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Currie Cup | Kimberley
15:00 (GMT) | 15-09-2017
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Thank you for joining us for this Currie Cup clash. Stay tuned as we are building up to the Pumas vs Western Province!!
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Bosch converts!!
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Great work by the Sharks as they win it back off the restart by Louw and Nkosi runs down the touchline and is tackled, but pops it up to Ward who goes over for the TRY!!
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Whitehead converts!!
  • 78
Griquas win the lineout and they will look to get another score as soon as possible and they are under advantage for a high tackle, but does not need it as Wilmar Arnoldi bursts over for the TRY!!
  • 76
Griquas attacking from the scrum and they make some great meters as Koortzen ran into Radebe and he looks to be in trouble. Griquas have another penalty they find touch on the Sharks 22!
  • 74
Bosch finds touch on the Griquas 22 and they set an attacking move, but then knocks on! Defensive scrum to the home side just inside their 22!
  • 73
Sharks setting their attack and are under advantage as they Clear, but referee brings them back to the penalty for a high tackle!
  • 71
Uncontested scrum as injuries are mounting for Griquas and they send it wide as Brand chips ahead and Radebe gathers as the bounce eluded Brandt and the Sharks clear their line outside their 22!
  • 70
Sharks win the scrum and Lowu runs a good lin again, but spills it forward! Scrum to the Griquas!
  • 69
Turnover ball to Griquas in their 22 and they attack from deep and some sloppy play from both sides sees a series of knock-ons from both sides!
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Penalty to the Sharks at scrumtime! Bosch finds touch in the Griquas half! They set their attack off the lineout!!
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Scrum reset called.
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Griquas look to play it wide from their own half, and Whitehead makes a good break again and is tackled outside his 22, but he pops it up to Steyn and he sends it wide and then the Sharks set a maul and force the turnover!!
  • 62
Great effort by Ward to stop Brandt, but it is all in Vain as the winger did very well to stay in the field and gets the reward with a TRY!!
  • 62
Whitehead looks to convert from out wide and it is away!
  • 62
Great break by Whitehead who gives a long pass to Brandt who heads to the corner and dots down, but they will check for a foot in touch!
  • 61
Griquas penalty in their half for no clear release and they find touch outside the Sharks 22 and set the maul and then concedes the penalty for changing lanes and they take it quickly and ups the tempo!!
  • 59
Bosch converts!!!
  • 58
Interception by Blewett and he makes some valuable meters and they get it through the hands and finds Schreuder and then Daniel who goes over for the TRY!!
  • 55
Griquas lineout just inside the Sharks half and they set their attack and work their way into the Sharks 22 and they settle things down and look to play it with the forwards as they are under advantage for offside and then they come back for the penalty!
  • 53
Griquas attacking in the Sharks half and they will want to strike back as soon as possible and Armand van der Merwe rips the ball and makes a great break before being brought down, but did well to wait for support as they take it wide, but Griquas turn it over and kicks ahead as April run it back but Orndoff intercepts and they kick for touch to settle things down, WOW!
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Bosch converts!!
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Bosch finds touch 6ms out from the Griquas line and they set the drive and rumble forward and breaks away and one pass and to Louw sees him go over for his second TRY tonight!!
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Beautiful exit play from Whitehead after the restart as he finds touch in the Sharks half and the Sharks win the lineout and set their attack, but lose some momentum for the moment, but they keep possession and concede the penalty for an infringement at the ruck!
  • 45
Whitehead lines up the kick from 48ms out and it is good!!
  • 44
Griquas under advantage for a high tackle and they keep on attacking early in this second half, but referee brings them back for the penalty and they opt for the kick at goal.
  • 43
Sharks win the scrum and Bosch kicks ling and Griquas counter attacks and look to work their way into the Sharks half before Koortzen kicks into the Sharks 2 and one bounce into touch sees a great touch finder!!
  • 41
Sharks scrum outside their 22 and both front rows goes down so it will be a reset!
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Second half underway through George Whitehead and Arendse competes for it, but then knocks it on!

