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VIDEO: BaaBaas coach's extraordinary post-match spray

Jones simply did not hold back in his post-match reaction, after the BaaBaas were reduced to 13 men in the final 10 minutes of their 28-31 loss to the Wallabies in Sydney on Saturday.


Having not sat in the coach's box for 30 years, Jones couldn't hold back his anger after a game where Taqele Naiyaravoro and Quade Cooper were shown yellow cards – one for repeated infringements and the other for a high shot.

"Thank goodness I'm out of the game," Jones said.

"If Michael Cheika has got to deal with this stuff all the time, it's a wonder he's not at The Gap.

"If that's the way you grow the game, then it's probably a good thing I'm not in it. I just found the whole thing astonishing. The guy kept blowing the whistle. There were 16 penalties to four. The bloke was clearly out of his depth.

"You can brand me as a whinger or whatever you like. I'm doing all this for nothing, I'm doing this because I believe in the game.

"Why is the referee asking at the 55th-minute mark how many penalties have there been? What's that about? Michael says it goes on all the time. Someone's got to grab this game by the throat and say there's got to be other ways of doing it."


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"I just found the whole thing astonishing.

"It's a Barbarians game and you're playing with 13 men and the bloke kept blowing the whistle – I think it was 16 penalties to four or something."


Jones' rant went on different tangents as he criticised Rugby Australia's (formerly the Australian Rugby Union) administration for the umpteenth time this year. He was still upset that match day programs were not organised earlier in the week by the home union.

"Rugby has a problem," Jones said. "We're in a terrible state administratively, not player-wise. Are those people going to come back?"

Asked whether he would consider coaching again in some capacity down the track, Jones replied: "How do you spell never? With all the capital letters. That's the end of the section for me I can assure you. It's been absolute privilege and pleasure."

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