Sun 7 Jan 2018 | 12:15

VIDEO: Ackermann not holding back after defeat

Ackermann laments late indiscipline as Saints swoop for late win
Sun 7 Jan 2018 | 12:15
VIDEO: Ackermann not holding back after defeat

Gloucester's 19-22 defeat to the Saints was filled with drama as both teams were awarded penalty tries.

What some would label as the most dramatic and controversial of all referee Ian Tempest's calls – having seemingly made up his mind to card a player, despite television replays showing that the Gloucester's Andy Symons was neither offside nor did he deliberately slap the ball down.

Nonetheless, Tempest ruled that whatever the transgression was, it was 'cynical' and he awarded the penalty try – but admitted it did not warrant a yellow card.

Commenting on the defeat, Gloucester coach revealed that there were unnoticed illegal actions at the breakdowns, but admitted his side's indiscipline in the last quarter is what ultimately cost them the match.

"Not to be nasty, but we probably lost it more than they won it.

"Northampton Saints made a scrap of it, they played negatively.

"In my view, they were illegal at ruck time and constantly tried to slow our ball down.

"Saints were desperate and made use of any method possible.

"If we look at our performance, the one positive thing is we scored a few tries, however, we never found our rhythm.

"Furthermore we failed to look after the ball and also our indiscipline.

"In the last six minutes, we lost a line-out, knocked on questionably and conceded a scrum penalty so we let it slip.

Sources: @gloucesterrugby

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