Half Time

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Conversion is missed by Bosch and that will be halftime! See you back for the second half!!
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Sharks opt for the scrum under the posts and they get the shove on and win another penalty! They tap and go and keep attacking with forwards and backs as the Griquas defence hols well for the moment and it looks like Geldenhuys went over, but referee will check!!
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TRY to Ross Geldenhuys!!
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Lineout just inside the Griquas half and they win it and set their attack as Koortzen makes a good break and his offload doesn't go to hand and finds Daniel who kicks ahead and it becomes a kicking duel which the Sharks win as they get it back in the Griquas half and are looking to score and finds Ndungane in the corner!! Referee to check!!
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Griquas scrum and they set a phase up through Francke and win a penalty for a side entry at the ruck by the Sharks!
  • 34
Schreuder feeds the scrum and takes it out and takes the gap and chips ahead for himself and just lost it forward into touch! Great play by the Scrumhalf!
  • 33
Ardense knocks on a high ball from Schreuder and the Sharks make a mess of it on attack, but they were still under advantage and comes back for the scrum!
  • 32
Griquas win the lineout on their own 10m line and they take it wide to Arendse and he finds Steyn who is tackled into touch, but some exciting play by the home side!!
  • 31
Sharks opt for touch 6ms out and set the maul again and rumbles forward as the maul goes down and great work by Kotze to win a relieving penalty for the home side!!
  • 29
Sharks looking to strike again as April kicks it through for Ward to chase, but they were under advantage and comes back for the penalty!
  • 28
Great exit by April from his half into the Griquas half and the Sharks steal the lineout and attack yet again!
  • 26
Bosch Converts!
  • 25
Sharks on the attack and dominates possession and they put it through the hands after Griquas missed a kick for touch fielded by Schreuder and they score the TRY through Jeremy Ward!!
  • 24
Griquas win a messy scrum and a neat cross-kick from Whitehead sees Brandt Chasing and he looks to kick it in field, but kicks it into touch!
  • 22
Sharks win the lineout again and referee stops play for an injury!
  • 22
Time is back on and the Sharks are awarded a scrum outside the Griquas 22 as Schreuder feeds and take it out and gives it to April who spills it and Griquas ill have a scrum!
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Good Griquas scrum again and they set up a few phases before Whitehead goes high as Nkosi fields and the Sharks head back on attack again as Daniel makes a good break into the Griquas 22 and they lose some ground again and Griquas pounce on a loose ball and Arendse looks to get the Miracle pass away and he throws it into touch!
  • 19
Good Griquas scrum and they get it to Arendseon the wing, but he gets the ball stripped and then Mtembu passes the ball forward!
  • 18
Scrum reset called
  • 16
Sharks set the drive yet again and they go down short and referee calls a collapsed maul and Griquas will have a 5m defensive scrum!
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First scrum of the match as Schreuder feeds and the ball pops out the back as the Sharks set their attack and win a penalty for offside and they take it quickly and another penalty goes against Griquas for no clear release just outside the Griquas 22! Bosch goes for touch 5ms out!
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Griquas win the lineout on the Sharks 10m line and they look to strike again as hey set their attack in the Sharks half, but then knocks the ball on!
  • 13
Great attack by the Sharks as they shift it through the hands and work their way into the Griquas 22 from their own half and they lose some ground in the process and concede a penalty as a Sharks player went off his feet at the ruck!
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A beauty from Curwin Bosch as he spotted space in behind and kicks the ball 5ms from the Griquas line, but then numbers in the lineout against the Sharks gives Griquas a free kick and they take it quickly as a kicking duel started which is won by Griquas as they found good touch in the Sharks half!
