Thu 18 Apr 2019 | 03:35

Kafer comments receive backlash on social media

Kafer comments receive backlash on social media
Thu 18 Apr 2019 | 03:35
Kafer comments receive backlash on social media

Rugby Australia’s elite coaching director Rod Kafer recently put his neck on the line after Israel Folau’s sacking, claiming the Wallabies will benefit without him on the field.

The former Wallaby said that the 73-cap international had some deficiencies in his game that let the team down, and while he does have a unique skill set, saying that there are other players to select.

This comes after Rugby Australia fired the 30-year-old after he made controversial comments on social media last week. Although this case will go to a hearing, it is expected that Folau will indeed be sacked, bringing to an end his international career that started in 2013, and saw him score 37 tries.

However, Kafer’s views have not been shared by everyone on social media, with many disagreeing with him. Many fans have been quick to say that you can oppose his off-field life, but it is hard to fault what he does on the field.

In light of these comments by Kafer, this is what some fans have had to say on Instagram:

“He’s one of the best to ever play”

“Lol he’s literally the best fullback in the world”

“He is the most skillful player in the world!!”

“It’s unfortunate people are saying this now, he is currently the number fullback in Australia and probably the world”

“Why are they trash talking him like he literally hasn’t been the one good thing about Australian rugby ever since he started playing for them”

“If he is not that good a rugby player then Australia is in a bad place because he is the best you have had for a longtime”

“Now all of a sudden he is the world’s worst fullback, nice 180 Australia 😂”

“He’s the reason why most people watch this bum ass team”

With over a try every two test matches, Folau has some of the most impressive stats in international rugby. Additionally, he also became Super Rugby’s top try scorer two weeks ago, scoring his 60th try, surpassing Doug Howlett.

Standing at 6ft 4 and weighing over 16 stone, Folau is one of the most athletic players on the planet. His aerial ability is probably the best in the world, and this goes alongside his devastating lines and elusive running. While he may have positional weaknesses, and perhaps a poor workrate according to Kafer, many fans feel that he is still one of the best players on the planet.

To many fans, the dual code Australia international has been the Wallabies’ best player since his debut, and these comments by Kafer have not been well received. Folau may have not won over many fans for what he has done off the field recently, but his playing credentials cannot be argued with.

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