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Does World Rugby really want to remove this beauty from the game?

“It’s ridiculous, we might as well play touch rugby if that’s what they’re suggesting” – those are words of Blues head coach Leon McDonald, that are being echoed around the world.


‘Bad idea’, ‘totally ludicrous!’ are just some of the phrases used by Twitter users.

The Springboks gave England a scrumming masterclass in the 2019 World Cup Final, so it comes as no surprise that the RFU moved quickly to add Matthew Proudfoot to their coaching staff.

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Every rugby fanatic knows all too well that the forward pack is judged by how well they scrum and it most certainly plays a key role in giving your team momentum.

Just look at the videos below to see how some of the smaller nations can get the upperhand on more established nations.


Source: yoe91, Jason Feltham & Andrew Forde

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