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Golden Lions

Currie Cup | Durban
17:00 (GMT) | 29-09-2017
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Thank you for joining us for this Currie Cup clash. Join us tomorrow at 13:30 as we build up to the match between the Griquas and the Free State Cheetahs!!
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Lions continue to play after the hooter and they go coast to coast before the ball is lost forward and Ndungane says he had enough as he kicks the ball out and the Sharks come away with a great win in dreadful conditions and secure their spot on top of the log!! Well done to the men from Durban!
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Conversion is good!
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Sharks win the lineout and set the maul and Daniel breaks away and the pass to Radebe doesn't go to hand and Voster kicks ahead and Volmink chases, gathers and scores a consolation TRY!!
  • 78
Lions take the 22 drop out and the Sharks kick it back as the Lions look to attack from their 22 yet again and then Janse van Rensburg kicks across, but it goes as far as his own 22m line!
  • 77
Smith lines up the penalty attempt to stretch the lead even further and the ball falls down due to the wind so he will be under pressure to make the kick and it is away to the right!
  • 75
Lions look to attack from their half again and then van der Merwe snath the ball and the Sharks win a penalty for a side entry!
  • 74
Smith takes the ball out the scrum and then the ball is lost and then the ball is kicked through and Nkosi chases and claims the TRY! Referee checks and he rules a knock on by Nkosi. 5m defensive scrum to the Lions!
  • 74
Wright kicks the ball ahead off the scrum and Mahuza in an awkward position tries to catch it and knocks it on!Sharks scrum just outside the Lions 22 and Wright makes a good half break into the Lions 22 and the Sharks will look to score the killer blow and they win a penalty, tap and goes and then knocks on!
  • 72
Lions on the attack in the Sharks half and they are up to the Sharks 22. Sharks defence holds well and the pickup and drive from Smith is knocked on and the Sharks have a defensive scrum on their 22m line
  • 70
Sharks are hitting it up with their forwards and Bosch decides to add more points with a well worked Drop Goal!!
  • 69
Sharks win the scrum and he kicks long into the Lions 22 and they attack again from their half before losing some ground again in the process but keeps possession, but the Sharks defends well and win the turnover as they go on the attack!
  • 67
Lions win the scrum and are on the attack and Orie loses the ball in the tackle and he is also warned by Referee Berry for disrespecting him
  • 66
Lions work their way into the Sharks 22 and Voster grubbers through, but April covers and kicks ahead and the Lions are stuck in their half again before clearing and Claasens gathers, kicks ahead and the ball rolls into touch-in-goal. Scrum to the Lions in the Sharks half!
  • 64
Penalty to the Sharks in their 22 and Bosch clears up to his 10m line. Thye win the lineout and Bosch clears as Mahuza gathers and is tackled, but the Lions look to throw everything at it now as they attack up to halfway!!!
  • 62
Bosch Converts!!
  • 61
Bosch shapes to kick and then decides to run beating one defender and some great offloading between the forwards and they kick ahead and the mark is called as the Lions take the Drop and April goes on a run and makes his way into the Lions 22, but the ball is turned over and the Lions kicks ahead and the Lions receive as they look to attack in their 22, but it backfires as Ndungane intercepts Janse van Rensburg's pass and scores the TRY!!
  • 59
Bosch lines up the kick and it is away !
  • 58
Penalty for a high tackle to the Sharks and now Bosch will look to extend the Sharks lead even further from almost 50m's out!
  • 56
Penalty to the Sharks this time at scrum time!! Bosch will look to extend the lead to 11 points again and he does just that!!
  • 55
Back and forth kicking and then van der Walt couldn't gather the high ball and the Sharks have an attacking scrum!
  • 53
Penalty to the Lions at scrum time for pre-binding and Jaco van der Walt will look to get his side's first points and it is over!!
  • 52
Lions lineout outside the Sharks 22 and they win the lineout before setting up a ruck in midfield to play from and they pick and drive before it is knocked on and the Sharks will have a defensive scrum!!
  • 50
Scrum reset called and warns that he will sanction a pre-engage with a penalty and the Sharks win the scrum under some Pressure, and they kick ahead as Dyanti counters and it is a back and forth story in terms of possession and the Sharks kicks ahead, but Davids call as the mark for the 22 drop out!!
  • 47
Referee trying to get the scrums steady as they reset and go again, but a poor pass from the Lions sees the Sharks pick it up and then they lose it and Janse van Rensburg makes a half break and gives to Dyanti, but the pass is too high and goes into touch!
  • 45
Great pressure by the Lions pack and they force the error as du Preez knocks on and the Lions have an attacking scrum in the Sharks half!
  • 44
Booysen win the lineout for the Lions and they set the maul, but makes no meters and the Sharks manage to collapse it legally and win the turnover!!
  • 43
Sharks lose the lineout 8ms out and Janse van Vuuren clears and Ndungane takes and is smashed in the tackled by Dyanti and then Janse van Rensburg lose it forward, but they come back for an offside penalty! Lions lose the lineout and then Bosch clears to just outside his 22!
  • 41
Second half is underway through the boot of Curwin Bosch and Botha with a great take to get the ball back for his side and the Sharks start attacking outside the Lions 22 and they work themselves into the 22 before Bosch kicks across for Ndungane, but Dyanti takes it and then lose it into touch!

