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Six Nations | Cardiff
16:50 (GMT) | 11-02-2017
  • 80
The line-out is taken and then kicked straight out again. FULL TIME
  • 79
England holding a firm defensive line. Roberts making a few meters with a good carry, but Sinckler wins a penalty. The ball kicked into touch
  • 77
Wales up against it now. The ball lobbed far forward for the forwards to chase. Wales now inside the 10 after being pushed back
  • 76
Farrell lines up his kick. He makes the 2 points
  • 75
The ball is cleared and Ford picks it up. England look at their options while moving forward and it's sent to Daly who shows and extraordinary burst of speed to run over the line and score the TRY
  • 74
Biggar gets it and kicks it long down field. Both teams giving and taking crunching tackles. Te'o twisting and turning as he creates space for himself opening up the Welsh defence. England now at the 5 as Sinckler is driven back. Wales get the turnover
  • 72
The ball lost forward and Ford clears for England. The ball finds touch at the 22 of the home team
  • 71
The reset kick is deep into the 22 but cleared without hesitation. Line-out for the Welsh at the England 10. Wales trying to make a couple of meters with a maul. The Welsh throwing bodies forward trying to increase the lead, each of them making heavy contact with the English defence
  • 70
Farrell gets 3 points for his team, narrowing the lead to 2 points
  • 69
Farrell decides to go for the penalty kick from roughly 28 meters out
  • 68
The ball coming back up field to Itoje and he gives a soft pass to his team mate but the Welsh fail to take advantage. The referee blows for a penalty to the away team
  • 67
England with a maul after the through. They move the ball up field working their way into the Welsh 22 now. Laws sends it down to Launchbury who tries to force his way through but to no avail.
  • 66
The referee blows shortly after it's inserted. Farrell takes the kick and it's a line-out to the visitors.
  • 65
Line-out for the Welsh. The ball taken and moved up field but the referee blows. Scrum to England at their 10
  • 63
Wales defending on their 5 meter. England a foot short of the try line. Youngs digging for the ball. He gets it and passes but it's intercepted by Biggar who runs over 60 meters before kicking forward. Daly catches up and clears into touch
  • 62
England on the attack after the reset. Ford gets it and sends it down field to his hooker who happens to be in space. They move forward progressively, edging towards the 5 meter. Haskell trying to carry forward and makes a good 2 meters.
  • 60
Halfpenny adds another 3, regaining a 5-point lead
  • 59
Wales now 5 meters short of the try line. The whistle sounds and they have a penalty at the 5. The hosts opt for a penalty
  • 58
Wales now on the attack after the reset. Moving forward aggressively. Now just before the 5 of the English. Scott Williams creating space for his team but it's quickly filled up by white shirts
  • 55
Farrell steps up and eyes the posts longingly. He takes the kick and gets it between the sticks
  • 54
Penalty to the English just inside the 10
  • 53
England with a study maul. Youngs comes away with it and the ball goes to Farrell who gives it long but it goes into touch. Line-out to the away team before the 22 of the Welsh.
  • 51
Halfpenny to Liam Williams along the north side of the field. The ball moved down and now Biggar looking to manuever his way through. The ball is lost into touch. Line-out to the visitors
  • 50
Brown gets it after the scrum and he certainly meant to kick into the Welsh half but he finds touch at a short angle. The home team with the ball now, driven forward by Moriarty
  • 49
The passes by the Welsh rushed and the ball lost forward. Scrum at the 22 of the English
  • 48
Biggar looks towards the far corner and kicks into touch after the given penalty. Line-out to the hosts at the 22
  • 47
The ball kicked forward by the home team outside the 22 of the visitors and England get possession then clear. Wales now in possession again. Both teams kicking back and forth trying to make territory
  • 46
Scrum fro England. They take their scrum and Ford sends it back and the ball kicked into touch. Line-out to the Welsh
  • 45
England holding onto the the ball despite not making it much further than the Welsh 22. The home team turns over. They move the ball up field and the Welsh run forward with Davies who offloads to Halfpenny. The break is there but the referee calls play back
  • 42
England on the defence after the half start. Any attempts at moving forward reset by the clearances of the Welsh. Biggar lands a good kick into touch around the 22 of the English. England moving the Welsh back in the maul. Youngs takes it and clears. The referee blows; scrum to the boys in white
  • 41
George Ford starts the second half

