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England U20

17     64

New Zealand U20

Under-20 World Cup | Tbilisi
14:00 (GMT) | 18-06-2017
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Perofeta takes his kick and puts on the final 2 points. FULL TIME
  • 78
The English have it at the half way but the pressure is applied and it's lost forward. They play advantage and Jacobson picks up the loose ball then sprints away from the back line and goes on to score a TRY
  • 77
They lose the ball at the half way and New Zealand build. It's knocked forward and the hosts have a scrum at the mid field
  • 76
The hosts take the ball after the scrum and try to play themselves out of their half. They win a penalty and look to take it quickly
  • 75
Scrum reset
  • 74
Scrum to the away team shortly after the restart
  • 72
The conversion kick is sent wide
  • 71
The English break after the scrum and show some good character to play the ball forward despite the score. Bayliss the man to go over the line
  • 70
The ball lost forward at the 22 of the hosts and England have a scrum
  • 69
The ball moved down field then tackled into touch. Line-out to the away team
  • 68
The restart kick lands in the hands of the English after the contest but they lose it at the half way
  • 67
The conversion is good
  • 66
New Zealand pass it around the 22 as they search for the gap they know will come.Christie gets the ball and slips through a few and carries himself over the line with two players on him. TRY
  • 65
The hosts lose it at the mi field and the counter attack is on
  • 64
They make it to the 5 but the ball is turned over and cleared into touch at the home team 10
  • 63
The hosts have a scrum after the restart kick as it's lost forward during contact. The English win a penalty and look to take it quickly. They find themselves inside the 22 now
  • 62
The conversion kick sent wide again
  • 61
The ball lost forward after a counter attack and Aumua is there to pick up the scraps. He puts on his dancing shoes and passes three tacklers then rams over 4 to score a hatrick.
  • 59
Scrum reset. The hosts take their scrum and move the ball to the half way looking to break but don't find the space
  • 58
Scrum to the home side at their 5
  • 57
Scrum around the mid field and the visitors break to the 22 with extreme pace. They force themselves inside but lose it at the 5
  • 56
A quick tap taken and they rush forward to the half way before the referee sounds his whistle for a kick to the New Zealand side
  • 55
Scrum to the hosts at their 22 and they win a penalty
  • 54
The restart kick is sent deep but lost forward
  • 53
The kick is sent wide from a surprisingly close position
  • 52
The hosts win the ball after the scrum. They press to the 5 and win a penalty then it's taken quickly by Mitchell who slips over the line to score the TRY. Great impact after just coming on
  • 51
The ball knocked on by Ibitoye after he gets it on the wing and the away team have a scrum at their 22
  • 50
The baby Blacks sends them to the half way then the ball is kicked forward into touch from the half way. Scrum to the English at the mid field
  • 49
The hosts have a line-out at the 22 of the away team. They display some good passes along the inside pf the pitch but can't find a way through
  • 48
The referee refers to the TMO for a high tackle and Lindenmuth is awarded a yellow card
  • 47
The reset kick booted out field and the English have it at the mid field
  • 46
The kick is sent wide
  • 45
Aumua gets it after the line-out and he makes a strong run to the 5. The ball moved up field to McKay who is tackled in the 5 but roles into the try area for the 5 points.
  • 44
Penalty to the baby Blacks from the scrum and the ball kicked into touch at the 5. The line-out stolen by the English and cleared
  • 43
Scrum to hosts at their 10 after it's knocked forward
  • 42
The away team have a kick after some back and forth play. They win a penalty outside the 10 and Perofeta tries his luck at goal but sends it wide
  • 41
The second half is underway

