Sun 16 Dec 2018 | 11:14

Revealed: The system NZRU will use to find Hansen replacement

Revealed: The system NZRU will use to find Hansen replacement
Sun 16 Dec 2018 | 11:14
Revealed: The system NZRU will use to find Hansen replacement

REACTION: New Zealand Rugby Union Chief Executive Steve Tew has confirmed that the search for a new coaching staff won’t commence until after next year’s World Cup.

After current coach Steve Hansen announced last Friday that he would step away after next year’s showpiece event, Tew told Stuff that he expects whoever eventually assumes the role to bring in their own staff.

“It’s very unusual to just pick one coach,” Tew told Stuff.

“We would anticipate a candidate arriving with a team which is what Graham did in 2004.

“He turned up for the interview and said the two guys I’d like to bring with me, and have indicated a strong desire to come, are Wayne Smith and Steve Hansen.

“When I heard that in the interview room, I thought that’s probably the dream team.

“They were two guys we knew and deeply respected and were overseas at the time enhancing what they knew.”

After whispers that the NZRU –  who has a history of promoting from within – already have their man, Tew said he didn’t want the upcoming vacancy to be a distraction for the current staff heading to the World Cup.

“There’s no point in hiding it, we are hoping Ian [assistant coach Ian Foster] will be a candidate and the last thing you would want to do is distract him and the people around him before the World Cup,” Tew said.

“Other candidates might well be coaching at the World Cup too, so we’ll give them their space until it’s finished.”

Tew also confirmed the team are anticipating having a new coach appointed before the end of next year.

“We stay in contact with all the people you anticipate we should stay in contact with.

“No one should be surprised about the process we’re going to follow because it’s been well signalled and communicated to all the people on your current ‘who’s going to be next coach’ list.

“While that [World Cup] review is being done we’ll be in the market. And we’ll feed the findings from the campaign into the process.

“That will tell us some things about where the team is at and might change the emphasis you put on the new coach required. But we’ll have it done by Christmas of 2019.”

Hansen has been involved with the All Blacks since 2004 and has been the head coach in 2012.

Sources: Stuff & RugbyPass

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