Half Time

  • 40
  • 39
England desperately trying to regain the lead before half time. The ball booted in the air and the referee blows.
  • 38
Halfpenny secures the extras
  • 37
Hughes comes away with the ball but he doesn't make it out. Farrell tries to clear but the ball is blocked. The ball is knocked-on by England. Scrum at the 5. The ball gathered by the Welsh and Liam Williams takes it and dives over the line to score the TRY
  • 35
Scrum at the 5 for England
  • 34
Moriarty trying to shove his way through the sea of English bodies but no such luck. Biggar sends it down to Alan Wyn Jones but it's fumbled. The referee having a few words with various players while England wait to scrum
  • 32
Liam Williams on the end pass as Wales move down field and he is lifted in the air but not dropped. The referee plays on and Wales continue their attack
  • 31
The referee decides another scrum is in order shortly after the first
  • 30
Wales knock-on right after the line-out and the referee calls for a scrum on the England 22
  • 29
Penalty to the hosts. Biggar steps up for the kick into touch inside the 22
  • 28
England come away with a penalty and tempers start to flair. The referee calms things down. The ball is cleared into touch at their 10
  • 27
The referee penalty to Wales. They opt for the scrum, much to the crowd's delight
  • 26
Wales with a throw in the England 22 and the hosts putting on quite the show with strong passes and aggressive movements, Scott Williams causing havoc in the English defence. The referee blows for a penalty to the home team around the 5
  • 25
Webb clears and the ball is chased by Biggar along with the English defence. Both teams rally around the ball at the England 5, but the ball is cleared
  • 23
The ball out for a line-out after the reset. The referee says it was lost forward instead and the Welsh get a scrum at their 22. The ball is collected then cleared by the hosts
  • 22
Halfpenny ensures the gap is narrowed to 2 with the penalty conversion
  • 21
The referee blows for a penalty to the Welsh. Halfpenny steps up to look for the seemingly safe 3 points.
  • 20
Wales with some good attacking play making quick work of the English defence now inside the 22 moving the ball around with confidence. Biggar trying to recycle the ball from the ruck at the 5
  • 18
Farrell squanders the chance to add the extras
  • 17
Joseph gives a long pass up field to Brown and he offloads to Ben Youngs who scores the first TRY of the game
  • 16
Halfpenny with a try-saving tackle against Itoje. The front line causing problems for the Welsh defence
  • 15
England finding their rhythm now as they hammer against the Welsh defence. Itoje gets it but is driven backwards. The ball retained and England continue pressing
  • 14
Reset kick lands around the half way and the ball fumbled to Brown who makes a good few meters before the Welshmen converge on him. The ball moved down filed and carried forward by Hughes
  • 13
Line-out for the visitors and the ball moved up quickly to Farrell who finds space but fails to notice and continues jogging. He is brought down. Penalty to the away team as a Wales man was offside. Daly stepping up for this kick from roughly 50 meters. Off target
  • 10
The reset kick is deep and Itoje plucks it out of the air safely. Penalty against Wales
  • 9
Farrell measures the distance and he levels the scores
  • 8
Nowell almost slips through the Wales defence but has his leg tugged. England setting up camp outside the Wales 22 now. The referee blows for a penalty and England get an opportunity from inside the 10
  • 6
Wales trying to make ground with the maul but the English holding them back. They get possession and clear. Line-out to the boys in red and they move the ball up field to Scott Williams. Penalty to England
  • 5
Webb gets it and clears but not into touch. The English come again and kick forward themselves but the ball is returned and this time the Wales man does find touch
  • 3
The reset kick is there and England on the attack now. They make it to the 22 of the hosts and Joseph carries forward
  • 2
Halfpenny opens the scoring with a fine kick
  • 1
Itoje claims the ball for England and Youngs proceeds to clear. Wales on the attack after the clearance, moving neatly to the 10 of the English. They get a penalty just before the 10
  • 0
The referee blows and the game is underway off the boot of Biggar
  • -5
The stadium takes a moment of silence for Joost Joubert. The national anthems are now being sung
  • -8
The players exiting the tunnel now
  • -10
England have won 6 of the last 10 fixtures against Wales, dating back to 2011
  • -25
Welcome to Cardiff, where Wales take on England
Mc wales ed
Mc england ed
  • 1 Rob Evans
  • 2 Ken Owens
  • 3 Tomas Francis
  • 4 Jake Ball
  • 5 Alun Wyn Jones
  • 6 Sam Warburton
  • 7 Justin Tipuric
  • 8 Ross Moriarty
  • 9 Rhys Webb
  • 10 Dan Biggar
  • 11 Liam Williams
  • 12 Scott Williams
  • 13 Jonathan Davies
  • 14 Alex Cuthbert
  • 15 Leigh Halfpenny
  • 16 Scott Baldwin
  • 17 Nicky Smith
  • 18 Samson Lee
  • 19 Cory Hill
  • 20 Taulupe Faletau
  • 21 Gareth Davies
  • 22 Sam Davies
  • 23 Jamie Roberts
  • 1 Joe Marler
  • 2 Dylan Hartley
  • 3 Dan Cole
  • 4 Joe Launchbury
  • 5 Courtney Lawes
  • 6 Maro Itoje
  • 7 Jack Clifford
  • 8 Nathan Hughes
  • 9 Ben Youngs
  • 10 George Ford
  • 11 Elliot Daly
  • 12 Owen Farrell
  • 13 Jonathan Joseph
  • 14 Jack Nowell
  • 15 Mike Brown
  • 16 Jamie George
  • 17 Matt Mullan
  • 18 Kyle Sinckler
  • 19 Tom Wood
  • 20 James Haskell
  • 21 Danny Care
  • 22 Ben Te'o
  • 23 Jonny May
Mc article alun wyn jones wales   dylan hartley england 800

