Tue 16 Jan 2018 | 07:56

Hunt to be dumped if found guilty

Hunt to be dumped if found guilty
Tue 16 Jan 2018 | 07:56
Hunt to be dumped if found guilty

The Daily Telegraph reports that he will be let go if found guilty of drug possession.

Incoming Rugby Australia CEO Raelene Castle mirrored that sentiment in her first press conference.

"The reality is for young athletes, there's a chance to make a mistake and be forgiven for that," Castle said.

"But if you keep making mistakes, that makes the conversations much more challenging.

"As we work through that process we'll look at what the landscape presents to us."

The former National Rugby League star was arrested in Brisbane's nightlife hotspot Fortitude Valley in the early hours of December 30 and charged with drug possession.

Media reports allege Hunt was captured trying to dispose of a stack of cash and four pills by police body cameras.

He has been stood down by the Reds until further details emerge following his hearing on January 29 where he will appear at Brisbane Magistrates Court.

Hunt is facing a second drug conviction if the charges are proven. Just weeks into his first season of Super Rugby, Hunt was embroiled in his first drug scandal in 2015 but was given a reprieve by the Reds.

By Colin Brooke, Rugbypass

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