Half Time

  • 40
The conversion is good. HALF TIME
  • 40
The restart kick taken and the English are pushed back to their half. Jacobson gets it inside the 5 after a brilliant run by Clarke to make space for his captain. TRY
  • 39
Perofeta puts on another 2
  • 37
The New Zealand team push forward after the scrum and Auma gets a double. TRY
  • 36
Scrum reset
  • 35
Scrum to the away team inside the 22 of the hosts
  • 34
The ball at the half way now and it's lost forward by the hosts as they are driven back. Scrum to the away team around the 10 of the hosts
  • 33
Line-out after the scrum and the English make attempts at powering forward but the baby Blacks make some crunching tackles
  • 32
Scrum reset
  • 31
The ball at the 5 now with England and the referee sounds his whistle for a New Zealand scrum
  • 30
The English win a penalty after the restart and the ball is kicked into touch.They take their throw and go for a maul
  • 29
Conversion is good. Mullis is taken off the field on a stretcher due to an injury
  • 28
Jordan takes it from the reset and he makes a run from his 22 to the 22 of the hosts before offloading to Aumua again. They make it to the 5 and Walker-Leawere gets it from the ruck to score another TRY
  • 26
Perofeta makes it 2 from 4
  • 25
The ball at the 22 of the English now. Jordan gets it and goes to the wing. He offloads to Aumua basket ball style who rams into the last defender and scores a TRY
  • 24
The English take their scrum. The ball is kicked into touch. The hosts lose it forward and the New Zealand side have a scrum
  • 23
Faing'anuku gets it from the scrum and runs along the line but it's knocked out of his hand. Line-out to the hosts at their 5. The English change their mind to take a scrum instead
  • 22
Scrum reset
  • 21
Scrum to the English inside their half
  • 20
The reset kick goes into touch after it's contested. The boys in black take a throw at the half time but lose it forward around the 10
  • 19
Malins secures the 2 extra points
  • 18
They edge inside the 22. The dummy pass to Earl gave the flanker enough time to run into to space and go through the line and score a TRY
  • 17
England win a penalty then kick into touch. The ball with them now inside the away team 10
  • 16
The flyhalf takes a shot at goal and sends it wide
  • 15
Penalty to the New Zealand side
  • 14
Scrum outside the 5 of the hosts and the referee blows for a penalty to the home team. The ball kicked into forward but not into touch and the baby Blacks have it at the 10 of the hosts
  • 13
The reset kick is taken by the hosts and they have it around the mid field. The visitors break to the 22 and kick forward but the catch is not that great. It's lost forward
  • 12
Malins lines it up for a kick at goal and sends it wide surprisingly enough
  • 11
The English take their restart kick and win a penalty around the 22; offside by the leaders
  • 10
The conversion is good
  • 9
Rakete-Stones gets it at the 5 and prop sells a dummy at the 5 then goes over to score the TRY
  • 8
Scrum to the hosts but taken by New Zealand. They have it and move inside the 22 as Clarke shrugs off a few players
  • 7
The restart kick is taken and the flyhalf, Perofeta makes a run over 50 meters to the 22 of the hosts but loses it forward
  • 5
The kick sent wide
  • 4
They turnover and push inside the 22. They drive forward and Papalii forces himself over the line and puts it down. The referee looks to the TMO for a possible knock-on. None found and the TRY is awarded
  • 3
The taken out the subsequent ruck and cleared. The baby Blacks move forward again but lose it forward and give away another scrum
  • 2
Scrum to the hosts around the half way
  • 1
The ball booted back and forth after the kickoff. New Zealand have it and move inside the English's half. The ball is lost forward
  • 0
The referee blows and we're off!
  • -5
The national anthems being sung now
  • -7
The players exiting he tunnel now
  • -10
Both teams are unbeaten thus far, which provide a platform for an enthralling final.
  • -20
Since the start of the tournament in 2008, the two sides have won eight titles between them, five for New Zealand and three for England.
  • -30
Welcome to Tbilisi for the final of the under 20 World Cup. England will be tackling New Zealand
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England U20
Mc new zealand ed
New Zealand U20
  • 15 Tom Parton
  • 14 Darren Atkins
  • 13 Will Butler
  • 12 Jacob Umaga
  • 11 Gabriel Ibitoye
  • 10 Max Malins
  • 9 Harry Randall
  • 8 Zach Mercer
  • 7 Ben Earl
  • 6 Dino Lamb
  • 5 Jack Nay
  • 4 Josh Caulfield
  • 3 Claran Knight
  • 2 Joe Mullis
  • 1 Ralph Adams-Hale
  • 23 Paolo Odogwu
  • 22 James Grayson
  • 21 Alex Mitchell
  • 20 Josh Bayliss
  • 19 Justin Clegg
  • 18 Alex Seville
  • 17 Ollie Dawe
  • 16 Henry Walker
  • 16 Will Jordan
  • 15 Tima Faing'anuku
  • 14 Braydon Ennor
  • 13 Orbyn Leger
  • 12 Caleb Clarke
  • 10 Stephen Perofeta
  • 9 Ereatari Enari
  • 8 Marino Mikaele-Tuu
  • 7 Dalton Papalii
  • 6 Luke Jacobson
  • 5 Sam Slade
  • 4 Isala Walker-Leawere
  • 3 Pouri Rakete-Stones
  • 2 Asafo Aumua
  • 1 Ezekiel Lindenmuth
  • 24 Josh McKay
  • 23 Tamati Tua
  • 22 Kemara Haulti Parapara
  • 21 Tom Christie
  • 20 Sam Caird
  • 19 Alex Fidow
  • 18 Harrison Allan
  • 17 JP Sauni
Mc article new zealand luke jacobson