  • 9
Short low restart by Whitehead and it bounces into touch just outside the Sharks 22 as Botha win the lineout and Schreuder kicks from the base and then a Sharks player gathers, but is tackled into touch!
  • 7
Bosch adds the extras!
  • 6
Sharks set the maul again and they rumble forward and then collapses and they employ the pick and drive tactitc and it pays off as they sucked the defence in and Marius Louw goes over for the TRY!!
  • 5
Sharks lineout just inside the Griquas half and they set the maul and make some valuable meters and get a penalty out of it for a side entry! Bosch finds touch on the Griquas 5m line!
  • 3
NO TRY!! For in touch, but they come back for the penalty advantage!
  • 3
Whitehead converts!
  • 2
First mistake by the Sharks as April ooked to kick across, but the ball just touched the touchline and they come back for the lineout on the 10m line as Kyle Steyn makes a great breakout and gives it to Arendse who is tackled 5m short and he gives it to Captain Koortzen who gives it to Steyn who finishes off a well worked try he started himself!!
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First touch for Francke off the kickoff and they set a phase before Whitehead clears up to his 10m line. Sharks win the lineout and launch their first attack in the Griquas half!
  • 0
Federico Anselmi blows his whistle and it is Curwin Bosch who gets us under way!!
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Prediction: The Sharks lost a few players to injury, but they will still have too much firepower for Griquas. The Sharks to win by 10 points.
  • -10
Players to watch- For Griquas: Johnathan Francke is a big bulky centre who have some serious pace off the mark and great feet and can attract defenders and create space for the men on his outside, he has done very well in recent weeks despite his side’s results and will be a key member in his side’s attacking ambitions! For the Sharks: Curwin Bosch is back at flyhalf and will look to prove to the Springbok selectors that he deserves to be back in the set up after being released to play Currie Cup rugby after his debut against Argentina where he was not very impressive having his first kick charged down and missing touch when the Boks had a penalty.
  • -15
Griquas have had some success against the men from Durban in recent years with their last win over the Sharks dating back to 2014 where they beat the Sharks 21-18 in Durban and in years before the Sharks came unstuck against Griquas in Kimberley as well and will be aware of how big of a threat they can be when under pressure and playing at home!
  • -20
For the visitors it is an opportunity to almost cement their place on top of the log, having failed to make the playoffs the last 2 seasons, the men from Durban will be determined to get a home semi and a possible home final to make it up to their fans!
  • -25
For Griquas it is do or die if they are to stand any chance of making the Currie cup playoffs this season after suffering four consecutive losses so far and they know they will have to use their home advantage to stay in contention
  • -30
Welcome to the first Currie Cup clash of the weekend between the Griquas and The Sharks live from Tafel Lager park in Kimberley!
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  • 1 Nicolaas Oosthuizen
  • 2 Abraham Le Roux
  • 3 Stephan Kotze
  • 4 Jonathan Adendorf
  • 5 Pieter Jansen van Vuuren
  • 6 Wendal Wehr
  • 7 Sias Koen
  • 8 De Wet Kruger
  • 9 Renier Botha
  • 10 George Whitehead
  • 11 Enver Brandt
  • 12 Jonathan Francke
  • 13 Kyle Steyn
  • 14 Ederies Arendse
  • 15 Adriaan Coertzen
  • 16 Wilmar Arnoldi
  • 17 Liam Hendricks
  • 18 Sintu Manjezi
  • 19 Shaun McDonald
  • 20 Tiaan Dorfling
  • 21 Andre Swarts
  • 22 Eric Zana
  • 1 Juan Schoeman
  • 2 Franco Marais
  • 3 Ross Geldenhuys
  • 4 Jean Droste
  • 5 Ruan Botha
  • 6 Keegan Daniel
  • 7 Tyler Paul
  • 8 Lubabalo Mtembu
  • 9 Louis Schreuder
  • 10 Curwin Bosch
  • 11 Sibusiso Nkosi
  • 12 Marius Louw
  • 13 Jeremy Ward
  • 14 Odwa Ndungane
  • 15 Garth April
  • 16 Armand van der Merwe
  • 17 Thomas Du Toit
  • 18 Hyron Andrews
  • 19 Wian Vosloo
  • 20 Michael Claassens
  • 21 Tristan Blewett
  • 22 Inny-Christian Radebe
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PREVIEW: Currie Cup, Round 10

