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Tue 9 Jun 2015 | 01:24

Schools Top 20 - June 9

Schools Top 20 - June 9
Tue 9 Jun 2015 | 01:24
Schools Top 20 - June 9
Probably the most interesting result this week was Helpmekaar's victory over Jeppe, unranked over 15th ranked.
That produces a change, which is wholly fair as last week they beat Waterkloof.
Grey PE had a fairly comfortable victory over Dale, SACS took a tumble against Paul Roos while Dr EG Jansen and Michaelhouse carried on winning.
Down below Boland Landbou had a 39-38 win over Bishops via two tries near the end.
We are also taking a more careful look at the calibre of opposition. Eldoraigne had a close win over HTS John Vorster which left the Pretorians unbeaten this season but after playing just one Top 20 side – HTS Middelburg. Eldoraigne beat HTS Middelburg but the latter has played six schools on the Top 20, beating three of them. Changes have been made even though two sides who had won dropped down a little.
Relevant Results:
Helpmekaar vs Jeppe 34-17
Boland Landbou vs Bishops, 39-38
Eldoraigne vs HTS John Vorster, 17-13
Grey PE vs Dale, 31-17
Paarl Gim vs Rondebosch, 47-21
Michaelhouse vs St Charles, 94-3
Dr EG Jansen vs Florida, 82-15
Paul Roos vs SACS, 39-8
As a result of our review, Paarl Gim, Michaelhouse, Maritzburg College, Grey PE, Outeniqua and Helpmekaar have been promoted and Boland Landbou have their foot close to the bottom rung.
Schools Top 20 – June 9
1. Paarl Boys' High
2. Paul Roos
3. Monument
4. Paarl Gim
5. HTS Middelburg
6. Grey College of Bloemfontein
7. Selborne
8. Affies
9. Eldoraigne
10. Nelspruit
11. Oakdale
12. Dr EG Jansen
13. Michaelhouse
14. SACS
15. Maritzburg College
16. Grey PE
17. Dale
18. Jeppe
19. Outeniqua
20. Helpmekaar
Teams that are close to this list are Bishops, Boland Landbou, Diamantveld, Noord-Kaap, Potchefstroom Gim, Stellenberg, Waterkloof and Westville.

PV: 238

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