Half Time

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Lions lineout in the Sharks half, but the ball is over thrown and the Sharks have it back and Classens clears, but it is charged down and the Lions attack, but then the ball is knocked on as they went wide and that will be halftime!! See you back for the second half!
  • 39
Bosch finds touch and Botha win the lineout outside the Lions 22 and this time the Lions win the penalty for the ball being played on the ground!
  • 38
The Lions persist with the chipkick tactics and Ndunagne dots down and Bosch takes the dropout and the Lions look to attack again, but the Sharks win the penalty as the Lions played the ball on the ground!
  • 36
Lions win the lineout at the front rather sloppy but keeps possession, but they lose some ground in the process, but get it back with good pick and go's and Janse van Rensburg chips over the top but Blewitt have it covers and clears his line to inside his half!
  • 34
Lions win the scrum and Janse van Rensburg kicks ahead and April have it covered with the Mark and clears up to his 10m line!
  • 33
Lions set the maul and then they are told to use it and they shift it to the mid and play it up with their forwards before they take it wide and Ndungane looks to intercept and then knock it on! Scrum Lions 15ms from touch outside the Sharks 22!
  • 31
Yellow card against Keegan Daniel for a shoulder charge! second time this happened this season.
  • 31
Lions lineout outside the Sharks 22 after an April clearance. Lions set the maul and they are under advantage for a side entry and some handbags involved between Orie and du Toit as referee will look to check for foul play
  • 30
Lions get the ball from the scrum as Dyanti kicks ahead and the Lions get it back on halfway and they look to find their rhythm and van Vuuren kicks ahead and it just bounces too far and it is a 22 drop out to the Sharks!
  • 28
Sharks win the lineout and du Pree breaks away and look to offload, but then the ball is knocked on! Scrum to the Lions on their 22 and the reset is called for instability.
  • 26
Daniel takes the Lineout ball and they give it to Bosch who launch it high, but van der Walt covers and takes the 22 drop out and they get it back, but then lose the ball into touch!
  • 25
High ball by Bosch and almost bounced back into Sharks hands, but they manage to secure possession and Voster clear to outside his 22!
  • 24
Classens feeds the scrum and kicks ahead for Ndungane as he chases, but it is covered and the Lions have a 22 drop out!
  • 23
Sharks lineout on their 10m line and Marais throws in and finds Botha, but the throw is skew and the Lions have a scrum on the Sharks 10m line. They win the scrum under pressure and set up an attack as Davids kicks high, but the Sharks gathers and then Bosch clears and van der Walt Takes and gives to Davids who looks to run, but is well met in defence, the Sharks force a maul and the Lions is told to use it, fails to do so and the Sharks get the scrum turnover!
  • 21
It appears that the match will continue tonight as the player ran out and warmed up a bit...stay tuned
  • 21
Well the referee rules that a storm is approaching and the distance between the Storms and the lightning is too close and so this match will be suspended and be played when the conditions are better. We will continue with coverage should the match continue tonight...
  • 21
Bosch finds touch hallway between his 10m and 22m line. Referee stops the match to talk about safety of the match continuing....
  • 20
NO TRY!! Penalty to the Sharks for obstruction!
  • 20
Lions win the scrum as Booysen picks it up, turns his back and forms a maul and then it looks as if Janse van Vuuren scored, but referee will check for a knock on and obstruction!
  • 19
Scrum goes down, reset called.
  • 19
Vermeulen gathers the restart and gives a pass to April who Knocks it on 8ms from his own line and the Lions have a great attacking scrum opportunity!!
  • 17
Bosch looks to stretch the lead and does so!
  • 17
Daniel takes the lineout ball and the Sharks are working themselves into the Lions 22 as referee signals advantage and Bosch kicks a grubber for Nudngane to chase, but they come back for the penalty!
  • 16
Lions scrum on the Sharks 10m line and the Sharks get a good shove in, but the Lions get it back only to lose it forward and the Sharks have possession and win a penalty for offside by the Lions. Bosch finds touch just outside the Lions 22!
  • 14
April clears after the restart and the Lions have a lineout just inside the 10m line of the Sharks and Orie takes and the Lions set their attack again! they lose some momentum with a sloppy pass to Mahuza and then Ward rips the ball from the Lions, but then knocks on!
