Wed 3 Jan 2018 | 09:28

Fuimaono-Sapolu: 'Loads of players do cocaine'

Fuimaono-Sapolu: 'Loads of players do cocaine'
Wed 3 Jan 2018 | 09:28

Fuimaono-Sapolu: 'Loads of players do cocaine'


His bold statement – on a social media thread – comes in the wake of the revelation that Wallaby Karmichael Hunt had been arrested in Brisbane for the possession of cocaine.

Hunt, a Rugby League convert who made his Wallaby debut this year, was detained along with another man in Brisbane early on Saturday morning during a "random street stop".

He was allegedly caught with a white powder, which local media said was cocaine.

The 31-year-old set to appear in court January 29.

In a statement released Sunday, Rugby Australia said Hunt will be stood down from training and playing, including any involvement with Super Rugby outfit the Reds, during pre-season.

"Queensland Rugby Union, Rugby Australia and Karmichael Hunt have agreed that it is in the best interests of all parties that Karmichael is stood down immediately from any team-related Rugby activities, including training and playing commitments," the statement read.

Hunt had been charged with cocaine possession in a previous incident back in 2015, where he received a AU$30,000 fine.

The versatile Australian is not the first person to have found himself in hot water over the drug, just last year fellow Wallaby James O'Connor and former All Black Ali Williams were arrested while attempting to purchase two grams of cocaine.

However, the bold statement by the Samoan international, Fuimaono-Sapolu, who had spells with both Bath and Gloucester in the English Premiership, will make officials very uneasy.

He responded to a tweet from Paul Williams, which said "Karmichael Hunt caught with sniff, again. Wasting/wasted his career."

In response, Fuimaono-Sapolu claimed that "loads of ballers do it," primarily due to its low-calorie count when compared to beer.

"One beer has close to the same fat content as a Big Mac," said Fuimaono-Sapolu.

"Cocaine has zero."

"Dudes want the high without the fat."

He also insinuated that the drug was rampant in Super Rugby circles, saying cocaine is used "heaps in super rugby including some of your favourite All Blacks."

Even more astonishing was his claim that we may have witnessed test matches where players have been under the influence of cocaine at the time.

Replying to a reply to his tweet which said "cocaine fuelled test matches would be interesting. Egos and bravado completely out of control…. I'd watch!"

"You've already seen them," replied Fuimaono-Sapolu.

The 79 times capped veteran Phil Waugh, believe it's unlikely Hunt will play for the Wallabies again, given it's his second offence in three years.

"The sad thing is that Rugby Australia and Cheika and the Reds really stuck by Karmichael when they probably could have thrown him out the first time, although it happened before they actually took him on board," said Waugh.

"They picked him in squads that perhaps people questioned whether he should have been in."

"He's had opportunities that other players haven't had."

"It's just a wasted opportunity for such a talented athlete."

"There are so many other players who would just do anything to get this opportunity."

"And they watch instances like this and they go, ‘why would you throw it away?"

"This is just poor behaviour and a bad choice."

By Peteso Cannon, RugbyPass

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