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School Profile

Garsfontein is a relatively new suburb, east of the city centre of Pretoria. The neighbourhood maintains an impression of calm and tranquillity due mostly to the tree-lined avenues peppered with jacarandas, despite being close to major highways and only a few kilometres from one of the biggest shopping centres in Pretoria.

The leafy suburb is filled with large houses and greenery, but a recent development boom has seen a few clusters pop-up in amongst the predominantly suburban atmosphere. The community facilities include a mix of churches, private hospitals and shops and a top notch golfing estate.

Hoërskool Garsfontein opened in January 1988 with 310 learners and 15 staff members. The first permanent headmaster, NJ Pepler, was appointed in 1989.

The school grew significantly under Pepler’s guidance and it became well-known and established as a dynamic academic establishment in the community of eastern Pretoria. DD van Zyl took over from Pepler as head in 2000 and its strong academic record earned it a place among Gauteng’s top schools.
Garsies is an Afrikaans-medium school with strong Christian ideals and has a strong community focus, while maintaining strong academic and sporting records.

The School song
Composed in 1988

Teen die rante van Pretoria: Die ooste van die stad
‘n Sieraad vir ons nasie. Die liefde van elk’ hart.
Hier bou ons en bewaar ons elk’ dag van elke jaar.
Die toekoms tegemoet te gaan – ons trots ons lewe daar.
Construamus et conservémus. Die leuse wat ons dra
Deur die land van ons vaders streef ons hoog na wat hul vra.
Op rots gevestig en gebou, ‘n toonbeeld van ons trou
Vertrou ons op die toekoms, aan die hede word gebou
‘n Vaandel wapper hemelshoog – ‘n volksimbool die vlag
Ons werk en speel met hart en siel, ons strewe elke dag.
Construamus et conservémus. Die leuse wat ons dra
Deur die land van ons vaders streef ons hoog na wat hul vra.

Words and Tune: Johan Joubert (Hoof van Laerskool Garsfontein)

School Information

Name: Hoërskool Garsfontein
Founded: 1988
Pupils: 1 595
Motto: Bou en Bewaar (Build and Preserve)
Rugby jersey: Turqoise with white sleeves
Main Field: Garsie Park

Rugby at Garsfontein

Garsies is a young school, but they have established themselves as an up-and-coming and competitive team in the tough leagues of school rugby in Pretoria. Rugby is growing every year at Garsies, and the school currently has thirteen teams with numbers growing every year.

Garsies have had success in the PUK Prestige series, with several teams winning in their respective age groups. The second team made history in 2008, winning the first title for Garsies at under-19 level with a final victory against Zwartkop.

The First VX also had a very successful season, with victories over Menlopark, Wonderboom and HTS Tuine among others, making them the most successful Garsies First Team in history. A single victory in the Coke-series also belongs to Garsies, with the 2002 title sitting proudly in the trophy cabinet.

Some exceptional players have come out of the Garsies ranks, with Marius Weber representing the Pumas in 2005, while Wilco De Wet and Rupert Oberholzer represented the Leopards at under-19 level.

Rugby at Garsies is growing in popularity and as they continue to push their more well-known rivals harder each year, the future looks bright for Garsies rugby as they aim to become one of the top rugby schools in Pretoria and the country.

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