  • 12
Bosch missed the conversion!
  • 10
Davids kicks through, but Classens gathers and kicks ahead as he and April chases and Jaco van der Walt gathers but is tackled and the Sharks counter rucks and they pick and go and Thomas du Toit goes over for the TRY!!
  • 9
Scrum is reset. Lions get a free kick for an early engage by the Sharks and they set up their attack, but the Sharks defence holds very well as the Lions fails to make any meters so far
  • 7
Classens feed the scrum and gets it out before clearing his lines, but the ball only travels 10 meters from the kick and the Lions have an attacking lineout opportunity in the Sharks half, but the ball is knocked on by the Sharks and the Lions have a scrum.
  • 6
Ball failing to emerge from the ruck from the kickoff and the Sharks have a scrum in their 22.
  • 4
Sharks win a penalty for a side entry by Smith. Bosch look to get the first points of the match through the boot and his kick is over!!
  • 3
Coetzee's lineout throw finds Orie as the Lions set their maul from halfway and make some meters forward before Smith breaks away and then Davids launch it high, but the Sharks have possession back and kicks it back to the Lins who look to run it!!
  • 1
Slippery conditions already making its mark as captain Botha knocks the ball on from the restart! Lions have a scrum outside the Sharks 22 and they have a free kick and takes it quickly, but then lose the ball and theSharks look to counter, but Ndungane is tackled out on halfway!
  • 0
Referee Stuart Berry blows his whistle as Ashlon Davids gets us underway!!
  • -5
Prediction: After their recent run, it is hard to see the Sharks slipping up at home. The Sharks will win by eight points.
  • -7
Weather is very wet with thunderstorms so it will be interesting to see what approach the Lions will employ seeing that they are a very ball in hand orientated side.
  • -10
Players to watch: For the Sharks: Sibusiso Nkosi have been sensational this season and deservedly got a call up to the Springbok squad, but was released ahead of the Springbok’s clash with the Wallabies and will want to prove a point alongside his flyhalf Curwin Bosch to the Bok selectors with another impressive performance! For the Lions: Rohan Janse van Rensburg is another player with a point to prove to the national selectors, having missed the cut for the Rugby Championship, the Bok centre have done very well in recent weeks by breaking tackles, making clean breaks putting his wingers into space and scoring some great tries and will look to continue to do so tonight!
  • -15
The Lions have had a tough start to their season with a few losses in a row before finding some rhythm and racking up a few wins. They are in 4th position on the log and with the spots for 2nd, 3rd and 4th so close, every game will be vital for them.
  • -20
The Lions have won 4 out of the last 5 games against the Sharks in Currie Cup, but this Sharks side is already tipped as favourites for the 2017 title, and have won the last match between these sides as well and will look to do so again today
  • -25
The Sharks can secure top spot of the log with two rounds to spare whereas the Lions have to keep winning if they want to have any say in the playoff situation
  • -30
Welcome to the first Currie Cup match of the weekend between the log-leading Sharks and the Golden Lions from Growthpoint Kings Park in Durban!
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Golden Lions
  • 1 Thomas Du Toit
  • 2 Franco Marais
  • 3 Ross Geldenhuys
  • 4 Tyler Paul
  • 5 Ruan Botha
  • 6 Keegan Daniel
  • 7 Jacques Vermeulen
  • 8 Daniel du Preez
  • 9 Michael Claassens
  • 10 Curwin Bosch
  • 11 Sibusiso Nkosi
  • 12 Marius Louw
  • 13 Tristan Blewett
  • 14 Odwa Ndungane
  • 15 Garth April
  • 16 Armand van der Merwe
  • 17 Juan Schoeman
  • 18 Jean Droste
  • 19 Tera Mtembu
  • 20 Cameron Wright
  • 21 Inny-Christian Radebe
  • 22 Rhyno Smith
  • 1 Jacques van Rooyen
  • 2 Robbie Coetzee
  • 3 Jacobie Adriaanse
  • 4 Rhyno Herbst
  • 5 Marvin Orie
  • 6 Albertus Smith
  • 7 Cyle Brink
  • 8 Fabian Booysen
  • 9 Marco Jansen van Vuuren
  • 10 Ashlon Davids
  • 11 Aphiwe Dyantyi
  • 12 Rohan Janse van Rensburg
  • 13 Harold Voster
  • 14 Sylvian Mahuza
  • 15 Jaco van der Walt
  • 16 Sithembiso Sithole
  • 17 Peter Jansen
  • 18 Johannes Jonker
  • 19 Robert Kruger
  • 20 :\Len Massyn
  • 21 Bradley Thain
  • 22 Anthony Volmink
  • 23 Nicolaas Hanekom
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PREVIEW: Currie Cup, Round 12

