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Thu 8 Mar 2018 | 08:41

Technically, Rassie is the man

LT EP11 - Kings' skeletons thrown out the closet
Thu 8 Mar 2018 | 08:41

Technically, Rassie is the man


The hot topic opens the show, so watch from the beginning!

Erasmus was appointed in March 2018 his contract ends at the conclusion of the 2023 World Cup in France but will also combine his Springbok coaching duties with his current role as Director of Rugby.

"He took the level of analysis to another level. The most important part was that he was able to make it relatable to the team. We were able to understand quickly, we were able to know what our roles were and able to execute it. 

"Just an example of that, a big part of our strategy at that time was to be incredibly well disciplined. It got to a point where we had a slot to analyse the ref for that coming weekend, his penalty density – where did he blow the most of his penalties. 

"It's not like we could craft our game plan around that but those were areas of focus. That sort of presence of mind and making that a focus for players was massive and it paid massive dividends for us. I am sure he will bring that level in – I'm not saying it wasn't there before – he makes it very easy for the players to connect to," Anton van Zyl said.

Special guest Tim Whitehead shared his joy about the appointment.

"I am quite stoked [that] Rassie's been appointed because he has those attributes that can take us to the next level. What I loved about Rassie was that he instilled so much confidence in youngsters. Rassie is the kind of coach that will put together some really good succession plans.

"I remember Rassie phoning me and saying 'I know you have only played two Vodacom Cup games and Varsity Cup games but you are ready, we know you are ready, and you are going to fit right in. Just by a coach having that one on one with you and giving you that confidence makes it so much easier," Whitehead said.

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PV: 2
Technically, Rassie Is The Man - South Africa | Rugby365