From Springbok scrumhalf to intern

Tue, 06 Mar 2018 06:59

EXCLUSIVE: Once a player retires from the professional game and heads into everyday life, the transition can be so daunting that some end up in a downward spiral form which they cannot return.

De Kock reveals all in the 12th minute.

Former Springbok and Saracens scrumhalf, Neil de Kock, who ended a 17-year career in 2017 is now in that transition phase and has been granted the chance to do an internship.

"I'm doing an internship of sorts - I'm the oldest intern in the world - to step out of my comfort zone and get out into the real world and get some experience and exposure in different industries.

"I've got this opportunity to bounce around four different companies within a year and just getting an idea of what is out there. It might go full circle and I might get back into the sport but this at least offers me the opportunity to investigate some other options. 

"This transition is quite daunting from being a sportsman for quite a significant amount of time into the real world," he said.

Listen to the full, unedited, Neil de Kock interview below.

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