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The Pro14 league is one of the three major professional in Europe with the Premiership and the French Top 14 and has its roots in the Welsh-Scottish league, established in 1999. It grew into the Celtic League with the addition of sides from teams from Ireland and Italy, the latter added in 2011.

A further expansion followed in the 2017/18 season when two South African sides, he Cheetahs and Southern Kings, joined the competition that then became known as the PRO14.

The teams for this competition are divided into two conferences, with each team playing their adversaries in their own conference twice and the other seven teams once. T

eams from the same country play two further derby fixtures against teams from the same nation, but in the opposite conference. In the case of South Africa, the Cheetahs and Kings play one another twice.

The leading teams in the competition progress to the European Rugby Championship Cup where they face the best from the premiership and the French 14.