6N: Under-20 Round 2

Mon, 12 Feb 2018 11:30
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We were wrong. The closest match was that between Ireland and Italy in Dublin.

The weakest team in the Under-20 Six Nations would seem to be Scotland. Their seniors had a famous victory on Saturday but the Under-20s took a hammering.

The champion could well be decided when England and France meet.

Results, Round 2

Ireland vs Italy, 38-34
England vs Wales, 37-12
France vs Scotland, 69-19

Results, Round 1

England vs Italy, 27-17
France vs Ireland, 34-24
Wales vs Scotland: 36-3

Scotland vs France at Broadwood, Cumbernauld

Romain N'Tamack scored 20 points before being substituted by Louis Carbonel. France's teamwork was exceptional and responsible for nine tries.

Flank Guy Graham scored two tries for the home side who added a penalty try with about five minutes to play.

France led 34-0 at the break.


For Scotland:
Tries: Graham 2, penalty try
Cons: Thompson, the value of the penalty try's conversion

For France:
Tries: Lemardelet, Boudehent, Lamothe, Heguy, Tauzon, Seguret 3, Carbonel
Cons: N’Tamack 7, Carbonel 2
Pens: N’Tamack 2


Scotland: 15 Paddy Dewhirst, 14 Logan Trotter, 13 Stafford McDowell, 12 Callum McLelland, 11 Kyle Rowe, 10 Ross Thompson, 9 Charlie Chapman, 8 Devante Onojaife, 7 Guy Graham, 6 Archie Erskine, 5 Jamie Hodgson, 4 Ewan Johnson, 3 Finlay Richardson, 2 Robbie Smith (captain), 1 Shaun Gunn
Replacements: 16 Bradley Clements, 17 Nathan McBeth, 18 Murphy Walker, 19 Harry Butler, 20 Rory Darge, 21 Kaleem Barreto, 22 Rory McMichael Sam Yawayawa

France: 15 Matthis Lebel, 14 Lucas Tauzin, 13 Pierre-Louis Barassi, 12 Adrien Seguret, 11 Pierre Boudehent, 10 Romain N’Tamack, 9 Arthur Coville (captain), 8 Maxence Lemardelet, 7 Sacha Zegueur, 6 Baptiste Heguy, 5 Killian Geraci, 4 Thomas Lavault, 3 Demba Bamba, 2 Maxime Lamothe, 1 Hassane Kolingar
Replacements: 16 Lucas Peyresblanques, 17 Ugo Boniface, 18 Giorgi Beria, 19 Pierre-Henri Azagoh, 20 Ibrahim Diallo, 21 Jules Gimbert, 22 Louis Carbonel, 23 Arthur Vincent

Referee: Karl Dickson (England) 
Assistant referees: Wayne Falla (England), Michael Hudson (England)
Citing commissioner: John Byett (England)

England vs Wales at Kingston Park, Newcastle

Wales scored first but England scored most often. England led 18-5 at half-time and scored two tries in two minutes in the second half.

Wales's scrumhalf Harri Morgan scored the first try, England's wing Gabriel Ibitoye the last.


For England:
Tries: White, Redpath, Ibitoye, Hinkley 
Cons: Grayson 3
Pens: Grayson

For Wales: 
Tries: Morgan, Dyer
Con: Evans


England: 15 Tom Parton, 14 Gabriiel Ibitoye, 13 Fraser Dingwall, 12 Cameron Redpath, 11 Ben Loader, 10 James Grayson, 9 Ben White (captain), 8 Sam Moore, 7 Tom Willis, 6 Josh Basham, 5 Sam Lewis, 4 Dino Lamb, 3 Joe Heyes, 2 Henry Walker, 1 Toby Trinder
Replacements: 16 Gabriel Oghre, 17 Alex Seville, 18 Ehren Painter, 19 James Scott, 20 Aaron Hinkley, 21 Rory Brand, 22 Tom Hardwick, 23 Matt Williams

Wales: 15 Carwyn Penny, 14 Rio Dyer, 13 Callum Carson, 12 , 11 Ryan Conbeer, 10 Cai Evans, 9 Harri Morgan, 8 Morgan Morris, 7 Dan Davies, 6 Tommy Reffell (captain),5 Max Williams, 4 Jack Pope, 3 Rhys Henry,2 Iestyn Harris, 1 Rhys Carre 
Replacements: 16 Will Griffiths, 17 Josh Reynolds, 18 Sam Wainwright, 19 Morgan Jones, 20 Taine Basham, 21 Aron Hemmings, 22 Max Llewellyn, 23 Tomi Lewis

Referee: Sean Gallagher (Ireland)
Assistant referees: Paul Haycock (Ireland), Chris Busby (Ireland)
Television match official: Simon McDowell (Ireland)
Timekeeper: David Hudson (England)
Citing commissioner: Peter Ferguson (Ireland)

Ireland vs Italy at Donnybrook

Italy had 14 men for all but nine minutes of the match, making this clkose result, away from home, all the more remarkable. Flank Jacopo Bianchi was given his marching orders for a dangerous tackle of the tip type on lock Jack Dunne.

An intercept by Tomasso Coppo openened the scoring for Italy. Ireland levelled ther scores soon after through a try by James McCarthy. The score was 5-all when Bianchi was sent off. But by half-time, Ireland led 31-12, which means that Italy, with 14 men, won the second haldef 22-7.


For Ireland: 
Tries: McCarthy, O’Sullivan 3, Daly, Aungier
Cons: Byrne 4

For Italy: 
Tries: Coppo, Cannone, Mazza, Rizzi, Iachizzi
Cons: Rizzi 4
Pen: Rizzi


Ireland: 15 Michael Silvester, 14 Peter Sullivan, 13 Tommy O'Brien (captain), 12 Angus Curtis, 11 James McCarthy, 10 Harry Byrne, 9 Hugh O'Sullivan, 8 Jack O'Sullivan, 7 Matthew Agnew, 6 Sean Masterson, 5 Cormac Daly, 4 Jack Dunne, 3 Jack Aungier, 2 Ronan Kelleher, 1 Jordan Duggan
Replacements: 16 Eoghan Clarke, 17 James French, 18 Tom O'Toole, 19 Charlie Ryan, 20 Ronan Foley, 21 Patrick Patterson, 22 Conor Dean, 23 Angus Kernohanter

Italy: 15 Alberto Rossi, 14 Simone Cornelli, 13 Michelangelo Biondelli, 12 Damiano Mazza, 11 Tommaso Coppo, 10 Antonio Rizzi, 9 Nicolò Casilio, 8 Lodovico Manni, 7 Jacopo Bianchi, 6 Michele Lamaro (captain), 5 Matteo Canali, 4 Niccolò Cannone, 3 Michele Mancini Parri, 2 Matteo Luccardi, 1 Danilo Fischetti 
Replacements: 16 Niccolò Taddia, 17 Leonardo Mariottini, 18 Guido Romano, 19 Edoardo Iachizzi, 20 Enrico Ghigo, 21 Leonardo Bacchi, 22 Filippo Di Marco, 23 Alessandro Fusco

Referee: Dan Jones (Wales)
Assistant referees: Aled Evans (Wales), Gareth John (Wales)
Television match official: Neil Hennessy (Wales)
Assessor: Bertie Smith (Ireland)
Citing Commissioner: Buster White (England)