Mon 5 Feb 2018 | 08:31

French HIA debacle 'escalating'

French HIA debacle 'escalating'
Mon 5 Feb 2018 | 08:31
French HIA debacle 'escalating'

The matter is now being escalated after an initial review.

They released the following: “Following the NatWest 6 Nations match between France and Ireland on Saturday, the independent Head Injury Assessment (HIA) Review Processor appointed by Six Nations, Alligin (UK) Limited, carried out its review of various incidents from the match.

“That initial review has now been concluded and, in light of the views expressed by the Review Processor, Six Nations Rugby has referred two such incidents to the HIA Review Panel, ie the second stage of World Rugby’s HIA review process.

“The HIA Review Panel, which is chaired by Roger Morris (Wales), will consider the incidents and report to Six Nations.

“It can make recommendations (among other things) as to further education and training that is required, and/or whether disciplinary action should be taken by Six Nations.

“It is anticipated that, due to the need to consider various materials and contact a number of individuals, the HIA Review Panel is unlikely to finalise its report for a number of days.

“No further comments will be made until the conclusion of the review process.”

During Saturday night’s Ireland France clash in Paris, two France players were subject to HIA protocols, despite no clear head injuries having been sustained.

Both flyhalf Matthieu Jalibut and scrumhalf Antoine Dupont both seemed to suffer injuries to their lower limbs, but when they left the field the French medical team said that both needed HIAs.

In the 30th minute, teenage debutant Jalibut left the field apparently with a knee injury, yet he was assessed as an HIA.

On the 76th minute Dupont left, again with what looked like a leg injury, and again an HIA was ordered. Irish captain Jonathan Sexton queried referee Nigel Owens, who himself questioned the match day doctor, who clarified that Dupont was indeed going to have an HIA.

Crucially, it allowed Maxime Machenaud to come back onto the pitch in the closing minutes of the game for the final scrum, despite leaving the field as an injury replacement.

By Ian Cameron, RugbyPass

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