 at Kings Park in Durban and it is a result that the 'Canes have not forgotten.
  • -30
Welcome to this Super Rugby clash between the Hurricanes and the Sharks coming to you from Wellington, New Zealand
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  • 1 Loni Uhila
  • 2 Dane Coles
  • 3 Ben May
  • 4 Vaea Fifita
  • 5 Michael Fatialofa
  • 6 Brad Shields
  • 7 Ardie Savea
  • 8 Victor Vito
  • 9 TJ Perenara
  • 10 Beauden Barrett
  • 11 Jason Woodward
  • 12 Willis Halaholo
  • 13 Matt Proctor
  • 14 Cory Jane
  • 15 James Marshall
  • 16 Ricky Riccitelli
  • 17 Chris Eves
  • 18 Michael Kainga
  • 19 Callum Gibbins
  • 20 Jamison Gibson-Park
  • 21 Vince Tavae –Aso
  • 22 Julian Savea
  • 1 Tendai Mtawarira
  • 2 Franco Marais
  • 3 Coenraad Oosthuizen
  • 4 Ettienne Oosthuizen
  • 5 Stephan Lewies
  • 6 Keegan Daniel
  • 7 Jean-Luc Du Preez
  • 8 Phillip van der Walt
  • 9 Michael Claassens
  • 10 Garth April
  • 11 Lwazi Mvovo
  • 12 Andre Esterhuizen
  • 13 Paul Jordaan
  • 14 JP Pietersen
  • 15 Willie le Roux
  • 16 Chiliboy Ralepelle
  • 17 Dale Chadwick
  • 18 Thomas Du Toit
  • 19 Hyron Andrews
  • 20 Lubabalo Mtembu
  • 21 Stefan Ungerer
  • 22 Curwin Bosch
  • 23 Odwa Ndungane
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Preview: Hurricanes v Sharks

Thu, 21 Jul 2016 15:52

SUPER RUGBY QUARTERFINALS: Hurricanes assistant coach John Plumtree knows all too well what the Sharks are capable of ahead of their quarterfinal clash in Wellington on Saturday.

The two teams met earlier this year in Round 11, with the Sharks winning 32-15 at Kings Park in Durban and it is a result that the 'Canes have not forgotten.

Plumtree, who was head coach of the Sharks for several seasons before moving back to New Zealand, pin-pointed a few of the Sharks' strengths that they would need to counter to gain the ascendency in the match.

"The Sharks know what they have to do to beat us. They have a lot of massive characters in that team," Plumtree told

"They manhandled us, slowed down our ball, our line-out didn't function. We turned over 28 balls.

He added: "They've got some big ball carriers and they are pretty effective choke tacklers, have a good drive and the set-piece is sound. They had the best defence in the competition, conceding the least tries of all the teams. They are a tough wall to break down, and they are a very capable side." 

The Hurricanes are also well aware of their poor record against the Sharks in the last few years.

"One thing about the Sharks, they don't mind touring New Zealand," Plumtree added. 

"The Hurricanes, I think, have beaten them just twice in the last eight occasions. So we have a horrible record against them." 

Meanwhile, Sharks Director of Rugby Gary Gold said they will be using what they have learnt in that Round 11 fixture against their opponents on Saturday.  

"From a knowledge and a conference point of view, we know that if we play well we have the ability to beat them and I thought we played particularly well that day," said Gold.

"But it is going to be a completely different kettle of fish. They are playing really well at the moment - I thought their performance at the weekend [against the Crusaders] was outstanding and Wellington is a very tough place for us to go.

"We feel confident in that we've played all five New Zealand teams; we feel the preparation is there."

Gold believes they will have to up their game in all facets of play if they are to have any chance of victory. 

"They [Hurricanes] got some serious strengths. From our point of view you have to negate their strengths first and foremost. In a few of the games, we have been good with ball in hand as well and that is one of the things we tend to forget. You need to ask questions with ball in hand. Often many of them [New Zealand teams] have got a drift defence so you know there are opportunities.

"However, with their broken-field runners and offloading game, you have to have a very solid defence and you have to be pretty strict in playing in the right areas of the field, because they play well from turnover ball," Gold added.

Players to watch:

For the Hurricanes: In the pack, Ardie Savea and Dane Coles have been in phenomenal form this season. One is in the back row and the other in the front row, but they are both phenomenal with ball in hand and can cause a few problems at the breakdowns as well. In the backline, Beauden Barrett can set his outside backs alight, while scrumhalf TJ Perenara can be elusive around the rucks.