Preview: U20 Championship, Finals

Sat, 17 Jun 2017 10:51

UNDER-20 CHAMPIONSHIP SPOTLIGHT: The two most successful teams in Under-20 Championships history,  New Zealand and England will contest the 2017 Championship final on Sunday, June 18.

Since the start of the tournament in 2008, the two sides have won eight titles between them, five for New Zealand and three for England.

Both teams are unbeaten thus far, which provide a platform for an enthralling final.

Defending champions England won all their pool matches and reached their fifth successive final after a titanic battle with the Junior Springboks in the first semifinal, one only settled when captain Zach Mercer went over for his second try with four minutes to go to secure his side a 24-22 victory.

New Zealand, the five-time champions who have won all of their previous meetings with England in the title decider, survived France's second-half comeback with a 39-26 victory.

England U20 head coach Ian Vass praised his side's achievements and stated that their rough road to the final has prepared the side well for the inform New Zealand team.

"We have had a tougher route to the final than New Zealand however tight games bring the best out of the players and the team, and we have shown how to come out on top," said Vass.

"Throughout the competition we haven’t put too much pressure on winning and it has been learning as a group.

"Each team we play has different strengths and the team we have picked will give us the best opportunity of winning. It would be fantastic achievement for the players to lift the trophy on Sunday and they are all excited to get on the field," he added.

In the third-place play-off, South Africa will take on France. The two sides played to a 23-all draw in their opening fixture of the round robin phase. The hero of that match, Curwin Bosch misses the third-place fixture due to an ankle injury. Manie Libbok dons the number 10 jumper, while  Jeanluc Cilliers starts at fullback.

Zain Davids returns and will start in the loose trio with Junior Bok captain Ernst van Rhyn and No 8 Juarno Augustus after serving his suspension.

The Junior Springboks head coach Chean Roux is expecting a physical onslaught from France, who finished as the runners-up in the U20 Six Nations competition earlier this season, and said the first quarter would be vital.

"I think they are going to try to slow the game down and they will want to come hard at us in the scrums and lineouts," said Roux.

"Knowing the French, the first 20 minutes are going to be crucial as that is where the foundation will be laid. So we have to come out guns blazing and apply pressure on them as quickly as possible,"

Scotland will face Australia for fifth-place before Wales meet Italy in the seventh-place play-off.

Samoa tackle Argentina in the 11th place play-off at Avchala Stadium with the loser relegated to the U20 Trophy in 2018.

