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Super Rugby | Cape Town
17:00 (GMT) | 23-07-2016
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McKenzie adds the final 2 points of the game. FULL TIME
  • 80
The reset kick shows the Crusaders forward and McKenzie chases his own kick. The support is there and Kerr-Barlow finds the ball to score a TRY of his own. The Crusaders making it look easy
  • 79
McKenzie secures another 2 points
  • 78
The Stormers making mistakes after the reset kick showing any late-comer the gist of their performance in this fixture. The Chiefs take it quick and the Stormers defending again. Pulu gets possession and tries to make a run through the home defence. The ball is moved up field and Koloamatangi receives it after the ruck. He bursts through the defensive line to score another Crusaders TRY
  • 76
McKenzie gets the 2 points making it 21 points for the 21-year-old
  • 74
The Stormers pull one back but at this stage it hardly matters. Penalty to the Chiefs shortly after the reset and McKenzie kicks into touch at the 22 of the hosts. The Chiefs moving forward now with a maul and they make it into the 5 and continue through to score the TR. Credited to Elliot
  • 72
Thomson adds the extras
  • 71
Etzebeth powers forward pushing back three players before Notshe gets it and hands it to Carr who scores the TRY
  • 70
Burger carrying forward after the throw. He slips but keeps moving forward before handing it over in the ruck. The referee stops play for a penalty to the hosts. Du Preez kicks into touch at the 22 of the Chiefs
  • 69
Line-out to the Chiefs at their own 22. Kerr-Barlow clears and the Chiefs move forward. McKenzie gets it and sends it up field but the pass is too far back and it reaches touch. line-out to the Stormers at the half way
  • 68
A great run forward Taute passing two men before his support arrives. The Stormers make it to the 5 and force themselves over the line but the Chiefs defend it. Burger helps Etzebeth forward he holds onto the ball and the Chiefs get a penalty
  • 66
The ball moves down field to Zas and he slips out of a couple of tackles but is eventually brought down. The referee calls play back and the hosts get a penalty which Du Preez kicks into touch
  • 65
The Chiefs making their way forward but the ball slips from Kerr-Barlow loses it forward. Scrum to the Stormers at their own 22
  • 64
Scrum reset
  • 62
Line-out for the hosts and it's taken down by Du Toit. Malherbe carrying forward and the ball moved up field after the ruck. De Allende trying to step but he is brought down and the ball is turned over. The defence is there and the Stormers look to counter but the pass is forward and the Chiefs get a scrum
  • 61
The Stormers making ground in the scrum for the first time. Kerr-Barlow gets it from the scrum and clears
  • 60
Scrum reset
  • 58
Line-out for the hosts and they again try to power through, not with a maul this time but the referee halts play. Scrum for the Chiefs at their own 5
  • 57
Line-out at the 5 of the visitors and the Stormers try to move forward in the maul. Kebble powering forward but brought down. The Stormers desperate to find something now and Zas gets it along the wing but he is shoved into touch
  • 55
Du Preez clears and the return kick is there. De Allende runs along the wing with Van Wyk. The Chiefs clear and the Stormers try to move forward again. Etzebeth trying to carry forward and Burger finds a gap. He passes four and makes it to the 5 with a penalty advantage
  • 53
The Chiefs find possession and McKenzie kicks into touch. Line-out for the Stormers at their 22
  • 52
The hosts take the throw at their left wing and move it up field. A break by the hosts along their right wing but the Chiefs move to cover. The Stormers in possession relishing the ball now
  • 51
The Stormers take the scrum due to illegal scrummaging by the Chiefs. Du Preez kicks into touch
  • 50
Scrum at the 22 of the Stormers. Scrum reset
  • 48
The Chiefs right back at it after the restart and the Stormers looking to attack and Zas with another mistake ending that attack. The Chiefs get the line-out and move the ball up field. They make it inside the 22 and scratch the 5. Weber takes it from the ruck and gives it to McKenzie. The ball sent down field to Harris who goes over the line to score but the referee says forward pass.
  • 46
McKenzie's kick curls but not quite enough.
  • 45
The Crusaders taking the Stormers scrum and then just proceeding to dismantle the hosts' defence. Lienert-Brown sends it over the top with a brilliant pass to McKenzie who runs a short distance to score the TRY
  • 44
Scrum reset
  • 43
Medical staff attending to Du Toit now. Scrum at the Stormers 22
  • 42
The ball is lobbed into the air and the Chiefs take it down and move it up field in no time at all. Cruden making ground swiftly before the referee calls for a scrum as the ball was knocked on. Weber with a cross kick chased by Lienert-Brown but the ball reaches touch. Du Preez gets the ball and clears into touch at his 22. Line-out for the Chiefs and they attempt something sneaky but the ball is knocked on
  • 41
McKenzie gets the second half underway into the Stormers 22

