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Mon 31 May 2004 | 12:00

School profile

We profile Zweliyandila High School, just south of East London. It is due to meet Ntsonkotha High School in an FNB Classic Clash on 12 June 2004.

When Doc Craven was in a place he had never been before, he would ask: "What is special about this place?" Fascinating answers would arrive.
Zweliyandila is down the R72 from East London, a location. It is a poor area with high unemployment. But it has its bit of fame. Nearby is the Chalumna River flowing into the Indian ocean.

In December 1938 Marjorie Courtney-Latimer received a phone call from the captain of an Irving and Johnson fishing vessel, the Nerine. The skipper Hendrick Goossen had an unusual fish which may interest her.

She and the gardener with his wheelbarrow went down from the East London Museum to the harbour and there she beheld a wonderful fish – a coelacanth. It was a fossil fish, obviously living in the Indian Ocean, unchanged, they say, for 380 million years.

Up they marched from the harbour, the fish in the wheelbarrow. It was named Latimeria chalumnae, one of the world's most famous fish. Miss Cortney-Latimer died only recently at a great age.

That is something special for Zweliyandila and the Chalumna.

The village – and the school – took its name from a local chief. It means The world has spread out. The school has eight feeder schools and goes from Grade 8 to Grade 12, a coeducational school with more boys than girls.

School information:

Full name of the School: Zweliyandila High School
Foundation date: 1982
Motto: Ora et Labora (The old Benedictine motto which means Work and pray)
Number of pupils: 657

Rugby at Zweliyandila

The master in charge of rugby is Mtobeli Kweliti, who has been teaching at the school since 1989 and coaching the 1st XV since 1995. The captain is Zwelenkosi Ben. The school has five teams. Its best known Old Boy player is Vusumzi Mbulali, a 24-year-old centre who made his debut for the Border Bulldogs in 2000. He has played 53 times for Border. In 2003 he played 23 times for Border, the most of any player in the squad.

The schools biggest rugby rivals are nearby Tsholomnqa High School.

PV: 22
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