(Sunday, June 18 - all games in Tbilisi. Kick-off is local time: GMT plus four hours)

Samoa v Argentina (12.00)
Ireland v Georgia (13.00)
Scotland v Australia (14.30)
South Africa v France (15.30)
Wales v Italy (17.00)
England v New Zealand (18.00)

*Click here for a look at the RESULTS

Confirmed teams:

Samoa v Argentina

Samoa: 15 Alexander Pohla-Muray, 14 Darren Moore, 13 Hunter Paisami, 12 Taniula Tele'a, 11 Losilosivale Filipo, 10 Kerrod Christian Foaese, 9 Pupi Ah See, 8 Sione Tuipolotu, 7 Caleb Faalili, 6 Wyatt-Misitaga Uauta-Setu, 5 Peato Toeafe, 4 Theodore Avei Solipo, 3 Suetena Asomua, 2 Petelo Ikenasio, 1 Setu Enoka.
Replacements: 16 Frank Tupuola, 17 Afioga Ielemia, 18 Noel Sanft, 19 Shammah-Anthony Solomona, 20 Francis Ah Him, 21 Godinet Tinei, 22 Tagaloa Fonoti, 23 Ricky Pauli Ene.

Argentina: 15 Bautista Delguy, 14 Tomás Malanos (captain), 13 Felipe Maria Freyre, 12 Teo Castiglioni, 11 Luciano González, 10 Tomás Albornoz, 9 Matías Sauze, 8 Nicolàs Walker, 7 Agustín Medrano, 6 Bautista Stávile, 5 Lucas Paulos, 4 Christian Nahuel Milan, 3 Alejandro Luna, 2 José Luis González, 1 Santiago Pullela.
Replacements: 16 Leonel Oviedo, 17 Rodrigo Martínez, 18 Jeremias Tarter, 19 Alfonso Tomas Zottola, 20 Santiago Ruiz, 21 Gonzalo García, 22 Juan B Daireaux, 23 Facundo Ferrario.

Ireland v Georgia

Ireland: 15 Alan Tynan, 14 Michael Silvester, 13 Gavin Mullin, 12 David McCarthy, 11 Calvin Nash, 10 Conor Dean, 9 Jack Stafford, 8 Caelan Doris, 7 Paul Boyle (captain), 6 John Foley, 5 Oisin Dowling, 4 Fineen Wycherley, 3 Charlie Connolly, 2 Ronan Kelleher, 1 Jordan Duggan.
Replacements: 16 Adam Moloney, 17 Joey Conway, 18 Greg McGrath, 19 Jack Regan, 20 Gavin Coombes, 21 Jonny Stewart, 22 Ciaran Frawley, 23 Mark Keane.

Georgia: 15 Miriani Modebadze, 14 Saba Svimonishvili, 13 Bezhani Gavashelishvili, 12 Giorgi Kveseladze, 11 Davit Meskhi, 10 Gela Abzhandadze, 9 Gela Aprasidze, 8 Arseni Machaladze, 7 Ilia Spanderashvili (captain), 6 Beka Saghinadze, 5 Koba Jimsheleishvili, 4 Lashia Jaiani, 3 Guram Papidze, 2 Levan Papidze, 1 Guram Gogichashvili.
Replacements: 16 Levan Tchavtchavadze, 17 Ushangi Tcheishvili, 18 Lasha Tabidze, 19 Tornike Jalagonia, 20 Sandro Mamamtavrishvili, 21 Luka Dvalishvili, 22 Giorgi Tsiklauri, 23 Beka Mamukashvili.

Scotland v Australia

Scotland: 15 Blair Kinghorn, 14 Robbie Nairn, 13 Ross McCann, 12 Stafford McDowall, 11 Darcy Graham, 10 Connor Eastgate, 9 Andrew Simmers, 8 Tom Dodd, 7 Matt Fagerson, 6 Luke Crosbie, 5 Callum Hunter-Hill (captain), 4 Alex Craig, 3 Adam Nicol, 2 Fraser Renwick, 1 George Thornton.
Replacements: 16 Robbie Smith, 17 Fergus Bradbury, 18 Daniel Winning, 19 Hamish Bain, 20 Bruce Flockhart, 21 Charlie Shiel, 22 Josh Henderson, 23 Lewis Berg.

