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Why would someone this big require a "weapon"?

He tips the scale at 117kgs and stands 1.93 metres tall, so why would Lopeti Timani resort to “violence with a weapon”?


It’s taken more than a year for the Australian to receive his sentence following an incident at a nightclub in 2019.

Timani, 29, threw a bottle at two bouncers in the early hours of May 12 last year after he was escorted out of a local nightclub. One suffered a face wound that forced him to miss at least eight days’ work.

The bouncers then reportedly retaliated together, without causing Timani any serious injuries. They were later charged with organised violence.

This has resulted in Timani receiving a suspended six-month prison sentence.

Judging by the video below, it’s no wonder the bouncers were unable to cause him any harm.


Source: eoin900

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