Thu 16 Aug 2018 | 07:48

Landbou vs Landbou on the Farm

Landbou vs Landbou on the Farm
Thu 16 Aug 2018 | 07:48
Landbou vs Landbou on the Farm

Boereoorlog? No, but farmers of Riversdale will come down the mountain to play farmers of Agter-Paarl in an intense contest. In other words, Boland Landbouskool vs Hoër Landbouskool Oakdale. It has always been a hotly contested encounter – and then everybody goes home.

It’s a bit over a three-hour drive from Riversdale, past Heidelberg, Swellendam, Bonnievale, Robertson and Worcester down to Paarl.

Both of them are agricultural schools. They form a triumvirate with Marlow of the Eastern Cape to fight well above their size in taking on the best schools in South Africa. One can only wonder at their achievements.

It is a Premier Interschools match and so will be broadcast live on television.

Season So Far

Both Oakdale and Boland Landbou are ranked in the Schools Top 20 at present – Oakdale a heady fourth and Landbou at 13, a difference that is not as big as it seems amongst the hundred of rugby-playing schools in South Africa.

Oakdale have won 15 of their 17 matches this season.
Boland :Landbou have won nine of their 18 matches.

Oakdale have played four teams ranked in the Top 20.
Boland Landbou have played ten teams ranked in the Top 20.

Results Against Common Opponents

Framesby: Boland Landbou lost 33-20; Oakdale won 33-6
Paarl Boys’ High: Boland Landbou lost 22-17; Oakdale won 47-29
Paarl Gim: Boland Landbou lost 42-38; Oakdale lost 47-39
Paul Roos: Boland Landbou lost 30-15; Oakdale lost 42-21


Boland Landbou’s players are eligible for Western Province teams, Oakdale’s for South Western Districts.

SA Schools

Boland Landbou: Darren Hendricks, who will not be playing in Saturday, as SA Schools are playing in Newlands.

Craven Week

Boland Landbou: Darren Hendricks, Thys Kitshoff, Erik Lambrecht

Oakdale: Clyde Lewis, Johannes Klinck, Henco Beukes, Hannes Gous, Joaquin Taute, Etienne Steyn, JD Strydom, Derick Jooste, Pierre Uys, Pieter Maritz, Keano Hendricks, Magnus Muller, Vernon Paulo, Trevino Gordon

Academy Week

Boland Landbou: Ricky Agulhas, Charl Janson, Schalk Bezuidenhout, Sebastian de Klerk

Oakdale: Stefan van den Bergh, William Francis, Hendrik Victor


Boland Landbou: 15 Dean Reichert, 14 Hanro-Daniël van der Merwe, 13 Sebastian de Klerk, 12 Erik Lambrecht, 11 Bertus Baard 10 Franna du Toit, 9 Gavin Mills, 8 JW Snyman, 7 Thys Kitshoff, 6 George-Louis Beukes, 5 Louis-Dirk Human, 4 Schalk Bezuidenhout (captain), 3 RJ van der Merwe, 2 Tehan du Plessis, 1 Hen-Ko Smuts
Coaches: Oloff Bergh, Deon Carstens

Oakdale: 15 Clyde Lewis, 14 Trevino Gordon, 13 Janco Klinck, 12 Etienne Steyn, 11 Joaquin Taute, 10 Jan Daniël Strydom, 9 Derick Jooste, 6 Jaco Bruwer, 7 Henco Beukes, 8 Le Roux Pepler, 5 Hannes Gous (captain), 4 Pierré-Raymond Uys, 3 Pieter Maritz, 2 Keano Hendricks, 1 Magnus Muller
Coaches: Malan du Plessis, André Otto

Date: Saturday, 18 August 2018
1st XV kick-off: 12.15
Liver television broadcast: SuperSport channel 210
Venue: The Farm, Boland Landbou
Expected weather conditions: Sunshine after rain, a perfect recipe for a prefect Cape Winter’s day with a high of 20°C and a low of 3°C

Rugby Programme – Saturday, 18 August 2018

10.35: 2nd XV
11.55: Introduction
12.15: 1st XV

08.20: 4th XV
09.30: 3rd XV
10.40: Under-16A

08.20: Under-15A
09.20: Under-16B
10.30: Under-15B

08.20: 6th XV
09.30: 5th XV
10.40: Under-16C

08.30: Under-14B
09.30: Under-14A
10.30: Under-14C

08.30: Under-15C
09.30: Under-15D

Results Down the Years

1992: Boland Landbou won 15-6
1993: Oakdale won 26-6
1994: Boland Landbou won 18-11
1995: Oakdale won 19-18
1996: Boland Landbou won 26-0
1997: Oakdale won 26-22
1998: Boland Landbou won 16-12
1999: Draw 23-23
2000: Boland Landbou won 31-7
2001: Boland Landbou won 15-0
2002: Boland Landbou won 14-5
2003: Boland Landbou won 20-12
2004: Boland Landbou won 11-7
2005: Oakdale won 8-6
2006: Boland Landbou won 17-0
2007: Boland Landbou won 27-19
2008: Boland Landbou won 16-8
2010: Oakdale won 3-0
2011: Oakdale won 34-3
2012: Boland Landbou won 38-9
2013: Oakdale won 29-10
2014: Boland Landbou won 13-7
2015: Oakdale won 21-12
2016: Boland Landbou won 27-22
2017: Oakdale won 14-12

PV: 978

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