Half Time

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The reset kick goes forward deeply and the Chiefs give it to star man McKenzie who slides past defenders and lobs it forward to chase but it bounces into touch. HALF TIME
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Du Preez adds the extras
  • 38
Jones trying to power through along the wing. The referee blows and the Stormers take it quick looking to get 5 points more to their name. The Chiefs holding out at their 5 and Elstadt almost carrying over the line. The ruck is formed and Koch gets it. He bombards the defence with a flurry of pushes and he makes it over the line to score the TRY
  • 36
The reset kick sees the hosts look to find themselves in the Chiefs half, and they string a few phases together making it to the 22. Du Preez tries to pass his man but is brought down. De Allende is there to assist and does a carry of his own
  • 35
McKenzie sets up for another kick. The game firmly in their hands now. He secures the 2 points
  • 33
Retallick holding on 'til his team arrives to support him. The ball is moved down field and the Stormers seem to watch as they are out maneuvered by Lowe who kicks froward and chases it down to score another TRY
  • 32
The hosts struggling to move forward and du Preez kicks into a defender, the second time that kind of mistake has happen in this half. The Chiefs resume play quickly and they go on the attack again
  • 31
Line-out at the 10 of the Stormers.
  • 30
Chiefs powering forward and making space for the runners efficiently but the referee blows to halt their attack. Penalty to the Stormers and du Preez kicks into touch
  • 29
The Stormers trying to formulate any form of organization but the ball is fumbled and the Chiefs kick forward. Zas clears and the Chiefs take the throw quickly
  • 28
McKenzie adds another 3 points to his team's score
  • 27
McKenzie sets up for another kick. The Stormers completely unorganized
  • 26
The Chiefs completely dominating the Stormers at present. Zas making silly errors at the back. The game at a pace the Stormers are not able to handle at present. McKenzie gets a pass and almost flies through a gap but he finds his shirt has a hand stuck on it. The referee blows to halt play for a previous infringement
  • 24
McKenzie sets up for another conversion and it makes the 2 points
  • 23
A pass back is fumbled by the Stormers back man and Sanders pounces and gets the TRY
  • 22
Weber gives it to Cruden and the cross kick is there but it wasn't what McNicol expected. It bounces into touch. The ball taken down by the tall lock Etzebeth and then carried forward by Burger but he is brought down. Line-out for the Chiefs at the Stormers 10 and they're making ground quickly now
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The ball goes over everyone in the line-out and Weber takes it around the back. The Chiefs move the ball down field and the turnover from the Stormers is there. The referee decides De Allende is guilty of an infringment and the Chiefs get a scrum at the half way
  • 19
The reset kick is a decent one and the Stormers rush forward. The hosts on the attack now and look for a patient build up. Zas looking to skip through a long his wing but he is tackled into touch
  • 17
McKenzie's conversion is good
  • 16
The reset kick is there and the Stormers chase but the Chiefs look to start their attack from their own half. McKenzie sends it down to Lienert-Brown who then sends it to Weber. He makes a run from the outside to the center to score the TRY
  • 15
McKenzie adds the 2 extra points
  • 14
The Chiefs basically fighting their way forward and the quick pass is their to confuse the hosts' defence. McNicol makes his run along the line and a sharp step into the inside as he runs past the last man to score the TRY
  • 12
Du Preez clears after he gets the ball from a ruck following the restart. Line-out for the Chiefs inside the Stormers half. Cruden gives it to Donald who makes a good run but the defence is there. The Chiefs pushing the Stormers back now and the ball is cleared by Du Preez
  • 11
Du Preez secures the extras
  • 10
Line-out for the Chiefs, and Etzebeth takes the ball from the line-out with a good steal. The ball is moved up field by De Allende. Zas causing trouble along the left wing but the referee blows to halt their momentum. Etzebeth powering through the defence at the 5 and the front line shoving their way past the Chiefs defence and Koch does the final push, making it over the line to score the TRY
  • 8
The Strormers move the ball up field and a short carry by Etzebeth sees his team reorganize. The ball kicked into touch by Groom
  • 7
Scrum reset again and the Chiefs get the penalty. Lowe boots it out. The Chiefs try to move forward but the ball is tackled into touch. Good defending by the Strormers
  • 6
Scrum reset.
  • 5
The ball last forward by Du Toit. Scrum inside the 22 of the Chiefs
  • 4
The restart kick is good by du Preez and the Stormers looking to reply immediately. The ball moved up field and Burger making his presence felt in the center.
  • 3
Penalty to the Chiefs inside the 22 and McKenzie lines up his kick. He secures the first points of the game
  • 2
Kolisi down receiving attention from medical staff early in the first half. The Chiefs move the ball down field after the throw and the Stormers looking like they're on the back foot
  • 1
The ball cleared by the Cheifs shortly after the initiating kick. The Chiefs moving forward quickly and Cruden lobs it forward. The ball reaches touch and it's a throw for the away team. The Chiefs stopped before the 5 meter as they power through in the early stages. The ball cleared by du Preez
  • 0
Jaco Peyper the referee for this Quarter Final fixture. The official blows and du Preez gets the game underway with a deep kick
  • -2
The Chiefs the first team to exit the tunnel
  • -3
The Chiefs won their last fixture in Cape Town
  • -5
The Stormers on a three spree winning streak coming into this fixture
  • -8
McKenzie also has the third highest clean breaks and has beaten the most defenders this season
  • -10
The Stormers have excelled at their line-out steals this season. The Chiefs' fullback McKenzie has the thrid highest meters made this season with 1190
  • -20
The Stormers and the Chiefs have battled a total of 18 times, each taking 9 wins. The Chiefs winning the last 2 of the matches between them
  • -30
Welcome to Cape Town. The Stormers preparing to host the Chiefs in the Super Rugby Quarter Final
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  • 1 Alistair Vermaak
  • 2 Mbongeni Mbonami
  • 3 Vincent Koch
  • 4 Eben Etzebeth
  • 5 Pieter-Steph du Toit
  • 6 Sikhumbuzo Notshe
  • 7 Siya Kolisi
  • 8 Schalk Burger
  • 9 Nic Groom
  • 10 Robert du Preez
  • 11 Leolin Zas
  • 12 Damian de Allende
  • 13 Huw Jones
  • 14 Jacobus Van Wyk
  • 15 Jaco Taute
  • 16 Siyabonga Ntubeni
  • 17 Oliver Kebble
  • 18 Frans Malherbe
  • 19 JD Schickerling
  • 20 Rynhardt Elstadt
  • 21 Nizaam Carr
  • 22 Louis Schrueder
  • 23 Brandon Thomson
  • 1 Kane Hames
  • 2 Nathan Harris
  • 3 Atunaisa Moli
  • 4 Dominic Bird
  • 5 Brodie Retallick
  • 6 Taleni Seu
  • 7 Sam Cane
  • 8 Tom Sanders
  • 9 Brad Weber
  • 10 Aaron Cruden
  • 11 James Lowe
  • 12 Stephen Donald
  • 13 Anton Lienert-Brown.
  • 14 Sam McNicol
  • 15 Damian McKenzie
  • 16 Hika Elliot
  • 17 Siegfried Fisiihoi
  • 18 Mitchell Graham
  • 19 Tevita Koloamatangi
  • 20 Lachlan Boshier
  • 21 Tawera Kerr-Barlow
  • 22 Toni Pulu
  • 23 Shaun Stevenson
Mc article huw jones v leolin zas 800