Thu, 28 Sep 2017 16:57

IN THE SPOTLIGHT: The Sharks will have their sights set on cementing the top spot on the Currie Cup Premier Division log this weekend in what will be a decisive round for all six sides in action, with only two pool rounds remaining after this weekend.

The Sharks, Griquas and Pumas have only two matches left to seal their fate in the competition while the other four teams still have three matches to play.

While the Mpumalanga side have a bye this week and the KwaZulu-Natalians boast a comfortable 13-point cushion at the top of the table, their Kimberley counterparts find themselves in a tough position as they could drop out of the race even if they win both their remaining matches with bonus points.

We take a look at all the Round 12 action!

Friday, September 29:

Sharks v Golden Lions
(Kings Park, Durban - Kick-off: 19.00; 17.00 GMT)

In Durban, the Sharks will be hunting their 10th victory in a row when they host the Golden Lions, who come off three successive wins. 

They may, however, have to work hard for a win as the visitors will be equally determined to register a victory to remain in the top four on the standings.

The coastal side won the last outing between the sides in Johannesburg, but the Golden Lions won their four match-ups prior to that.

The Sharks made two changes to their team, with hooker Franco Marais replacing Mahlatse Ralepelle, who is on Springbok duty, and centre Tristan Blewett takes over from the injured Jeremy Ward, while the Golden Lions made three personnel changes, which sees lock Rhyno Herbst, No.8 Fabian Booysen and wing Aphiwe Dyanti start.

"We set goals for ourselves in this competition and are delighted to have won nine in a row," said Sharks head coach Robert du Preez.

"Despite our success, it is important that we keep our feet firmly on the ground and that there is no room for complacency going into these last two matches.
"Our emphasis is on ourselves and sticking to our game plan and what works for us.  The players know what is required of them and they love playing in front of our home crowd."

Recent results:
2017: Sharks won 47-31, Johannesburg
2016: Golden Lions won 28-16, Johannesburg
2015: Golden Lions won 26-18, Johannesburg
2015: Golden Lions won 31-16, Durban
2014: Golden Lions won 50-20, Johannesburg (semifinal)

Prediction: After their recent run, it is hard to see the Sharks slipping up at home. The Sharks will win by eight points.