Australia: 15 Liam McNamara, 14 Henry Hurchison, 13 Izaia Perese, 12 Sione Tuipulotu, 11 Semisi Tupou, 10 Hamish Stewart, 9 Harrison Goddard, 8 Reece Hewat, 7 Liam Wright, 6 Angus Scott-Young, 5 Harrison Hockings, 4 Ryan McCauley, 3 Shambeckler Vui, 2 Jordan Uelese, 1 Cody Walker.
Replacements: 16 Efi Maafu, 17 Harry Johnson-Holmes, 18 Gavis Luka, 19 Lachlan Swinton, 20 Rob Valentini, 21 Harry Nucifora, 22 Nick Jooste, 23 Dylan Riley.

South Africa v France

South Africa: 15 Jean-Luc Cilliers, 14 Yaw Penxe, 13 Stedman Gans, 12 Damian Willemse, 11 Gianni Lombard, 10 Manie Libbok, 9 Embrose Papier, 8 Juarno Augustus, 7 Ernst van Rhyn (captain), 6 Zain Davids, 5 Ruben van Heerden, 4 Salmaan Moerat, 3 Carlu Sadie, 2 Johan Grobbelaar, 1 Gerhard Steenekamp.  
Replacements: 16 Kwenzo Blose, 17 Daniel Jooste, 18 Wikus Groenewald, 19 Reinhard Nothnagel, 20 Muller Uys, 21 Francois de Villiers, 22 David Brits, 23 Wandisile Simelane.

France: 15 Romain Buros, 14 Lucas Tauzin, 13 Theo Millet, 12 Pablo Uberti, 11 Faraj Fartass, 10 Baptiste Couilloud, 9 Arthur Coville, 8 Selevasio Tolofua, 7 Baptiste Pesenti, 6 Alexandre Roumat, 5 Mickaël Capelli, 4 Florian Verhaeghe (captain), 3 Zakaria El Fakir, 2 Peato Mauvaka, 1 Georges-Henri Colombe.
Replacements: 16 Daniel Brennan, 17 Florian Dufour, 18 Thomas Laclayat, 19 Killian Geraci, 20 Ibrahim Diallo, 21 Thomas Laurent Alex Darmon, 22 Nathan Decron, 23 Arthur Retiere.

Wales v Italy

Wales: 15 Phil Jones, 14 Jared Rosser, 13 Ioan Nicholas, 12 Owen Lane, 11 Ryan Conbeer, 10 Arwel Robson, 9 Reuben Morgan-Williams, 8 James Botham, 7 Will Jones (captain), 6 Shane Lewis-Hughes, 5 Callum Bradbury, 4 Will Griffiths, 3 Kieron Assiratti, 2 Ellis Shipp, 1 Rhys Carre.
Replacements: 16 Owen Hughes, 17 Tom Mably, 18 Steff Thomas, 19 Aled Ward, 20 Syd Blackmore, 21 Dane Blacker, 22 Connor Edwards, 23 Cameron Lewis.

Italy: 15 Massimo Cioffi, 14 Andrea De Masi, 13 Marco Zanon, 12 Dario Schiabel, 11 Giovanni D'Onofrio, 10 Antonio Rizzi, 9 Charly Vincenzo Ernst Trussardi, 8 Giovanni Licata, 7 Michele Lamaro, 6 Jacopo Bianchi, 5 Lorenzo Masselli, 4 Niccolò Cannone, 3 Marco Riccioni (captain), 2 Alberto Rollero, 1 Danilo Fischetti.
Replacements: 16 Massimo Ceciliani, 17 Daniele Rimpelli, 18 Dante Gavrilita, 19 Edoardo Iachizzi, 20 Lodovico Manni, 21 Emilio Fusco, 22 Filippo Di Marco, 23 Andrea Bronzini.

New Zealand v England

New Zealand: 15 Will Jordan, 14 Tima Faingaanuku, 13 Braydon Ennor, 12 Orbyn Leger, 11 Caleb Clarke, 10 Stephen Perofeta, 9 Ereatara Enari, 8 Marino Mikaele-Tuu, 7 Dalton Papali'i, 6 Luke Jacobson (captain), 5 Samuel Slade, 4 Isaia Walker-Leawere, 3 Pouri Rakete-Stones, 2 Asafo Aumua, 1 Ezekiel Lindenmuth.
Replacements: 16 JP Sauni, 17 Harrison Allan, 18 Alex Fidow, 19 Sam Caird, 20 Tom Christie, 21 Kemara Hauiti-Parapara, 22 Tamati Tua, 23 Josh McKay.