For the Sharks: In the backline Willie le Roux has got the skills to unlock any defence on the counter attack, while Jon-Paul Pietersen is still a lethal finisher with ball in hand. In the pack Keegan Daniel has the ability to disrupt the Hurricanes' ball at the breakdown and Tendai Mtawarira could be useful in the physical stuff.

Head to head: Beauden Barrett and Garth April are at opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of experience at this level and it will be interesting to see if the latter can match the former's pedigree on the field. There will also be a keen eye at the breakdowns - Ardie Savea and Keegan Daniel will both have an important role to play in this area of the game.

Prediction: The Sharks have won six of their last nine games against the Hurricanes, though only one of those wins came whilst in New Zealand (in 2010). The Canes have lost seven of nine finals games; both those wins were home wins however. The Hurricanes have won three and drawn one of their last five games against the Sharks on home soil including wins in each of the last two such encounters. The Hurricanes have now won their last five Super Rugby fixtures in succession; the last time they won more in a row was when they opened the 2015 with seven straight wins, a stretch that including three wins against South African opposition. The Hurricanes have won eight of their last nine games against South African teams, though the only blemish in that span came in the most recent such fixtures in a 15-32 loss to the Sharks in Round 11 this campaign. The Hurricanes will have too much firepower for the travelling Sharks and they should win by at least 15 points.



Mc article james marshall v sharks 800

Hurricanes hammer clueless Sharks

Sat, 23 Jul 2016 06:36

MATCH REPORT: The Hurricanes advanced to the Super Rugby semifinals after they hammered the Sharks 41-0 in awful conditions at the Westpac Stadium in Wellington on Saturday.

Hail the Hurricanes! They were magnificent, weather or no weather. This must surely be one of the greatest Super Rugby performances ever and en route they established a record for a play-off match - keeping their opponents to zero. They outplayed the Sharks in every depart, save only the line-outs which despite their unpunished cheating were poor. (They lost eight of 15 throws.) It was above all their vision, energy and handling that had the Sharks licked.

The Sharks never really looked like moving off zero - not after missing three penalty kicks at goal in the first half. After their match their captain Tendai Mtawarira admitted that they were embarrassed. In fact, one wondered why they were there - certainly not to enjoy the weather.

The Sharks' only weapon seemed to be the line-out maul but John Plumtree had his side ready for that and they repelled the Sharks. The Sharks did two other things regularly - profitless pick-'n-drive against tough men and disastrous kicking which the Hurricanes gobbled up. One wonders what has happened to the wonderful, exciting Willie le Roux who kicks, it seems, just for something to do. Mercury has sunk in mediocrity. Even prep school boys know you don't kick into the wind.

A comparison of the two 'back threes' symbolised the difference between the two sides - James Marshall, Cory Jane and Jason Woodward against Le Roux, JP Pietersen and Lwazi Mvovo pretending to be Dilly and Daffy.

The weather was the worst that Wellington can manage - an erratic gale and rain. When New Zealanders talk about a breeze they mean wind and when they talk about wind they mean a gale. On this day they spoke of wind. Not that gale and rain deterred the Hurricanes who so imply played the way they always play.

The Sharks played with the wind or with some of the wind in the first half and ended the half trailing 13-0. Garth April missed two penalty kicks at goal before Beauden Barrett goaled on his first attempt. TJ Perenara had a run from a scrum. April tackled him but was  penalised for not getting out of the way and Barrett goaled, but then it was a night on which he got everything right that mattered. 3-0 after 13 minutes, and the rain came.

The Sharks scrum was penalised  three times till they changed their front row. The first penalty, against Coenie Oosthuizen, gave the Hurricanes a line-out in Sharks' territory on their right. On advantage after the line-out Barrett, into the wind, kicked a long diagonal to the left where Woodward rose up to beat Pietersen for the ball, beat two Sharks. Paul Jordaan tackled him and there was a short burst of fury o the Sharks line till armoured car Loni Uhila came racing in to take a short pass from Perenara and burst over for the first try. 8-0 after 18 minutes.

The next try started with great skill and gross error. Barrett kicked a long diagonal to his right which skidded onto touch. The Sharks won the line-out and played straight to Michael Claassens who knocked on. That gave the Hurricanes a scrum some 10 metres in from touch. Perenara scooted away on the blind side. Mvovo fell between two stools and James Marshall, unmarked had an easy run for the try in the right corner. 13-0 after 22 minutes.