Preview: Wales v England

Fri, 10 Feb 2017 06:38

SIX NATIONS ROUND TWO: England have been doing so well that they are now everybody's target.

But then England have always been Wales's target.

After all, the English imposed upon them, using them for labour in the mines, making attempts to eradicate their language and generally looking down their noses at them.

Heaven to a Welshman would have them beating England as a major component.

The contest between the two countries has been close - 129 matches played, 60 won by England, 57 by Wales and 12 draws. England won the first five in a row.

England is riding the crest of a wave, but we all know that the crest of a wave does not last forever.

The All Blacks were doing that just last year and then Ireland beat them in Chicago.

Since their ignominious departure from the World Cup in 2015, England have won 15 in a row, including beating Australia four times last year, three times in Australia.

But Australia won well in Cardiff three months ago.

To beat the powerful England side, Wales are to going to have to ignite the Celtic fire, the way Ireland did against New Zealand.

Hwyl - that's what Wales needs - an unbeatable upflaring of national pride, determination and energy.

For England are a strong side, busy looking for flare and may be that the millstone of the unbeaten run may be crushing the spirit of adventure.

They still lack the creative instinct that the Welsh have.

Players to Watch:

For Wales: At fullback, you have Leigh Halfpenny, willing to counterattack, with great subtlety. You would want to watch both Welsh wings, George North and Liam Williams, both of whom can throw a switch and suddenly light up a scoring chance. At flyhalf, there is fearless Dan Biggar, so good at sending the ball into the air and catching it out of the air.

For England: Fullback Mike Brown, like his Welsh counterpart, is also willing to counterattack, perhaps with greater strength. Owen Farrell is a joy to watch at inside centre, with his deft touches.

Head to Head: If you take the units, you see how close it is. The English forwards appear more forceful and more certain of solid first-phase possession. Against France, England's scrum had parity and won all 14 of its line-outs. Wales had the better of the Italian scrum, winning four penalties in the match's 12 scrums, but lost one of its 11 line-outs. Penalties count. Wales conceded five in Rome, England eight at Twickenham where England enjoyed a 16-8 advantage over France. Back three versus Back three - and Wales look more likely to score, despite Brown's courage and Jack Nowell's resilience. North's combination of speed, strength and vision make opportunities for him. You may well back England's centres, Wales's halfbacks, Wales's loose forwards with energetic Justin Tipuric leading the way, England at lock and parity between the front rows. Goal-kicking. Both sides have exceptional goal-kickers in Leigh Halfpenny and Owen Farrell, and Elliot Daly showed at Twickenham that he can kick a long way. The contest between big, robust Jonathan Joseph and eager Jonathan Davies could be both interesting and decisive. Then, too, there is the contest between ardent Alun Wyn Jones and exuberant Courtney Lawes.

November Results against common opponents
Wales won 24-20; England won 27-14
Australia: Wales lost 32-8; England won 37-21
South Africa: Wales won 27-13; England won 37-21

Recent results
2016: England won 27-13, London
2016: England won 25-21, London
2015: Wales won 28-25, London (World Cup pool match)
2015: England won 21-16, Cardiff
2014: England won 29-18, London
2013: Wales won 30-3, Cardiff
2012: Wales won 19-12, London
2011: Wales won 19-9, Cardiff
2011: England won 23-19, London
2011: England won 26-19, Cardiff

Prediction: The obvious thing to do is to back the English might, but something says that artistry may win the day and produce a four-point victory for Wales.