England: 15 Tom Parton, 14 Darren Atkins, 13 Will Butler, 12 Jacob Umaga, 11 Gabriel Ibitoye, 10 Max Malins, 9 Harry Randall, 8 Zach Mercer (captain), 7 Ben Earl, 6 Dino Lamb, 5 Jack Nay, 4 Josh Caulfield, 3 Ciaran Knight, 2 Joe Mullis, 1 Ralph Adams-Hale.
Replacements: 16 Henry Walker, 17 Ollie Dawe, 18 Alex Seville, 19 Justin Clegg, 20 Josh Bayliss, 21 Alex Mitchell, 22 James Grayson, 23 Paolo Odogwu.

Source: @WorldRugby

Mc article new zealand u20 asafo aumua scores 800

Baby Blacks power to U20 title

Sun, 18 Jun 2017 16:41

WORLD U20 CHAMPIONSHIP REPORT: New Zealand's Under-20s reclaimed the World Under 20 Championship title with a powerful dissembling of England in a one-sided Final which resulted in a record 64-17 scoreline.

The 10 tries to three win was redemption for the side which was eliminated in pool play in 2016 and a triumph for captain and flank Luke Jacobson while hooker Asafo Aumua capped a superb tournament with a hat-trick of tries before injury forced him from the field.

But it was a team effort with outstanding contributions across a team which stamped its authority almost from the kick-off to start the game.

Jacobson said the side had put in a lot of work since November and he was 'stoked' to win the tournament. There had been a lot of chat after they had eased up in the second half of the semi-final against France so they were determined to put their foot on England's throat in the final.

He followed his brother Mitchell onto the winners' rostrum from two years ago and said looking at his brother's medal had been an inspiration for him.

The side suffered no loss of momentum with the enforced replacement of concussed flyhalf Tiaan Falcon after the French semi-final. Stephen Perofeta was flown in from New Zealand - where he was part of the Blues team who beat the British & Irish Lions - and had his own reward having said at the start of the season that he had some unfinished business at the U20 tournament after last year's disappointment.

It was his final conversion of seven that broke the highest score of 62 points scored by New Zealand against Australia in 2010.

England went into the game with the reputation for its forward pack but twice in the first five minutes it was the New Zealand forwards who showed they were ready for the challenge. From a tighthead out from England's 22, scrumhalf Ereatara Enari ran the ball blind and the ball moved through four phases before flank Dalton Papali'i picked up the ball and dived over the ruck for the first try.

From the restart Perofeta broke from his own 22 and raced 70 metres downfield.

His decision to continue alone saw the ball lost in the tackle but while England won the scrum, the ball was turned over and lock Isaia Walker-Leawere charged ahead. Moving the ball left, wing Caleb Clarke made a strong run before feeding inside to Aumua. From the ruck prop Pouri Rakete-Stones picked up the ball at speed and pushed through a gap for a ninth-minute try.

New Zealand mistakes, and penalties, failed them and allowed England back into the game after flank Ben Earls - who was one of the best of his side - made a strong run infield into the New Zealand 22. 

Several rucks followed before flyhalf Max Malins, who had missed a penalty goal attempt from straight in front, held the ball up before releasing it to Earls who ploughed into a gap and straight ahead for a try.

England had a lucky break after an Enari blindside break allowed wing Tima Faingaanuku a run down the line but the ball was ripped from his grasp just short of the goal-line. Conceding a penalty from the scrum, New Zealand then held England scrumhalf Harry Randall up in a maul to win a turnover.

Moving the ball from the scrum, New Zealand fullback Will Jordan ran into the line and through a gap to pass the ball to hooker Asafo Aumua who barged through the defence to score in the 25th minute.