Fri, 15 Sep 2017 06:11

IN THE SPOTLIGHT: The scramble for places in the top four on the Currie Cup log will heat up even more this weekend as the countdown to the end of the pool stages intensifies with only five rounds of matches remaining, including this weekend.

In the weekend's first match on Friday, the Sharks travel to Kimberley to take on Griquas before Western Province face the Pumas in an intriguing encounter in Nelspruit later on the same day.

The big match of the weekend is on Saturday with the Golden Lions hosting the Blue Bulls in Johannesburg.

The Free State Cheetahs have a bye in Round 10.

We take a look at all the Round 10 action!

Friday, September 15:

Griquas v Sharks
(Kimberley Park, Kimberley - Kick-off: 17.00; 15.00 GMT)

In the first match of the weekend on Friday in Kimberley, the Sharks will be determined to register their eighth victory of the season when they meet Griquas, while the hosts will be desperate to bounce back after four successive defeats.
The KwaZulu-Natalians have a solid track record against their Kimberley counterparts with the side having won five of their last six matches dating back to 2013. 

However, they will be wary of the fact that Griquas have toppled them a few times on their home patch. 
The Sharks team shows five personnel changes, with prop Juan Schoeman and hooker Franco Marais starting a new-look front row, while wing Odwa Ndungane and centre Marius Louw have also been handed starts.
Griquas also made five changes, which includes George Whitehead starting at flyhalf, while prop Stephan Kotze and lock Jonathan Adendorf are drafted into the run-on team.

"We chatted about how tough this fortnight of matches was going to be, especially since we were up against two teams who play an abrasive style of rugby," said Sharks head coach Robert du Preez.

"Our players showed a lot of character to grind out a win against the Pumas and the positive contribution from our bench has to be applauded.  

"The Griquas will follow a similar approach and are always difficult at home. Discipline is going to be important.
"We are proud of the fact that we're undefeated in seven matches. Despite this achievement, there is still so much more that this team is capable of. 

"We are entering the business end of this competition and it’s time for us to take our performances up another gear. The hunger and passion amongst this group of players is evident and the players need to translate that into a complete performance."

Recent results:
2017: Sharks won 41-3, Durban
2016: Sharks won 46-24, Durban
2015: Sharks won 45-20, Kimberley
2014: Griquas won 21-18, Durban

Prediction: The Sharks lost a few players to injury, but they will still have too much firepower for Griquas. The Sharks to win by 10 points.


Griquas: 15 Adriaan Coertzen (captain), 14 Ederies Arendse, 13 Kyle Steyn, 12 Johnathan Francke, 11 Enver Brandt, 10 George Whitehead, 9 Renier Botha, 8 DeWet Kruger, 7 Sias Koen, 6 Wendal Wehr, 5 Pieter Janse van Vuren, 4 Jonathan Adendorf, 3 Stephan Kotze, 2 Abraham le Roux, 1 Nicolaas Oosthuizen.
Replacements: 16 Wilmar Arnoldi, 17 Liam Hendricks, 18 Sintu Manjezi, 19 Shaun McDonald, 20 Tiaan Dorfling, 21 Andre Swarts, 22 Eric Zana.

Sharks: 15 Garth April, 14 Odwa Ndungane, 13 Jeremy Ward, 12 Marius Louw, 11 Sibusiso Nkosi, 10 Curwin Bosch, 9 Louis Schreuder, 8 Lubabalo Mtembu, 7 Tyler Paul, 6 Keegan Daniel, 5 Ruan Botha (captain), 4 Jean Droste, 3 Ross Geldenhuys, 2 Franco Marais, 1 Juan Schoeman
Replacements: 16 Armand van der Merwe, 17 Thomas du Toit, 18 Hyron Andrews, 19 Wian Vosloo, 20 Michael Claassens, 21 Tristan Blewett, 22 Inny-Christian Radebe

Referee: Anselmi Federico (Argentina)
Assistant referees: AJ Jacobs, Mpho Matsaung
TMO: Shaun Veldsman

Pumas v Western Province
(Mbombela Stadium, Nelspruit - Kick-off: 19.15; 17.15 GMT)

Friday in Nelspruit will mark a very special occasion for two Springbok loose forwards when Western Province No.8 Nizaam Carr reaches his 50th Currie Cup cap, and Pumas replacement loose forward Hilton Lobberts could make his 150th first-class appearance if he gets a run off the bench. 
The Pumas will look to end their eight-year losing run against the Capetonians in the competition when they cross paths at the Mbombela Stadium.