Preview: Stormers v Chiefs

Fri, 22 Jul 2016 08:23

SUPER RUGBY QUARTERFINALS: Stormers head coach Robbie Fleck says the Chiefs have no weaknesses, despite the Waikato team's long injury list ahead of the play-offs.

The two teams will do battle at Newlands on Saturday with the winners moving onto the semifinals a week later.

It will be the Stormers first match against New Zealand opposition this year and although the Chiefs are missing players like Pauliasi Manu, Michael Leitch, Charlie Ngatai, Seta Tamanivalu, Andrew Horrell and Augustine Pulu, it will still be a tough ask for the Cape side to beat them. 

"There is no area of weakness in any Chiefs side," said Fleck.

"They are a good side and we certainly don't target any weak area even if their players are injured. 

"We just want to concentrate on what we got. We also got our fair share of injuries - we are missing a few backline players ourselves. We will just concentrate on what we are good at and what we have to do on the weekend."

Many feel the Stormers will use their powerful forward pack to try an establish a platform for victory on Saturday. However, Stormers co-captain Schalk Burger believes the Chiefs are just as strong upfront.

"A lot has been said about our pack, but they got a good pack," said Burger.

"On the day, whoever plays with the right intensity and whoever is in the right frame of mind, they can put pressure on the other. That is what determines these games."

Meanwhile, Chiefs head coach Dave Rennie hinted that will not be changing their expansive game plan for a more conservative approach in the play-offs.

"We'll be pretty positive, play what's in front of us," Rennie told "It doesn't mean we won't be kicking, but we want to get a real good balance to our game.

