Wed 20 Jul 2022 | 02:39

WPRFU clubs putting administrator's past in the spotlight

WPRFU clubs putting administrator's past in the spotlight
Wed 20 Jul 2022 | 02:39
WPRFU clubs putting administrator's past in the spotlight

NEWLANDS UPDATE: The aeonic Western Province Rugby Football Union saga took another intriguing twist, with clubs trying to put the past of the administrator, Rian Oberholzer, in the spotlight.


@rugby365com can reveal that Stellenbosch-based club Excelsior has written a probing letter to the South Africa Rugby Union about a potential ‘conflict of interest’ by Oberholzer.

In October last year, SARU invoked Clause 29.5 of the constitution, following years of decline that resulted in the union being bankrupted.

The experienced former SA Rugby CEO, Oberholzer, was appointed as the administrator and assumed oversight of the union’s affairs.

However, clubs are now demanding answers about Oberholzer and a potential ‘conflict of interest’ – relating to some of his past dealings.

More than 20 clubs have called for a Special General Meeting of the WPRFU, to “get an update” on the status of the administration.

Their ‘request’ follows the Alie Ras authored Excelsior letter which implored SARU to look into a possible “Conflict of Interest” by Oberholzer.


The date for the requested meeting has not been confirmed.

“Since the initial placing of the Western Province Rugby Football Union under administration, a number of reports have resurfaced regarding Rian Oberholzer, Chantal du Pisani, and the company Access Management, in relation to allegations of fraud involving the management of Nelson Mandela bay stadium,” Alie said in his letter.

At least one of the incidents referred to in the letter appears to be almost a decade old.



“In light of the above, including Oberholzer and du Pisani’s business interest in the management and commercialisation of stadiums, one has to put to question their continued negotiations with the City of Cape Town and Cape Town Stadium on behalf of WP Rugby,” Alie added.

“In terms of Section 75 of the Company Act, the fundamental duty is to avoid any possible conflict of interests with the company.

“The provision imposes a strict duty on directors not to allow their personal financial interest to impact, in any way on their dealings with the company.”

The letter implored Oberholzer to “declare all his interest” with the union and all other third parties he is currently negotiating and already in contract with.

It is not the first time Oberholzer has been in the crosshairs of the WPRFU clubs.

Since WPRFU was placed under his administration, he has had a few ‘information’ meetings with the clubs (or general council), at which he answered some probing questions.


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