Both sides have struggled to build winning momentum this season, but with the visitors within range of working their way into second place on the log standings, and the Pumas still in the running for a possible place in the top four on the log, it promises to be an exciting clash.
Adding to the hosts' motivation to win, they come off back-to-back defeats by two and one point respectively, while the visitors will want to build on their morale-boosting 57-14 victory over the Free State Cheetahs last week.
In the Western Province team prop Michael Kumbirai replaces Wilco Louw who joined the Springboks in one of three personnel changes, with wing Seabelo Senatla and prop Jacobus Janse van Rensburg also starting.
The Pumas, in turn, made five changes, which sees the return of centre Gerrit Smith, scrumhalf Stefan Ungerer and lock Hugo Kloppers in the run-on team.

Western Province captain and lock Chris van Zyl said he was wary of the Pumas' powerful pack.

"The Pumas have a really sufficient mauling system and they are a real danger at the breakdown," Van Zyl told reporters.

"Throughout the week we have been working on those two factors. I feel like we have to curb that early in the game to prevent it from becoming a problem as the game progresses."

Recent results:
2017: Western Province won 34-19, Cape Town
2016: Western Province won 31-23, Cape Town
2015: Western Province won 50-19, Cape Town
2014: Western Province won 37-23, Nelspruit

Prediction: This is a really tough one to call. We will give it to the Pumas by five points or less


Pumas: 15 Justin van Staden, 14 Jerome Pretorius, 13 Gerrit Smith, 12 Hennie Skorbinski (captain), 11 Ruwellyn Isbell, 10 Kobus Marais, 9 Stefan Ungerer, 8 Willie Engelbrecht, 7 Lambert Groenewald, 6 Thembelani Bholi, 5 Hugo Kloppers, 4 Stefan Willemse, 3 Pieter Scholtz, 2 Mark Pretorius, 1 Khwezi Mona.
Replacements: 16 Frank Herne, 17 De-Jay Terblanche, 18 Cameron Lindsay, 19 Brian Shabangu, 20 Hilton Lobberts, 21 Reynier van Rooyen, 22 Selom Gavor.

Western Province: 15 Craig Barry, 14 Seabelo Senatla, 13 EW Viljoen, 12 Huw Jones, 11 Ruhan Nel, 10 Damian Willemse, 9 Jano Vermaak, 8 Nizaam Carr, 7 Cobus Wiese, 6 Jaco Coetzee, 5 John Schickerling, 4 Chris van Zyl (captain), 3 Michael Kumbirai, 2 Ramone Samuels, 1 Jacobus Janse van Rensburg.
Replacements: 16 Chad Solomon, 17 Alistair Vermaak, 18 Caylib Oosthuizen, 19 Sikhumbuzo Notshe, 20 Dewaldt Duvenage, 21 Robert du Preez, 22 Werner Kok.

Referee: Marius van der Westhuizen
Assistant referees: Ricus van der Hoven, Shemea Mushiribindi
TMO: Lesego Legoete

Saturday, September 15:

Golden Lions v Blue Bulls
(Ellis Park, Johannesburg - Kick-off: 17.15; 15.15 GMT)

The Golden Lions will be hunting their third successive victory on Saturday when they take on the Blue Bulls at Ellis Park in Johannesburg. 

The Pretoria side have won three of the last four match-ups between the teams since 2014, although the Golden Lions won their last two home games, meaning it could be a thrilling clash.
The visitors, however, will have to hit the ground running as they come off a bye, which the hosts will want to capitalise on. 

Fit-again Blue Bulls centre Burger Odendaal returns to captain the side in one of seven changes, which also sees Warrick Gelant reclaim the No.15 jersey and flank Nic de Jager and No.8 Jano Venter being included in the loose trio. 
The Golden Lions, in turn, made only one personnel change to the starting team as lock Andries Ferreira returns following the birth of his child, while a notable inclusion on the bench is that of prop Dylan Smith, who last played in March due to injury.