Wales: 15 Leigh Halfpenny, 14 George North, 13 Jonathan Davies, 12 Scott Williams, 11 Liam Williams, 10 Dan Biggar, 9 Rhys Webb, 8 Ross Moriarty, 7 Justin Tipuric, 6 Sam Warburton, 5 Alun Wyn Jones (captain), 4 Jake Ball, 3 Tomas Francis, 2 Ken Owens, 1 Rob Evans.
Replacements: 16 Scott Baldwin, 17 Nicky Smith, 18 Samson Lee, 19 Cory Hill, 20 Taulupe Faletau, 21 Gareth Davies, 22 Sam Davies, 23 Jamie Roberts.

England: 15 Mike Brown, 14 Jack Nowell, 13 Jonathan Joseph, 12 Owen Farrell, 11 Elliot Daly, 10 George Ford, 9 Ben Youngs, 8 Nathan Hughes, 7 Jack Clifford, 6 Maro Itoje, 5 Courtney Lawes, 4 Joe Launchbury, 3 Dan Cole, 2 Dylan Hartley (captain), 1 Joe Marler.
Replacements: 16 Jamie George, 17 Matt Mullan, 18 Kyle Sinckler, 19 Tom Wood, 20 James Haskell, 21 Danny Care, 22 Ben Te'o, 23 Jonny May.

Date: Saturday, February 11
Venue: Principality Stadium, Cardiff
Kick-off: 16.50 (16.50 GMT)
Expected weather: With the roof set to remain open, the climate is of great importance and it will be mostly cloudy, perhaps with some light rain with a high of 4°C and a low of 2°C
Referee: Jérôme Garcès (France)
Assistant referees: Pascal Gauzère (France), Nick Briant (New Zealand)
TMO: Glenn Newman (New Zealand)

By Paul Dobson

Mc article elliot daly v wales 2017 800

Daly breaks Welsh hearts

Sat, 11 Feb 2017 15:11

REPORT: A late try by Elliot Daly helped England beat Wales 21-16 in a thrilling game in Cardiff on Saturday.

Tactics can win matches. Wales had a tactic that may have cost them the match. Throughout the game, when they were in their own 22, they refused to kick the ball out and instead kicked downfield while England had no compunction about plonking the ball into touch.

With five minutes to go, Wales were leading 16-14, but England were attacking. Ben Te'o broke and  passed infield to Danny Care. Liam Williams tackled Care but England carried on attacking with Jonny May close. But Liam Williams won a turnover. The ball went back to Jonathan Davies in his own in-goal. Davies kicked. As was the Welsh wont he did not kick out but down the field. George Ford got the bouncing ball near the Welsh 10-metre line. Ford ran and passed to Owen Farrell. Farrell ran and passed to Elliot Daly. Daly raced down the left touchline, beating Alex Cuthbert's poor attempt at a tackle and scoring in the corner. From touch Farrell converted beautifully. That made the score 21-16 to England, which was the final score.

Wales tried to attack, Massive Kyle Sinckler won a turnover, Wales were penalised, England kicked for touch and won the line-out and Care stopped the match by kicking the ball into the stand.

It was a great Test match, in the best tradition of matches between Wales and England dating back 135 years. There was passion and pride in tons at Principality Stadium and courage by both sides as they defended against ardent attacks - the men of Harlech and the defenders of Rorke's Drift. There was little kicking in the match but numerous phases by both sides, especially England who scored their first try in their 26th phase.

Alex Cuthbert played instead of the injured George North. There was a pause before the start to pay respects to Joost van der Westhuizen who had died in Pretoria on Monday. The Dan Biggar kicked off and Maro Itoje caught the kick. The match was on and suddenly it was half time. It was an enthralling match which flashed through its two 40-minute chunks.

Wales scored first when they put the ball through phases and Courtney Lawes was penalised at a tackle. 3-0 after two minutes.

After this, England dominated, They went through phases till Biggar ripped the ball off them. They went through phases again till Wales won a turnover, which they did far more often than England did. But then Ross Moriarty, a fearless player, tackled Jack Nowell high and Farrell goaled. 3-3 after 10 minutes.

Daly had a chance to give England the lead. His kick from just inside the Welsh half had the legs but was to the right of the uprights.

Twice England went through several phases, but ignored  overlaps to set up yet another set of phases. But their second set paid off. Itoje and Nathan Hughes were close and then they went wide where Mike Brown was close, so close that he was at the line. Ben Youngs picked up and dived the short distance to score. 8-3, and Swing Low echoed over the stadium.

At this stage England were enjoying 75% of possession.

Liam Williams set Wales on the attack and Joe Launchbury was penalised at a tackle. Lee Halfpenny goaled. 8-6 after 22 minutes. Hymns and Arias echoed around the stadium.

