Mon 10 Dec 2018 | 07:31

VIDEO: Aussie boss in farcical press conference

VIDEO: Aussie boss in farcical press conference
Mon 10 Dec 2018 | 07:31
VIDEO: Aussie boss in farcical press conference

NEWS: Rugby Australia Chairman Cameron Clyne on Monday addressed the media in a somewhat farcical press conference.

The briefing followed the December board meeting in Sydney at Rugby Australia headquarters.

Clyne explained the board had received a presentation from Michael Cheika debriefing the results of the Wallabies year and data from his assistants.

He said that a ‘thorough review process’ had to be completed before plotting a way forward but they had all the information they need.

The press conference lasted a total of forty-five seconds before Clyne explained he ‘had to go back to the Board meeting’.

He did not open the floor for questioning and abruptly departed after thanking the press for turning up.

An exasperation member of the press could be heard saying ‘wow’ on camera audio shortly after Clyne left.

The reaction on social media was not kind, with many wondering what the point of the press conference was for.

“You are taking the piss aren’t you?” one commenter wrote, another lamented “what a dud”.

The press conference left every question unanswered.

It is still unclear up whether Michael Cheika will remain as Wallabies head coach, or if any of his assistants will be let go.

Source: RugbyPass


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