Watson: We have [mostly] delivered

Fri, 20 Nov 2015 08:52

CHEEKY WATSON IN HIS OWN VOICE: rugby365 brings you the recording of Watson's media briefing this week, where he speaks about the Southern Kings' financial crisis.

Watson, the Eastern Province Rugby Union President, said he is not bothered about negativity surrounding him.

He was addressing the media after his return from Australia - a fund-raising trip for the embattled Kings.

"The Kings should not be about Cheeky Watson or a personality, it should be about the franchise," Watson told the media briefing.

He was adamant that it is NOT a one-man show and that there is a "collective" that leads the Kings.

"When it turns, and it will turn, I am not looking at accolades from anyone," he said about the ongoing cash crisis - with players and officials still awaiting their October salaries.

"I was brought from Cape Town to change the fortunes of EP rugby," he said, adding: "The leadership that was elected way back then have done exceptionally well.

"We have delivered on practically all the things we promised we would deliver."

He said they will meet the crisis "head-on" and ensure that they build from now going forward.

"We must ensure that we are competitive, extremely competitive by the second year of Super Rugby.

He also spoke about the loss of some of the region's best black players to other unions.

"It was painful to lose them," he said, adding: "It is important that we stand-up, rise and rectify the issue.

"You get problems along the way and you have to get over those stumbling blocks."