Rhys Webb kicked high, Cuthbert won the ball back to Biggar who raced ahead and as defenders close in he kicked ahead, but Nowell saved near his line. But Wales were on the attack. Alun Wyn Jones was close. Webb was millimetres short. England were penalised and Wales opted for a five-metre scrum, but Wales were penalised.

Just after this, England were penalised and Wales opted to kick for the line-out, but Wales knocked on at the line-out.

Both penalties were kickable, the first a sitter.

Wales won a turnover and prop Rob Evans broke like a centre. They went wide left but Wyn Jones knocked on in a tackle.

England won the ball from a tackle/ruck. Youngs kicked but Webb charged down his kick. Joe Marler knocked on and Wales had a scrum wide on the left. They won the ball. Moriarty passed to Webb and as Scott Williams came in at an angle Webb passed to Liam Williams who race through the wide gap to score at the posts.

Wales led 13-8 and suddenly it was half-time.

The second half belonged largely to Wales - for 35 minutes that is.

Both sides started making changes early with James Haskell and Jamie George coming on for England and Taulupe Faletau for Wales. The England changes in the half were worth the victory.

Wales had a long period of domination but England got out of their half, and when Wales were penalised at a tackle, Farrell reduced the lead to 13-11 after 55 minutes.

Jonathan Davies and Liam Williams set Wales attacking but the England defences held and so did their discipline till after 23 phases Haskell was penalised and Halfpenny eased Wales into a 16-11 lead. Bread of Heaven sounded round the escited stadium.

England hammered at the Welsh line but suddenly Biggar intercepted and raced down field. With Daly closing in on him Biggar kicked downfield but Daly slid to the ball and flykicked it into touch. Hymns and Arias rang out, but Wales made a mess of the line-out.

When Samson Lee tackled Nowell high, Farrell made it 16-14 with 10 minutes to play.

Wales attacked but Cuthbert knocked on.

Then Te'o broke and gave to Care and the winning score was in motion.

Man of the Match: Dan Biggar and Justin Tipuric stood out for Wales. For England George Ford's judgement was great and Elliot Daly saved and scored tries. And then you looked at the locks, the men with the grubbiest jerseys on the field, two hard working players, Courtney Lawes and Joe Launchbury, and our choice is industrious Joe Launchbury, not only for ruling the line-outs.

Moment of the Match: Elliot Daly's try - ecstasy for some, agony for others.

Villain of the Match: Nobody at all.

The scorers:

For Wales:
Try: L Williams
Con: Halfpenny
Pens: Halfpenny 3

For England:
Tries: Youngs, Daly
Con: Farrell
Pens: Farrell 3


Wales: 15 Leigh Halfpenny, 14 Alex Cuthbert, 13 Jonathan Davies, 12 Scott Williams, 11 Liam Williams, 10 Dan Biggar, 9 Rhys Webb, 8 Ross Moriarty, 7 Justin Tipuric, 6 Sam Warburton, 5 Alun Wyn Jones (captain), 4 Jake Ball, 3 Tomas Francis, 2 Ken Owens, 1 Rob Evans.
Replacements: 16 Scott Baldwin, 17 Nicky Smith, 18 Samson Lee, 19 Cory Hill, 20 Taulupe Faletau, 21 Gareth Davies, 22 Sam Davies, 23 Jamie Roberts.

England: 15 Mike Brown, 14 Jack Nowell, 13 Jonathan Joseph, 12 Owen Farrell, 11 Elliot Daly, 10 George Ford, 9 Ben Youngs, 8 Nathan Hughes, 7 Jack Clifford, 6 Maro Itoje, 5 Courtney Lawes, 4 Joe Launchbury, 3 Dan Cole, 2 Dylan Hartley (captain), 1 Joe Marler.
Replacements: 16 Jamie George, 17 Matt Mullan, 18 Kyle Sinckler, 19 Tom Wood, 20 James Haskell, 21 Danny Care, 22 Ben Te'o, 23 Jonny May.

Referee: Jérôme Garcès (France)
Assistant referees: Pascal Gauzère (France), Nick Briant (New Zealand)
TMO: Glenn Newman (New Zealand)

Liam Williams (37min)
Ben Youngs (17min) and Elliot Daly (75min)
Leigh Halfpenny (38min)
Owen Farrell (76min)
Leigh Halfpenny (2min), Leigh Halfpenny (22min), and Leigh Halfpenny (60min)
Owen Farrell (9min), Owen Farrell (55min), and Owen Farrell (70min)
VENUE Cardiff
REFEREE Jérôme Garcès