Sharks: 15 Garth April, 14 Odwa Ndungane, 13 Tristan Blewett, 12 Marius Louw, 11 Sibusiso Nkosi, 10 Curwin Bosch, 9 Michael Claassens, 8 Daniel du Preez, 7 Jacques Vermeulen, 6 Keegan Daniel, 5 Ruan Botha (captain), 4 Tyler Paul, 3 Ross Geldenhuys, 2 Franco Marais, 1 Thomas du Toit.
Replacements: 16 Armand van der Merwe, 17 Juan Schoeman, 18 Jean Droste, 19 Lubabalo Mtembu, 20 Cameron Wright, 21 Inny Radebe, 22 Rhyno Smith.

Golden Lions: 15 Jaco van der Walt, 14 Sylvian Mahuza, 13 Harold Vorster, 12 Rohan Janse van Rensburg, 11 Aphiwe Dyantyi, 10 Ashlon Davids, 9 Marco Janse van Vuren, 8 Fabian Booysen, 7 Cyle Brink, 6 Albertus Smith, 5 Marvin Orie, 4 Rhyno Herbst, 3 Jacobie Adriaanse, 2 Robbie Coetzee, 1 Jacques van Rooyen (captain).
Replacements: 16 Sithembiso Sithole, 17 Pieter Jansen, 18 Johannes Jonker, 19 Robert Kruger, 20 Len Massyn, 21 Bradley Thain, 22 Anthony Volmink/Nicolaas Hanekom.

Referee: Stuart Berry
Assistant referees: Archie Sehlako, Vusi Msibi

Saturday, September 30:

Griquas v Free State Cheetahs
(Kimberley Park, Kimberley - Kick-off: 14.00; 12.00 GMT)

Griquas will be determined to bounce back from five consecutive defeats when they host the Free State Cheetahs in Kimberley on Saturday, while the visitors will look to build on their win last week to remain in second place on the log.

Interestingly, the hosts' last victory in the tournament was against their neighbours from Bloemfontein, but the Free State Cheetahs will draw inspiration from the fact that they have only suffered two defeats against Griquas since 2011.

The Griquas team shows 10 personnel changes, six of which are among the forwards, while captain and fullback Adriaan Coertzen makes a welcome return among the backs. The Free State Cheetahs, in turn, named the same side that pipped the Pumas last week.

Recent results:
2017: Griquas won 30-25, Bloemfontein
2016: Free State Cheetahs won 63-26, Bloemfontein
2015: Free State Cheetahs won 44-24, Bloemfontein
2015: Free State Cheetahs won 31-9, Kimberley
2014: Free State Cheetahs won 36-25, Kimberley

Prediction: Griquas are at home and they will be desperate for a win. Griquas will win by five points


Griquas: 15 Adriaan Coertzen (captain), 14 Kyle Steyn, 13 Tertius Kruger, 12 Johnathan Francke, 11 Enver Brandt, 10 George Whitehead, 9 Christiaan Meyer, 8 Conway Pretorius, 7 Sias Koen, 6 Wendal Wehr, 5 Floris Pelser, 4 Sintu Manjezi, 3 Stephan Kotze, 2 Abraham Le Roux, 1 Liam Hendricks.
Replacements: 16 Marius Fourie, 17 Louwrens Strydom, 18 Wandile Putuma, 19 Shaun McDonald, 20 DeWet Kruger, 21 Renier Botha, 22 Andre Swarts.

Free State Cheetahs: 15 Clayton Blommetjies, 14 Vuyani Maqina, 13 Ali Mgijima, 12 Lloyd Greeff, 11 Cecil Afrika, 10 Robbie Petzer, 9 Zee Mkhabela, 8 Jasper Wiese, 7 Chris Dry (captain), 6 Daniel Maartens, 5 Carl Wegner, 4 Dennis Visser, 3 Erich de Jager, 2 Joseph Dweba, 1 Gert Kotze.
Replacements: 16 Reinach Venter, 17 Andrew Kuhn, 18 Jeremy Jordaan, 19 Nicolaas Immelman, 20 Juan-Philip Smith, 21 Stephan Janse van Rensburg, 22 Jacobus Jonker.