Golden Lions head coach Swys de Bruin is well aware of John Mitchell's pedigree as a coach. 

"We will have to be sharp," said De Bruin. "It will be an interesting game. 

"We all know about Mitchell's coaching experience. However, Mitchell and myself are not on the field, it's the players that will be doing the job."

Meanwhile, Mitchell said his squad is still a work in progress ahead of the clash in Johannesburg.

"We used the bye week to further work on the aspects we need to improve on and grow as a team," Mitchell said. 

"There are a couple of fundamentals that we need to change and that will never be achieved overnight. I am pleased that we did make some good progress, but that will obviously be tested this weekend against an opponent that has found some rhythm and momentum in the last couple of matches."

Captain Odendaal was also happy to be back for the Blue Bulls in time for Saturday's clash.

"We have suffered some injuries and that was not conducive to our momentum, but that is rugby for you," he said. 

"I am happy to be back and looking forward to give my best. The team prepared well, but it is taking baby steps at this stage. The important thing is for us to show some improvement and progress."

Recent results:
2017: Blue Bulls won 54-22, Pretoria
2016: Blue Bulls won 31-17, Pretoria
2015: Golden Lions won 36-28, Pretoria
2014: Blue Bulls won 36-26, Pretoria

Prediction: The Golden Lions are hitting their straps at the right time in the competition and they will win by 12 points.


Golden Lions: 15 Jaco van der Walt, 14 Sylvian Mahuza, 13 Rohan Janse van Rensburg, 12 Harold Vorster, 11 Anthony Volmink, 10 Ashlon Davids, 9 Marco Janse van Vuren, 8 Ryan Kankowski, 7 Cyle Brink, 6 Albertus Smith, 5 Marvin Orie, 4 Andries Ferreira, 3 Jacobie Adriaanse, 2 Robbie Coetzee, 1 Jacques van Rooyen (captain).
Replacements: 16 Pieter Jansen, 17 Dylan Smith, 18 Johannes Jonker, 19 Robert Kruger, 20 Fabian Booysen, 21 Shaun Reynolds, 22 Aphiwe Dyantyi.

Blue Bulls: 15 Warrick Gelant, 14 Duncan Matthews, 13 Burger Odendaal (captain), 12 John Jackson, 11 Rabs Maxwane, 10 Marnitz Boshoff, 9 Andre Warner, 8 Jano Venter, 7 Jannes Kirsten, 6 Nic De Jager, 5 Aston Fortuin, 4 Ruben van Heerden, 3 Matthys Basson, 2 Edgar Marutlulle, 1 Pierre Schoeman. 
Replacements: 16 Johan Grobbelaar, 17 Dayan van der Westhuizen, 18 Tim Agaba, 19 Marco van Staden, 20 Ivan van Zyl, 21 Manie Libbok, 22 Johnny Kotze.

Referee: Egon Seconds
Assistant referees: Jaco van Heerden, Damon Murphy
TMO: Willie Vos

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Sharks cement top spot

Fri, 15 Sep 2017 15:00

CURRIE CUP MATCH REPORT: The Sharks cemented their place at the top of the standings with an impressive 40-22 demolition of Griquas in Kimberley on Friday.

Outscoring the home team by six tries to three the Sharks took a full-house five points back with them to Durban.

Griquas had their opportunities - despite the Sharks dominating possession - but they were simply not clinical enough and coughed the ball up far too often.

However, they must be applauded for when they got it right, they scored some special tries.

Matches in Kimberley have not always ended so happily for the Sharks and while it was tough early on, the visitors showed their pedigree to record their eighth win of the season.

Griquas drew first blood with a Kyle Steyn try, exploiting space out wide in the third minute.

An attacking line-out five minutes later turned into a maul, before quick hands from Curwin Bosch led to Marius Louw going over for the Sharks' first try - Curwin with Bosch levelling matters with the conversion.

Louw's centre partner Jeremy Ward scored the visitors' second try - following some good interplay between Bosch and Keegan Daniel. Bosch added the conversion.

