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Close Matches in Europe's Round 1

Close Matches in Europe's Round 1
Mon 11 Feb 2019 | 12:20
Close Matches in Europe's Round 1

The winners in Round 1 of Rugby Europe’s Championship were probably expected, but all three matches were close.

2019 Results, Round 1

Georgia vs Romania, 18-9
Belgium vs Germany, 29-22
Spain vs Russia, 16-14

Romania vs Georgia at Cluj-Napoca

Georgia retained the Antim Cup, played for between the two countries. But it was not easy and Romania, playing it home in the icy weather, led 6-3 at half-time, but two second-half tries gave Georgia the victory.

the first try came when Georgia bashed at the line and from close quarters prop Guram Gogichashvili scored next to the posts to give Georgia a 10-6 lead. This became 15-6 when strong No.8 Beka Gorgadze bust down the right, beating one and stretching in the tackle to score. 15-6.


For Georgia:
Tries: Gogichashvili, Gorgadze
Con: Abzhandadze
Pens: Abzhandadze 2

For Romania:
Pens: Vlaicu 3


Romania: 15 Ionel Melinte, 14 Vladut Zaharia, 13 Catalin Fercu, 12 Florin Vlaicu, 11 Nicolas Onutu, 10 Daniel Plai, 9 Valentin Calafeteanu, 8 Andre Gorin, 7 Adrian Ion, 6 Mihai Macovei (captain), 5 Marius Antonescu, 4 Johan van Heerden, 3 Andrei Ursache, 2 Otar Turashvili, 1 Mihaita Lazar
Replacements: 16 Ionel Badiu, 17 Eugen Capatana, 18 Alexandru Gordas, 19 Dorin Lazar, 20 Viorel Lucaci, 21 Ionel Surugiu, 22 Alexandru Bucur, 23 Vladut Popa
Coach: Marius Tincu

Georgia: 15 Lasha Khmaladze, 14 Alexander Todua, 13 Merab Sharikadze (captain), 12 Giorgi Kveseladze, 11 Zurabi Dzneladze, 10 Tedo Abzhandadze, 9 Vasil Lobzhanidze, 8 Beka Gorgadze, 7 Giorgi Tsutskiridze, 6 Beka Saginadze, 5 Giorgi Nemsadze, 4 Davit Gigauri, 3 Beka Gigashvili, 2 Shalva Mamukashvili, 1 Guram Gogichashvili
Replacements: 16 Vano Karkadze, 17 Tornike Mataradze, 18 Levan Chilachava, 19 Nodar Cheishvili, 20 Giorgi Tkhilaishvili, 21 Gela Aprasidze, 22 Mirian Modebadze, 23 Giorgi Aptsiauri
Coach: Milton Haig

Referee: Sean Gallagher (Ireland)
Assistant referees: George Clancy (Ireland), Mark Patton (Ireland)

Belgium vs Germany in Brussels

On a muddy field in Brussels, the rolling maul was the most effective weapon in what was a really close affair.

Going into the last 10 minutes, it was anybody’s match at 19-17 to Belgium after Belgium had scored two penalty tries foil lowed by two German tries. Germany had scored the last 12 points. Belgium scored (24-17) and then Germany scored to make the score 24-22 with the conversion to come. But the conversion was missed and there was a minute to play. The last minute stretched as Belgium battered at the German line for a final forwards’ try.