Referee: Rasta Rasivhenge
Assistant referees: Mpho Matsaung and Griffin Colby
TMO: JJ Wagner

Sunday, October 1:

Blue Bulls v Western Province
(Loftus Versfeld, Pretoria - Kick-off: 14.30; 12.30 GMT)

The clash between the Blue Bulls and Western Province in Pretoria on Sunday will be equally entertaining as the hosts are under pressure to win their remaining matches after back-to-back defeats, while the visitors will want to build on their 55-point haul last week and remain in the top three on the standings.

The Capetonians won the last match between the sides, but the Blue Bulls won three of their last four matches at Loftus Versfeld, which they will want to build on. 

The clash will be particularly significant for Blue Bulls hooker Edgar Marutlulle and flyhalf Marnitz Boshoff, both of whom will earn their 50th Currie Cup caps. 

The Blue Bulls have named a new loose trio for the clash featuring Marco van Staden, Tim Agaba and Nic de Jager. 

WP coach John Dobson will announce his side on Friday.

Blue Bulls head coach John Mitchell said the quest to improve has not changed, neither did the objective within the group to improve week after week.

"We can do better in certain areas and have shown progress in others, one of which is some sort of consistency in team selection," said Mitchell. That alone should bring some calm, especially in the backs, but also improved communication in defence, an aspect that was lacking last week."

Blue Bulls captain Burger Odendaal, said the dangerous attackers in the visiting backline will be a huge challenge. 

"We will need to dominate the contact areas in order to put our backs and not theirs on the front foot. That will be crucial," Odendaal said.

Recent results:
2017: Western Province won 45-34, Cape Town
2016: Blue Bulls won 36-30, Pretoria (semifinal)
2016: Blue Bulls won 45-26, Pretoria
2015: Western Province won 23-18 (semifinal)
2015: Western Province won 29-14, Cape Town

Prediction: It will be physical in Pretoria and it will be close, but we thin Province will emerge victorious by 10 points or less


Blue Bulls: 15 Warrick Gelant, 14 Duncan Matthews, 13 Burger Odendaal (captain), 12 John Jackson, 11 Johnny Kotze, 10 Marnitz Boshoff, 9 Ivan van Zyl, 8 Nic de Jager, 7 Tim Agaba, 6 Marco van Staden, 5 Aston Fortuin, 4 Ruben van Heerden, 3 Conraad van Vuuren, 2 Edgar Marutlulle, 1 Pierre Schoeman.
Replacements: 16 Johan Grobbelaar, 17 Dayan van der Westhuizen, 18 Jano Venter, 19 Johannes Prinsloo, 20 Piet van Zyl, 21 Tony Jantjies, 22 Ulrich Beyers.

Western Province: 15 Damian Willemse, 14 Seabelo Senatla, 13 EW Viljoen, 12 Huw Jones, 11 Werner Kok, 10 Robert du Preez, 9 Jano Vermaak, 8 Nizaam Carr, 7 Cobus Wiese, 6 Jaco Coetzee, 5 John Schickerling, 4 Chris van Zyl (captain), 3 Frans van Wyk, 2 Ramone Samuels, 1 Jacobus Janse van Rensburg.
Replacements: 16 Dean Muir, 17 Allister Vermaak, 18 Wilco Louw, 19 Jan de Klerk, 20 Sikhumbuzo Notshe, 21 Dewaldt Duvenage, 22 Ruhan Nel.

Referee: Jaco van Heerden
Assistant referees: Jaco Pretorius, Egon Seconds

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Sharks outmuscle Lions in rain

Fri, 29 Sep 2017 18:45

CURRIE CUP REPORT: Sharks recorded their 10th consecutive Currie Cup win with a 24-10 win over the Golden Lions in a very wet Durban on Friday.

The result cements the Sharks at the top of the log as their keep galvanising their semifinal spot.

The Durban-based side now boast with 47 log points, while the Golden Lions remain fourth.

Torrential rain made conditions difficult for both sides, nonetheless similar to last week the Sharks managed to outscore the Golden Lions two tries to one.

The first half was fueled with drama. On the 20th minutes with Sharks leading 11-0 referee Stuart Barry - along with his official - decided to suspend the match as a result of the atrocious weather.

