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Oh how we miss these beautiful national anthems

There is no better sound that hits you in the feelings than a capacity crowd belting out their country’s national anthem and because we’re missing it, we thought we’d share some insane national anthems from years gone by.


There are anthems that give you goosebumps for the way it’s delivered, none more so than a 74500 capacity Principality Stadium belting out Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau (Land of my Fathers). It’s as if every Welsh citizen was born with singing talent.

More anthems below the video…

There are times when technology fails midway through a professional singer leading the crowd in the singing of an anthem, as was the case at Ellis Park in 2014 when the Springboks were up against the All Blacks in The Rugby Championship. The capacity crowd needed no instruction to take over once the PA system failed.

While we have highlighted the Welsh and South African anthems, here are the Top 10 best renditions of national anthems from around the world.


Source: Guinness Six Nations & Gandalf Rugby

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