"We've prepared well, we know we're going to have to defend really well, they carry strong, they latch on and force you to make a lot of tackles. So it's going to be a pretty abrasive game I think.

"We've talked a lot about understanding that you lift in intensity when you go into play-off footy."

Rennie is also expecting a lot of support for his at Newlands.

"I think all the Kiwi sides enjoy a lot of support over here," Rennie said. "When we turn up at the ground, the street will be lined with Chiefs supporters with their flags and people wearing jerseys. I know when we've played here and we've scored, it feels like a home game."

Players to watch:

For the Stormers: Springboks Pieter-Steph du Toit and Eben Etzebeth are two of the world's best locks at the moment and they will be key in set piece battle against the Chiefs. Flyhalf Robert du Preez has not played a Super Rugby game since March and it will be interesting to see how he goes against a quality side like the Chiefs. In the midfield, Huw Jones is showing a lot of promise on attack and he could be the spark in the Stormers' side on Saturday.

For the Chiefs: Fullback Damian McKenzie has bags of talent and he will give the Stormers plenty of problems if he is given space. Flyhalf Aaron Cruden is a good decision maker and he control the game if he is given too much time with ball. In the pack, Brodie Retallick is one of the best in the business in line-out play and he is a monster with ball in hand as well. Keep an eye out for Sam Cane as well. The flank will be looking to give the Stormers a hard time at the breakdowns.

Head to head: The breakdown battle will be an intriguing one. The Stormers do not have a traditional openside flank in their back row and will be relying on the collective to make an impact at the breakdowns. On the opposite side the Chiefs have Sam Cane, who is one of the best in that areas of the game. There will also be a spotlight on the two second rows. There is plenty of talent between Pieter-Steph du Toit, Eben Etzebeth, Brodie Retallick and Tom Sanders. In backline play, Stephen Donald and Damian de Allende are two totally different players in that inside centre channel and it would be interesting to see the difference in approach on attack.

Prediction: The Chiefs have won seven of their last 11 games against the Stormers, including wins in each of their last two and a come-from-behind win in the most recent such fixture. The Stormers have won only one of their seven finals games including none of the last four. They've managed to score 20+ points in a finals match only once. After winning eight of their first nine games this season the Chiefs have now won only three of their last six Super Rugby games, though they've won nine and drawn two of their last 13 games against South African opposition. The Stormers have relied on penalty kicks more than any other team in Super Rugby 2016 slotting 2.6 per game so far, the most of any team and 1.1 per game more than the Chiefs. No player has beaten more defenders than Damian McKenzie and the Chiefs’ fullback is just seven carries shy of becoming the second player to make 200 carries this season. He is also one of just two players to play every minute of the campaign (Raymond Rhule – Cheetahs). This will be tight. The Chiefs have been playing brilliant rugby this season, but the Stormers are at home and they have been building a bit of momentum over the last few weeks. The Stormers will win by five points.


Mc article james lowe chiefs v stormers 800

Chiefs blow Stormers away

Sat, 23 Jul 2016 13:30

MATCH REPORT: The Chiefs showed their superior skill and class when they recorded a 60-21 win over the Stormers at Newlands on Saturday.


The result means the Chiefs will travel back to New Zealand to meet the Hurricanes in one semifinal, while the Highlanders will head in the other direction over the Indian Ocean to face the Lions in the second semifinal in Johannesburg.

The last-four pairings raise the possibility of a second successive Hurricanes-Highlanders Super Rugby decider in Wellington.

The Stormers were outclassed in all aspects, but the scrums.

However, the key aspect is that the game showed up that the Stormers were badly undercooked in terms of intensity and the speed of the game - having played in the weaker conference and facing only weak Australian teams.

It was a scintillating eight-try show from the New Zealand visitors.

"That was a horror movie," confessed veteran Stormers skipper and loose forward Schalk Burger, playing his last game at Newlands stadium before joining English club Saracens.

Trailing by four points after prop Vincent Koch barged over for an early try, Chiefs responded with two tries within four minutes en route to a 34-14 half-time lead.

Any hopes of a comeback by the hosts were dashed just six minutes into the second half when fullback and Damian McKenzie scored a fifth try for the Kiwis.

A try by replacement loose forward Nizaam Carr narrowed the gap to 18 points seven minutes from time only for the New Zealanders to cross the try-line three more times.

If 25-point McKenzie was the outstanding individual for twice former champions Chiefs, skipper and flyhalf Aaron Cruden emphasised the team effort.

"This was an exceptional team effort," stressed the All Black.

"A really good performance after coming all the way from Dunedin to play here.

