Wed 28 Mar 2018 | 11:13

New revelations in 'Spain-gate' saga

New revelations in ' Spain-gate' saga
Wed 28 Mar 2018 | 11:13
New revelations in 'Spain-gate' saga

The much-publicised fiasco seems to be more intricate than initially thought and the 34-year-old lays all the dirty details on the table from the 26th minute.

Springbok Pat Lambie joins the team in the eighth minute to chat about his transition to French rugby and whether or not he remains interested in playing for the Springboks.

Morne Steyn gets a call to speak about his future in the 42nd minute.

There is the usual Super Rugby Round Six wrap from the third minute and shares their Round Seven predictions from the 48th minute.

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New Revelations In 'spain-gate' Saga | Rugby365