Thu 20 Jul 2017 | 09:16

CW: KZN-Golden Lions Final

CW: KZN-Golden Lions Final
Thu 20 Jul 2017 | 09:16
CW: KZN-Golden Lions Final

In both the Craven Week and the Academy Week, the later teams meet, the higher their ranking. The greatest honour is to play in the last match on the last day.


Golden Lions' teams will play in the last match of both the Craven Week and the Academy Week. Their opponents in the Craven Week's last match will be KwaZulu-Natal who played so magnificently on Day Four.

In the Academy Week's last match, the Golden Lions will play South Western Districts.

Both weeks have been high-scoring; some matches have been grossly one-sided. It is to be hoped that there will be good competition on the last day.

At the end of the day, the SA Schools team will be announced.

Fixtures, Day 5

Craven Week


Baytopp Field

09.00: Limpopo vs Griquas

10.35: Eastern Province vs Leopards

12.05: South Western Districts vs Pumas

13.45: Free State vs Western Province

15.30: KwaZulu-Natal vs Golden Lions

Jamieson Field

08.00: Eastern Province Country Districts vs Border Country Districts

09.25: Namibia vs Zimbabwe

10.15: Valke vs Griquas Country Districts

12.15: Boland vs Griffons

13.40: Border vs Blue Bulls

Academy Week

08.00: Border Country Districts vs Griquas Country Districts

09.00: Pumas vs Eastern Province Country Districts

09.00: Zimbabwe vs Namibia

09.25: KwaZulu-Natal Country Districts vs Griffons Country Districts

10.25: Boland vs Golden Lions

10.25: SA LSEN vs Griquas

10.50: Pumas Country Districts vs Valke Country Districts

11.50: KwaZulu-Natal vs Free State

11.50: Eastern Province vs Leopards

12.15: Limpopo vs Valke 

13.15: Border vs Griffons

13.15: Blue Bulls vs Western Province

13.40: South Western Districts vs Golden Lions 


Results, Days 1-4

Craven Week

Day 1

Free State vs Boland, 81-26

Golden Lions vs Border, 44-8 

Griquas Country Districts vs Griffons, 28-27

Limpopo vs Border Country Districts, 41-3

Western Province vs Pumas, 36-10

Day 2

Griquas vs Eastern Province Country Districts, 42-20

KwaZulu-Natal vs Blue Bulls, 53-33

Leopards vs Zimbabwe, 72-17

Namibia vs Valke, 52-36 

South Western Districts vs Eastern Province, 27-22

Day 3

Craven Week

Boland vs Griquas Country Districts, 32-21

Free State vs Pumas, 63-41

Golden Lions vs Western Province, 13-13

Griffons vs Border Country Districts, 80-5

Limpopo vs Border, 59-41

Day 4

Eastern Province Country Districts v Zimbabwe, 34-14

Eastern Province vs Blue Bulls, 37-0

Griquas v Valke, 60-52

KwaZulu-Natal v South Western Districts, 65-26

Leopards vs Namibia, 57-30

Academy Week

Day 1

Eastern Province Country Districts 62-3 Griquas Country Districts, 62-3

Eastern Province vs Griquas, 22-22

Griffons vs KwaZulu-Natal Country Districts, 48-31

KwaZulu-Natal vs South Western Districts, 46-7

Valke vs Limpopo, 41-12

Western Province vs Boland, 38-31      

Day 2

Blue Bulls vs Free State, 26-23

Golden Lions XV vs Zimbabwe, 62-14

Pumas Country Districts vs Namibia, 16-15

Pumas vs Golden Lions, 23-22

SA LSEN vs Griffons Country Districts, 57-36

Valke Country Districts vs Border Country Districts, 51-12

Day 3

Boland vs Griffons, 28-15

Eastern Province Country Districts vs Valke, 34-27

Griquas vs KwaZulu-Natal Country Districts, 34-19

Limpopo vs Griquas Country Districts, 61-17

South Western Districts vs Eastern Province, 45-31

Western Province vs KwaZulu-Natal, 50-36

Day 4

Blue Bulls vs Pumas, 46-31 

Golden Lions XV vs Border, 31-8

Golden Lions vs Free State, 48-38 

Leopards vs Pumas Country Districts, 33-17 

Namibia vs  Griffons Country Districts, 31-17

SA LSEN vs Valke Country Districts, 43-31

Zimbabwe vs Border Country Districts, 64-15

PV: 15