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Fri 18 Aug 2017 | 11:04

WRWC: Semifinals decided

WRWC: Semifinals decided
Fri 18 Aug 2017 | 11:04

WRWC: Semifinals decided


The semifinalists are the three pool winners and the team with most match points amongst the other nine. The pool winners were New Zealand, England and France and the next best team was the USA who had 11 points, followed by Canada with 9 and Ireland with 8.

Pool Standings

Pool A: New Zealand, Canada, Wales, Hong Kong
Pool B: England, USA, Spain, Italy
Pool C: France, Ireland, Australia, Japan

The crucial matches in Round 3 were those between the top two in each pool, each match a decider.

Results, Round 3

New Zealand vs Canada, 48-5
England vs USA, 47-26
France vs Ireland, 21-5
Spain vs Italy, 22-8
Australia vs Japan, 19-15
Wales vs Hong Kong, 29-15

Fixtures, Round 4, Tuesday, 22 August 2017

These matches will be played at Kingspan Stadium and Queen's University, Belfast.

New Zealand vs USA at Kingspan Stadium
England vs France at Kingspan Stadium

5th Place Play-offs
Ireland vs Australia at Kingspan Stadium
Canada vs Wales at  Queen's University

9th Place Play-offs
Italy vs Japan at  Queen's University
Spain vs Hong Kong at  Queen's University

Previous Results

Round 1

New Zealand vs Wales, 44-12
Canada vs Hong Kong, 98-0
England vs Spain, 56-5
USA vs Italy, 24-12
Ireland vs Australia, 19-7
France vs Japan, 72-14

Round 2

New Zealand vs Hong Kong, 121-0
England vs Italy, 56-13
USA vs Spain, 43-0
Canada vs Wales, 15-0
Ireland vs Japan, 24-14
France vs Australia, 48-0

PV: 2
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