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The most mirthful Marler interview ever

WATCH as veteran England prop Joe Marler answers a series of quickfire questions – that shows the most amusing side of the burly front row forward.


While the 29-year-old, with 60-odd caps for England, has been in trouble for some of his off-kilter on-field antics, he shows that he has a sharp-witted sense of humour that is far removed from the brutal nature of his game.

He was asked odd-ball questions like what hairstyle he had on debut.

He reveals his success rate in line-outs – a rare and odd job for a prop.

There were also some regular rugby questions – like the only draw in his career and games not at Twickenham.

And then there was his reaction on realising he ‘top-scored’ in the England team quiz.

However, his most entertaining answers was when he named the starting pack for his 50th cap and he responded a series of nicknames for his teammates.


This is an interview not to be missed!

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