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'NZ Rugby in a difficult situation': All Blacks legend criticises Scott Robertson

SPOTLIGHT: All Blacks legend Jeff Wilson has criticised Scott Robertson for heaping pressure on New Zealand Rugby with his latest comments made on The Big Jim show.


Speaking on Sky Sport NZ’s The Breakdown show, the former right wing found it ‘difficult’ to hear of Robertson’s ambition of winning the World Cup with two teams, a clear indication that the Crusaders coach would leave New Zealand.

Robertson spoke of being ‘open to offers’ from abroad which Wilson felt put unnecessary pressure on incumbent head coach Ian Foster and New Zealand Rugby’s decision to retain him.

“The trouble is that Scott Robertson has come out and said he wants to win two Rugby World Cups with two different teams, he wants to get the opportunity to coach at the international level,” Wilson told the panel on The Breakdown.

“It’s interesting he said that when he’s actually under contract with New Zealand Rugby. I find that difficult.

“The fact that he is going to coach the Barbarians … I think he had the opportunity to coach the All Blacks XV, he turned that down.

“So, we know exactly where Scott Robertson sits right now. His expectations are that he wants to go to the next level.


“But they [the All Blacks] have a job to do and I think this has put, in some ways, New Zealand Rugby in a really difficult situation.

“Where does Ian Foster sit right now? He knows that he has got two test matches to deliver.

“Does this help the situation, though, him [Robertson] doing that interview when the All Blacks are under all sorts of pressure? Does this conversation help New Zealand Rugby, him coming out and saying this?”

Robertson had detailed his situation with Jim Hamilton on a recent Big Jim Show podcast, explaining that he believes his future lies in international rugby after six straight titles with the Crusaders in Super Rugby.


“It’s one job [All Blacks coach] and when someone doesn’t give it to you you have to think differently, what opportunities are out there?” he said.

“I’ll be coming into my seventh year as the Crusaders coach next year, I have loved it all, it has been incredible but no one last in a job forever so I am open. It’s probably the way I can answer it.

“If New Zealand Rugby want me, great. If there is another club, country, probably country, I wouldn’t go to a club now.

“I really want to go to Rugby World Cup, I genuinely want to go to a couple. I’m 47, I’ll be 52 by the time the next Rugby World Cup comes around [Australia 2027 after France next year]. I want to get to two or three and test myself, push myself. I am open (to offers), yeah.”

Sources: Sky Sport NZ, The Big Jim show & @RugbyPass

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