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Is this League star a Liverpool kingpin in disguise?

Here at rugby365, we have brought you many lookalikes over the years and we’ve brought it back after coming across a Salford Red Devils wing who has some resemblance to the 2018 African Footballer of the Year.


Rhys Williams became a global viral sensation after scoring a brilliant solo try. However, it wasn’t the try that made the headlines. It was his striking resemblance to Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah that grabbed the headlines.

We must admit, there is somewhat of a resemblance, although it is open to opinion.

“I’m a [Manchester] United fan, so I’m not a fan of Mo Salah,” joked Williams.

Let us know what you think in the comments below. Also, what other lookalikes can you think of from the current stars?


Source: LBS Tributes & Super League

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