Fri 13 Apr 2018 | 06:39

Du Preez clan: 'Banana Boy' culture on the rise

Late Tackle Episode 16 | The magic behind the Blitzboks
Fri 13 Apr 2018 | 06:39
Du Preez clan: 'Banana Boy' culture on the rise

Du Preez appeared as a guest on Late Tackle – the talk show with a difference, brings in various personalities from all over the rugby world each week to dissect hot topics and provide unique insight into the professional game.

There was something unique about the Sharks playing style and team ethos that made them a force in the 90s, an era where many referred to them as the "Banana Boys". With former Springbok captain Gary Teichmann holding the Chief Executive position at the franchise and Dick Muir and Robert du Preez senior in the coaching staff, the aura they had developed during their playing days is slowly making its way into the current crop of players.

"They [Dick Muir, Robert du Preez, Henry Hannibal, Gary Teichmann] were part of an era where it was the 'Banana Boys' and the Sharks did really well, so they want to bring that glory back to Durban again," Du Preez told the Late Tackle team.

"It is good having them around, Dick [Muir] brings a lot of culture to the team as well as a lot of flair – he likes the ball to go a bit. They bring a good culture to our team and I think if we realise what they achieved back in their day and we get halfway there, I think it'll be good," he added.

Du Preez junior, who made a name for himself during a successful stint at the Stormers, returned to Durban at the end of the 2017 season to join his youngster brothers, Jean-Luc and Daniel and has since become the first player to reach the 100-point mark in the 2018 Super Rugby season.

The 24-year-old revealed the main reason for heading back home and what environment is like.

"It's pretty chilled to be quite honest, my brothers are quite intense obviously but look, we played together at school level and we probably played the best rugby of lives at that time, so that was one of the reasons to get back and play with them. 

"The other thing about my 'ballie' [father] being my coach, he has coached us before albeit at club level but it's chilled – at work, it's work and at home, it's family as usual. It's nothing new to me to be quite honest," he stated.

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