Fresh from a bye the Golden Lions appeared uneasy in the opening minutes and even gave away an easy penalty which Sharks' flyhalf Curwin Bosch successfully converted.

The Sharks soon extend their lead with a try by Thomas du Toit. Golden Lions' grubber was neatly collected by Michael Claassens inside his 22, and the scrumhalf's kick up-field got the Sharks in the oppositions' five. After a great steal at the breakdown,  prop Du Toit scrambled over the line for the try, 8-0.

Bosch missed the conversion but made up for it with an another successful penalty kick, 11-0.

Golden Lions almost bagged their first try, however, an obstruction and a knock-on kept the visitors scoreless.

After the 15-minute suspension due to lighting, the Currie Cup fixture just turned really ugly and scrappy, even the Sharks skipper Keegan Daniel was given a yellow card for a shoulder charged Fabian Booysen.

Lucky for the Sharks, the Golden Lions failed to exploit the numeral advantage and had to settle for a 0-11 deficit at the break.

As the second half proceeded the rainy weather made keeping possession difficult.  However,  Golden Lions started to play more in the right spaces, and finally got their first points on the points thanks to a successful penalty by Jaco Van der Walt in the 53rd minute.

They continued to press but soon Bosch cancelled out their three points with a penalty.

On the hour mark, the Golden Lions' hopes of bagging a rare win finally disappeared as veteran Odwa Ngugana intercepted a ball inside the visitors' five and sidestepped his way over for the five points. Bosch added the extras, 21-3.

The Sharks continued to attack and fed the ball to Bosch for a successful dropped goal.  

With a healthy 21-point lead the Sharks took their foot off the gas, and the Golden Lions managed to score a consolation try, thanks to the speedster Anthony Volmink. Van der Walt added the extras.

Man of the match: Curwin Bosch out of hand kicks were amazing in the conditions, while Agrth April's breaks got the side in the right spaces. However, our nod goes to Michael Claasens, whose awareness in attack and defence proved to be vital.

The scorers:

For Sharks:
Du Toit, Ngugane
Con: Bosch
Pens: Bosch 3
DG: Bosch

For Golden Lions:
: Volmink
Con: Vander Walt
Pen: Van der Walt

Yellow Card: Keegan Daniel (Sharks, 32 - Shoulder charge)


Sharks: 15 Garth April, 14 Odwa Ndungane, 13 Tristan Blewett, 12 Marius Louw, 11 Sibusiso Nkosi, 10 Curwin Bosch, 9 Michael Claassens, 8 Daniel du Preez, 7 Jacques Vermeulen, 6 Keegan Daniel, 5 Ruan Botha (captain), 4 Tyler Paul, 3 Ross Geldenhuys, 2 Franco Marais, 1 Thomas du Toit.
Replacements: 16 Armand van der Merwe, 17 Juan Schoeman, 18 Jean Droste, 19 Lubabalo Mtembu, 20 Cameron Wright, 21 Inny Radebe, 22 Rhyno Smith.

Golden Lions: 15 Jaco van der Walt, 14 Sylvian Mahuza, 13 Harold Vorster, 12 Rohan Janse van Rensburg, 11 Aphiwe Dyantyi, 10 Ashlon Davids, 9 Marco Janse van Vuren, 8 Fabian Booysen, 7 Cyle Brink, 6 Albertus Smith, 5 Marvin Orie, 4 Rhyno Herbst, 3 Jacobie Adriaanse, 2 Robbie Coetzee, 1 Jacques van Rooyen (captain).
Replacements: 16 Sithembiso Sithole, 17 Pieter Jansen, 18 Johannes Jonker, 19 Robert Kruger, 20 Len Massyn, 21 Bradley Thain, 22 Anthony Volmink.

Referee: Stuart Berry
Assistant referees: Archie Sehlako, Vusi Msibi

Thomas Du Toit (10min) and Odwa Ndungane (61min)
Anthony Volmink (79min)
Curwin Bosch (62min)
Jaco van der Walt (79min)
Curwin Bosch (4min), Curwin Bosch (17min), and Curwin Bosch (56min)
Jaco van der Walt (53min)
Curwin Bosch (70min)
Keegan Daniel (31min)
VENUE Durban
REFEREE Stuart Berry