"Those two tries that built an early lead set the tone and we never slackened. Our boys put their bodies on the line to prevent the Stormers scoring for much of the second half.

"We have a young team who enjoy the game and play with passion. That was very evident here.

"The boys prepared well and now we must do so again before facing the Hurricanes. All I can promise is that we will give our all."

Burger said: "Let us give credit to Chiefs for blowing us out of the water. It seemed like the harder we tried the worse it got.

"I feel sorry for our wonderful supporters -- some harsh lessons were learnt out there tonight," added the 2007 Rugby World Cup winner with the Springboks.

Sam McNicol, Brad Weber, Tom Sanders, James Lowe, McKenzie, Hikawera Elliot, Tevita Koloamatangi and Tawera Kerr-Barlow scored tries for Chiefs.

McKenzie kicked seven conversions and two penalties from 10 shots at goal to lie second on the leading scorers' chart, just three points behind Hurricanes' Beauden Barrett.

Vincent Koch scored two tries and Nizaam Carr one for Stormers and Robert du Preez kicked two conversions and Brandon Thomson one.

Man of the match: Schalk Burger tried his heart out, but a times he looked like a lone ranger. There was some good intent from other Stormers, but execution was shocking. You can out almost the entire Chiefs team forward, especially those skilful backs - like Sam McNicol, Anton Lienert-Brown, James Lowe and Brad Weber. However, it was the creative ability of Chiefs fullback Damian McKenzie - who had a hand in several of their tries - that stood out above all.

Moment of the match: You can pick anyone of the Chiefs' tries - for the sublime skill involved - but the Sam McNicol score in the 14th minute spelled the beginning of the end for a Stormers team that was hopelessly outclassed.

Villain of the match: Physical, perhaps even brutal at times, but no real villains.

The scorers:

For the Stormers:
Koch 2, Carr
Cons: Du Preez 2, Thomson

For the Chiefs:
McNicholl, Weber, Sanders, Lowe, McKensie, Elliot, Koloamatangi, Ker-Barlow
Cons: McKenzie 7(8tries, 7cons, 2pens)
Pens: McKenzie 2


Stormers: 15 Jaco Taute, 14 Kobus van Wyk, 13 Huw Jones, 12 Damian de Allende, 11 Leolin Zas, 10 Robert du Preez, 9 Nic Groom, 8 Schalk Burger (co-captain), 7 Siyamthanda Kolisi, 6 Sikhumbuzo Notshe, 5 Pieter-Steph du Toit, 4 Eben Etzebeth, 3 Vincent Koch, 2 Bongi Mbonambi, 1 Alistair Vermaak.
Replacements: 16 Siyabonga Ntubeni, 17 Oliver Kebble, 18 Frans Malherbe (co-captain), 19 John Schickerling, 20 Rynhardt Elstadt, 21 Nizaam Carr, 22 Louis Schreuder, 23 Brandon Thomson.

Chiefs: 15 Damian McKenzie, 14 Sam McNicol, 13 Anton Lienert-Brown, 12 Stephen Donald, 11 James Lowe, 10 Aaron Cruden (co-captain), 9 Brad Weber, 8 Tom Sanders, 7 Sam Cane (co-captain), 6 Taleni Seu, 5 Brodie Retallick, 4 Dominic Bird, 3 Atu Moli, 2 Nathan Harris, 1 Kane Hames.
Replacements: 16 Hika Elliot, 17 Siegfried Fisi'ihoi, 18 Mitchell Graham, 19 Tevita Koloamatangi, 20 Lachlan Boshier, 21 Tawera Kerr-Barlow, 22 Toni Pulu, 23 Shaun Stevenson.

Referee: Jaco Peyper (South Africa)
Assistant referees: Jaco van Heerden (South Africa), AJ Jacobs (South Africa)
TMO: Johan Greeff (South Africa)

Vincent Koch (10min), Vincent Koch (38min), and Nizaam Carr (71min)
Sam McNicol (14min), Brad Weber (16min), Tom Sanders (23min), James Lowe (33min), Damian McKenzie (45min), Hika Elliot (74min), Tevita Koloamatangi (78min), and Tawera Kerr-Barlow (80min)
Robert du Preez (11min), Robert du Preez (39min), and Brandon Thomson (72min)
Damian McKenzie (15min), Damian McKenzie (17min), Damian McKenzie (24min), Damian McKenzie (35min), Damian McKenzie (76min), Damian McKenzie (79min), and Damian McKenzie (81min)
Damian McKenzie (3min) and Damian McKenzie (28min)
VENUE Cape Town
REFEREE Jaco Peyper (South Africa)