For Belgium
Tries: De Clercq, 2 penalty tries, Benoy
Con: Hart
Pen: Hart

For Germany:
Tries: Williams, Otto, Haupt
Cons: Parkinson 2
Pen: Parkinson


Belgium: 15 Charles Reynaert, 14 Ervin Muric, 13 Craig Dowsett, 12 Jens Torfs, 11 Thomas Wallraf, 10 Vincent Hart, 9 Julien Berger, 8 William Van Bost, 7 Mathieu Verschelden, 6 Gillian Benoy, 5 Tom Herenge, 4 Sven D’Hooghe, 3 Maxime Jadot, 2 Thomas Dienst, 1 Jean-Baptiste De Clercq
Replacements: 16 Alexis Cuffolo, 17 Lucas Sotteau, 18 Bertrand Billi, 19 Amin Hamzaoui, 20 Louis Debatty, 21 Emiel Vermote, 22 Isaac Montoisy, 23 Romain Pinte
Coach: Guillaume Ajac

Germany: 15 Harris Aounallah, 14 Nilkolai Klewinghaus, 13 Wynston Cameron-Dow , 12 Hagen Schulte, 11 Vito Lammers, 10 Raynor Parkinson, 9 Tim Menzel, 8 Sebastian Ferreira, 7 Jacobus Otto, 6 Marcel Henn, 5 Jorn Schroder, 4 Eric Marks , 3 Sammy Fuchsel, 2 Dasch Barber, 1 Tobias Williams
Replacements: 16 Kurt Haupt, 17 Felix Martel, 18 Antony Dickinson, 19 Hassan Rayan, 20 Elias Haase, 21 Morné Laubscher, 22 Felix Lammers, 23 Eden Syme
Coach: Michael Ford

Referee: Shota Tevzadze (Georgia)
Assistant referees: Sulkhan Chikladze (Georgia), Shota Tsagareishvili (Georgia)

Spain vs Russia in Madrid

The match in Madrid was as close as the score suggests.

Russia played with the strong wind in the first half.

After two Russian tries, the visitors led 14-7 at half-time but three penalty goals by Andrea Rábago, the third from 45 metres out, gave Spain the lead with 13 minutes to play.

Back came Russia and right wing Denis Simplikevich seemed certain to score as he beat three defenders and had an open line with about 15 metres to go, but he was stumbling and the ball shot from his grasp into touch.

The Russian Bears were close again and then so were the Spanish Lions but neith side managed to get over the line.

Joy Neville made history – a female refereeing a top Rugby Europe Test.


For Spain:
Try: Auzqui
Con: Rábago
Pens: Rábago 3

For Russia:
Tries: Ostroushko 2
Cons: Kushnarev 2


Spain: 15 Julen Goia, 14 Jordi Jorba, 13 Andrea Rábago, 12 Richard Stewart, 11 Federico Casteglioni, 10 Andrew Norton, 9 Lucas Rubio, 8 Kalokalo Gavidi, 7 Asier Usárraga, 6 Lucas Guillame, 5 Joshua Peters, 4 Mickaël De Marco, 3 Xerom Civil, 2 Benat Auzqui, 1 Fernando López
Replacements: 16 Francisco Blanco, 17 Quentin García, 18 Victor Sánchez, 19 Michael Hogg, 20 Facundo Munilla, 21 Gauthier Minguillon, 22 Guillermo Domínguez, 23 Jon Zabala
Coach: Santiago Santos

Russia: 15 Vasily Artemiev, 14 Denis Simplikevich, 13 Vladimir Ostroushko, 12 Dmitry Gerasimov, 11 Daniil Potikhanov, 10 Yuri Kushnarev, 9 Vasily Dorofeev, 8 Nikita Vavilin, 7 Vitaly Zhivatov, 6 Tagir Gadziev, 5 Bogdan Fedotko, 4 Andrey Ostrikov, 3 Vladimir Podrezov, 2 Stanislav Selskii, 1 Valery Morozov
Replacements: 16 Polivalov Andrey, 17 Matveev Evgeny, 18 Illin Alexander, 19 Sychev Anton, 20 Perov Dmitry, 21 Yanushkin Sergey, 22 Davydov German, 23 Zykov Inokenty
Coach: Lyn Jones

Referee: Joy Neville (Ireland)
Assistant referees: Frank Murphy (Ireland), Chris Busby (Ireland) (Ireland)

PV: 367

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