With the game headed for half-time, a low, flat pass was sent to Odwa Ndungane out wide, but in the process of dotting down, the TMO review showed that the tackler had managed to push him into touch.

The Sharks were playing on a penalty advantage and this time Ross Geldenhuys was awarded a try after TMO review.

The Sharks took a 19-7 lead into the half-time break.

Like the first half, Griquas scored first after the break - having enjoyed rare ball possession in the early stages of the second half - a 45-metre penalty.

However, the home team's joy was short-lived. A penalty in Griquas' half was sent to touch, then the Sharks forwards drove the ball up from the line-out and Marius Louw hit the line straight and hard yo power over for his second try and the Sharks' bonus point.

Bosch converted for a 26-10 lead.

The Sharks added a fifth try after pushing Griquas off their own scrum ball. Tristan Blewett, with his first touch of the ball on debut, sprinted through the disorganised defence, unselfishly offloaded and Keegan Daniel was on hand to run in the try.

With a quarter of the game remaining and a 33-10 lead, the result looked to be locked down.

However, Griquas weren't going to just give up and struck back almost immediately with a second try - Enver Brandt showing great skill to get the ball to ground before being dragged into touch.

With two minutes remaining, Griquas put a very good passage of play together for Wilmar Arnoldi to score their third try.

Jeremy Ward scored a minute later after a strong break by Nkosi, to seal the win.

Man of the match: Adriaan Coertzen, George Whitehead and Jonathan Adendorf certainly did not harm their reputations. Jeremy Ward and Sibusiso Nkosi were constant threats with ball in hand. Scrumhalf Louis Schreuder had another standout game. Ruan Botha and Keegan Daniel also worked very hard. In a game of great excitement it was Springbok discard Curwin Bosch who showed most class - winning our award.

The scorers:

For Griquas:
Steyn, Brandt, Arnoldi
Cons: Whitehead 2
Pen: Whitehead

For the Sharks:
Louw 2, Ward 2, Geldenhuys, Daniel
Cons: Bosch 5


Griquas: 15 Adriaan Coertzen (captain), 14 Ederies Arendse, 13 Kyle Steyn, 12 Johnathan Francke, 11 Enver Brandt, 10 George Whitehead, 9 Renier Botha, 8 DeWet Kruger, 7 Sias Koen, 6 Wendal Wehr, 5 Pieter Janse van Vuren, 4 Jonathan Adendorf, 3 Stephan Kotze, 2 Abraham le Roux, 1 Nicolaas Oosthuizen.
Replacements: 16 Wilmar Arnoldi, 17 Liam Hendricks, 18 Sintu Manjezi, 19 Shaun McDonald, 20 Tiaan Dorfling, 21 Andre Swarts, 22 Eric Zana.

Sharks: 15 Garth April, 14 Odwa Ndungane, 13 Jeremy Ward, 12 Marius Louw, 11 Sibusiso Nkosi, 10 Curwin Bosch, 9 Louis Schreuder, 8 Lubabalo Mtembu, 7 Tyler Paul, 6 Keegan Daniel, 5 Ruan Botha (captain), 4 Jean Droste, 3 Ross Geldenhuys, 2 Franco Marais, 1 Juan Schoeman
Replacements: 16 Armand van der Merwe, 17 Thomas du Toit, 18 Hyron Andrews, 19 Wian Vosloo, 20 Michael Claassens, 21 Tristan Blewett, 22 Inny-Christian Radebe

Referee: Anselmi Federico (Argentina)
Assistant referees: AJ Jacobs, Mpho Matsaung
TMO: Shaun Veldsman


Kyle Steyn (2min), Enver Brandt (62min), and Wilmar Arnoldi (78min)
Marius Louw (6min), Jeremy Ward (25min), Ross Geldenhuys (39min), Marius Louw (48min), Keegan Daniel (58min), and Jeremy Ward (79min)
George Whitehead (3min) and George Whitehead (78min)
Curwin Bosch (7min), Curwin Bosch (26min), Curwin Bosch (49min), Curwin Bosch (59min), and Curwin Bosch (80min)
George Whitehead (45min)
VENUE Kimberley
REFEREE Anselmi Federico