The Sharks came close to scoring. In fact Mtawarira was over for a try but adjudged, to have helped himself illegally to the line, he was penalised.

The half-time score as 13-0 and there were suggestions that the Sharks were not entirely out of the game. But after 11 minutes in the half they kicked twice and  were 27-0 down - out of contention.

Early in the half Dane Coles went off in pain, holding his ribs, his place taken by Durban-born Ricky Riccetelli.

Le Roux kicked and Perenara counterattacked down the left, bumping off Claassens and then passing inside to Woodward, who scored. 20-0 after 47 minutes.

Claassens kicked and near the half-way line Perenara started a counterattacked. He gave to Vaea Fifita. The big lock brushed off April and galloped some 35 metres to score a try which he and his team-mates obviously enjoyed. 27-0 after 51 minutes.

Barrett kicked a diagonal that went out near the cornerflag on the Hurricanes left. The line-out was messy and the Sharks carried over for a five-metre scrum to the Hurricanes. The referee allowed play to develop on advantage. None accrued and he came back to the penalty. Uhila tapped and charged. He was held up but Perenara darted over 34-0 after 59 minutes.

Lots of substitutions happened, including both sets of halfbacks and both front rows. The Sharks seemed to benefit more from the changes though it still was not enough to break into a score or prevent the Hurricanes from scoring their sixth try.

Julian Savea had a strong run and Willis Halaholo broke with much footwork, but the try came from Sharks' error. After the final siren sounded, they suffered two horrible passes along the ground. The second was knocked on and they were penalised for offside at the knock-on. The Hurricanes tapped and Brad Shields burst over for a try converted by Woodward. And the final whistle went, for New Zealand a triumphant sound, for the Sharks a death knell.

Man of the Match: One would love to reward Philip van der Walt but there were far too many Hurricanes who shone in the gloom, from James Marshall to Loni Uhila. Out choice is named Halfbacks - Beauden Barrett and TJ Perenara, who ran the game in outstanding fashion and with every sign of thorough enjoyment.

The scorers:

For Hurricanes:
Tries: Uhilia, Marshall, Woodward, Fifita, Perenara, Shields
Cons: Barrett 3, Woodward
Pen: Barrett

For Sharks: None

Hurricanes: 15 James Marshall, 14 Cory Jane, 13 Matt Proctor, 12 Willis Halaholo, 11 Jason Woodward, 10 Beauden Barrett, 9 TJ Perenara, 8 Victor Vito, 7 Ardie Savea, 6 Brad Shields, 5 Michael Fatialofa, 4 Vaea Fifita, 3 Ben May, 2 Dane Coles (captain), 1 Loni Uhila. 
Replacements: 16 Ricky Riccitelli, 17 Chris Eves, 18 Mike Kainga, 19 Mark Abbott, 20 Callum Gibbins, 21 Jamison Gibson-Park, 22 Vince Aso, 23 Julian Savea.

Sharks: 15 Willie le Roux, 14 Jon-Paul Pietersen, 13 Paul Jordaan, 12 André Esterhuizen, 11 Lwazi Mvovo, 10 Garth April, 9 Michael Claassens, 8 Philip van der Walt, 7 Jean-Luc du Preez, 6 Keegan Daniel, 5 Stephan Lewies, 4 Etienne Oosthuizen, 3 Coenie Oosthuizen, 2 Franco Marais, 1 Tendai Mtawarira (captain).
Replacements: 16 Chiliboy Ralepelle, 17 Dale Chadwick, 18 Thomas du Toit, 19 Hyron Andrews, 20 Lubabalo Mtembu, 21 Stefan Ungerer, 22 Curwin Bosch, 23 Odwa Ndungane.

Referee: Glen Jackson (New Zealand)
Assistant referees: Nick Briant (New Zealand), Paul Williams (New Zealand)
TMO: Glenn Newman (New Zealand)

Loni Uhila (16min), James Marshall (21min), Jason Woodward (46min), Vaea Fifita (49min), TJ Perenara (58min), and Brad Shields (79min)
Beauden Barrett (47min), Beauden Barrett (50min), Beauden Barrett (59min), and Jason Woodward (80min)
Beauden Barrett (13min)
VENUE Wellington
REFEREE Glen Jackson (New Zealand)