Sat 15 Sep 2018 | 04:11

VIDEO: Police step in as fans fight Wallabies

VIDEO: Police step in as fans fight Wallabies
Sat 15 Sep 2018 | 04:11
VIDEO: Police step in as fans fight Wallabies

WATCH as one Australian fan – clearly upset with his team’s 19-23 loss to Argentina at the Gold Coast on Saturday – got a bit hot under the collar.

The Wallabies lost at home to the Pumas for the first time in 35 years.

It means Michael Cheika’s side have now won just once in three Rugby Championship fixtures this season and frustrations boiled over at full-time – a fan exchanging verbals with Tui before appearing to grapple with the flanker.

The fan was shown being wrested away by a fellow spectator, as players tried to assuage the situation.

The rather foolish fan ended up getting into it with Lukan Tui, who – to be fair – would most likely have beaten the young man to a pulp.

The police eventually stepped in.

Tui told teammates he wants to take the rest of 2018 off following the  altercation with the fan, coach Michael Cheika has said.

Television footage showed a supporter trying to grapple with Tui .

Another spectator eventually dragged the irate fan away from Tui, but it marred another disappointing performance from the Wallabies.

Australia’s players wore black armbands for the match in memory of Tui’s stepfather, who died earlier in the week, and Cheika explained his player became involved in the scuffle after the supporter knocked over the 21-year-old’s sister.

“It’s one thing being upset with a team but I think what went down there was the supporter pushed Lukhan’s sister,” Cheika said in quotes published on

“Obviously that family has had a very big week and I don’t think it’s appropriate that happened.

“I get the discontent and you own that. Words, abuse, it comes sometimes and you have to suck it up when you don’t play well.

“He pushed the younger sister and Lukhan didn’t like that and that’s fair enough considering everything that has happened to him this week.

“It got to the point where the player just said in the dressing room he’s not going to be playing anymore – because of that incident.

“So I hope the fan is happy.”


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