Just after the restart England kicked downfield to Jordan who took the ball unchallenged, straightened the play and set off downfield where Aumua was there in support. Papali'i was on hand to carry play to the line and it was Walker-Leawere who crossed in the 28th minute.

A lengthy break while and England hooker Joe Mullis was taken from the ground did not stop the New Zealanders, who finished the half with two tries in three minutes, both of them involving bullocking runs by Clarke on the left. 

From the first it was Auvua who scored a second try and then after Clarke claimed a downfield kick by inside centre Orbyn Leger. He almost reached the goal-line before he was halted, but not before feeding captain and flank Jacobson over as New Zealand completed the half with 40 points in 40 minutes.

In scoring the try, Clarke looked to take a blow to his head and he was replaced at half-time by Josh McKay, who celebrated by making full use of another Aumua break to score the opening try of the second half.

New Zealand lost shape and the sin-binning of prop Ezekiel Lindenmuth for an unnecessary late and high shot on prop Ralph Adams-Hale and England responded with a try to replacement scrumha;lf Alex Mitchell.

But when restored to full strength, Aumua - in his final act of his game - capitalised on a turnover worked by Jordan off an England midfield play. Taking the ball up high 15 metres out from England's line, Aumua beat four defenders and then cork-screwed his way over the line to complete his hat-trick of tries.

There was more to come with turnovers which saw replacement flank Tom Christie and Jacobson score before the end.


For England U20:
Tries: Earl, Mitchell, Bayliss
Con: Malins

For New Zealand U20:
Tries: Papali'i, Rakete-Stones, Aumua 3, Walker-Leawere, Jacobson 2, McKay, Christie
Cons: Perofeta 7

Yellow card: Ezekiel Lindenmuth (New Zealand, 48; high tackle)

England: 15 Tom Parton, 14 Darren Atkins, 13 Will Butler, 12 Jacob Umaga, 11 Gabriel Ibitoye, 10 Max Malins, 9 Harry Randall, 8 Zach Mercer (captain), 7 Ben Earl, 6 Dino Lamb, 5 Jack Nay, 4 Josh Caulfield, 3 Ciaran Knight, 2 Joe Mullis, 1 Ralph Adams-Hale.
Replacements: 16 Henry Walker, 17 Ollie Dawe, 18 Alex Seville, 19 Justin Clegg, 20 Josh Bayliss, 21 Alex Mitchell, 22 James Grayson, 23 Paolo Odogwu.

New Zealand: 15 Will Jordan, 14 Tima Faingaanuku, 13 Braydon Ennor, 12 Orbyn Leger, 11 Caleb Clarke, 10 Stephen Perofeta, 9 Ereatara Enari, 8 Marino Mikaele-Tuu, 7 Dalton Papali'i, 6 Luke Jacobson (captain), 5 Samuel Slade, 4 Isaia Walker-Leawere, 3 Pouri Rakete-Stones, 2 Asafo Aumua, 1 Ezekiel Lindenmuth.
Replacements: 16 JP Sauni, 17 Harrison Allan, 18 Alex Fidow, 19 Sam Caird, 20 Tom Christie, 21 Kemara Hauiti-Parapara, 22 Tamati Tua, 23 Josh McKay.

Referee: Nic Berry (Australia)
Assistant referees: Frank Murphy (Ireland), Andrea Piardi (Italy)
TMO: Johan Greeff (South Africa)


Ben Earl (18min), Alex Mitchell (52min), and Josh Bayliss (71min)
Dalton Papalii (4min), Pouri Rakete-Stones (9min), Asafo Aumua (25min), Isala Walker-Leawere (28min), Asafo Aumua (37min), Luke Jacobson (40min), Josh McKay (45min), Asafo Aumua (61min), Tom Christie (66min), and Luke Jacobson (78min)
Max Malins (19min)
Stephen Perofeta (10min), Stephen Perofeta (26min), Stephen Perofeta (29min), Stephen Perofeta (39min), Stephen Perofeta (40min), Stephen Perofeta (67min), and Stephen Perofeta (80min)
Ezekiel Lindenmuth (48min)
VENUE Tbilisi ( , Georgia )
REFEREE Nic Berry (Australia)